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Specialist Name:   Dean Fardo
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   Georgia (GA)
Country:   United States
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  (9.33 out of 10) (1 reviews)
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I Highly Recommend Dr. Fardo, March 17, 2007, 8:07 am
Reviewer: Georgi-Girl

This is a long review, because it's what * I * would have wanted to know about my surgeon before surgery!

Dr. Fardo performed liposuction of my inner and outer thighs, inner knees, stomach and arms in the summer of 2006. I was primarily concerned with my legs and inner knees, but threw in some "tweaking" on my stomach and upper arms since Dr. Fardo's discounts were so good.

As I write this, seven months have passed since my surgery. I'm very pleased with Dr. Fardo's work.

I had a great deal of apprehension about getting liposuction, because I well aware of what could go wrong. I appreciated Dr. Fardo's candid, down-to-earth assessment of what he could do for me. He didn't promise me a new body, only an enhanced body. He was clearly an objective surgeon, not a salesman pretending to be a magician.

My lipo fears turned out to be groundless. My lower body is now proportionate with my upper body, and Dr. Fardo's contouring work looks very natural. I still look like me, only now I'm an hourglass rather than a pear! Hooray! I'm glad I went through the liposuction surgery, especially when I go shopping for slacks and skirts. :)

I must point out that I am considering going back to Dr. Fardo for a minor touch-up/revision. My upper inner thigh curves out just a tad more than I'd like -- nothing horrible. I'm not complaining, though. Far from it! The inner thigh is an extremely * tricky * area to do liposuction on. Before surgery, I read a number of horror stories on this site concerning inner thigh liposuction which went terribly wrong. Dr. Fardo himself warned me that it's hard to predict the outcome of inner thigh surgery. Sometimes people end up with sagging inner thigh skin because that area is so delicate. You can't always predict who will end up with the sagging. Now, 7 months post-surgery, I'm thrilled that I allowed Dr. Fardo to perform the inner thigh lipo despite the risks. No sagging or dents on me! His overall contouring made a wonderful difference in the way my legs look. My skin tone looks just the same as before.

I will never be a pin-up model, but I feel much more comfortable about my body now. I am far less ashamed about wearing a bathing suit. My knees are no longer embarrassingly "thick" thanks to Dr. Fardo's good work --- I have cute knees, now! -- so I'm wearing skirts and shorts for the first time in decades. If you have ever been ashamed about your body, no matter how thin you've gotten and how hard you've exercised, then you can understand what a new freedom all of this is for me: wearing bathing suits, wearing skirts, undressing without embarrassment. Thanks, Dr. Fardo!!!

The entire staff at Swan Clinic was cheerful and supportive. The offices are beautiful and comfortable. And Dr. Fardo was kind. He gave me his full attention during my consult. My only complaint -- and it's not a significant one -- is that he seemed a bit hurried each time I saw him. Dr. Fardo and his partner, Dr. Bauer, appear to have a very busy practice. He could not have been nicer, though.

My girlfriend saw Dr. Fardo a year before I did and she recommended him to me. Dr. Fardo did a fabulous job on her body as well: breast augmentation and liposuction. In fact, I would have never seen Dr. Fardo had I not witnessed the incredible work he did on my girlfriend. My friend is a mother of two and wanted a breast lift after nursing two babies. Dr. Fardo was the only plastic surgeon in Atlanta who suggested she try an breast augmentation rather than a breast lift. He told her that a breast augmentation would address most of her concerns and be far less expensive and painful than a breast lift. My friend hired Dr. Fardo and never looked back. In fact, her liposuction results were more far dramatic than mine, though she had fewer areas worked on. Her problem area was a noticably disproportionate mid-section, and Dr. Fardo's work completely transformed her shape. His work was so natural, that no one at the office suspected she had lipo. Staffers only commented to my friend on "all the weight" she lost while she was on "vacation" and asked what exercises and diet she was doing to look so fantastic. (Wink)
Even after my girfriend showed me her bare stomach, I still could not tell she had lipo. The skin tone was even and natural.

My own recovery from Dr. Fardo's surgery was easy & happy, especially when you consider all the lipo I had done. I was a bit surprised that the Swan Clinic did not call to check on me after two to three hours of surgery, though. I had far less significant plastic surgery done in 1998, and that equally wonderful surgeon (Dr. Wallace Dyer, now retired) had a physician calling to check up on me each day for 72 hours following my one-hour procedure. Although the lack of post-operative phone check-ups didn't matter in my situation, it might matter to you if you tend to be high-maintenance. As for me, I had a low-maintenance recovery. I couldn't believe how good I felt, considering all the work Dr. Fardo did on me. Some told me I would be in pain afer lipo, but I had absolutely no discomfort aside from the usual post-operative swelling that occurs with liposuction. I didn't bother taking an aspirin, much less the pain meds Dr. Fardo prescribed for me.

Dr. Fardo has a patient-friendly revision policy. This is important, because the message boards here have taught me that liposuction revisions are common. Body contouring success depends not only on a surgeon's skill and sense of aesthetics, but also on each patient's skin and unique body dynamics.

Would I hire Dr. Fardo again for liposuction? Absolutely! And when I asked my girlfriend if she would get her liposuction & breast augmentation done by Dr. Fardo again, she always replied (with a huge smile), "In a heartbeat! In a heartbeat!"

So: Two very happy votes for Dr. Dean Fardo. :)

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