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Dr. Ken Dubeta: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   Ken Dubeta
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   British Columbia (BC)
Country:   Canada

Overall Rating:

  (9.84 out of 10) (3 reviews)
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Mastery, April 13, 2010, 11:33 pm
Reviewer: Lukepersonguydude

Hi there, My name is Luke, a Septoplasty patient from Dr Dubeta as of Fri. April the 9th

Before I tell my story, all cases are subjective but the more knowledgable the doctor, the better the results, and personality plays no part in it, as long as they like you.

Dubeta has his skills and kraft down pact!

I went in about a month or two ago, this was the 4th rhinoplastic surgeon I had seen. I was set on that I wanted my nose to be broken and set back into place, because I thought that is what was needed. All the other doctors wanted money and would only get me in within a year for functional surgery, or a month if I paid privately. It would have cost $2000. I am 19 and a student. This was virutally impossible for me, and the time fram was too long. Then there was Dubeta, cold read, straight to the point and wanted to hear nothing about feelings or opinions or argument, he stuck to the facts and inquired about my history as I had my nose broken years ago badly. He told me my septum was deviated and there were spurs of bone sticking out. He offered to get me into surgery in a week covered under my MSP, I agreed but my doctor got in the referral too late. So we rescheduled for 3 weeks later.

The time went by, and I was very nervous, I researched miles about it, and had little info on what was being done. Its a small office so if I called a lot to ask, I did not want to risk ruining his good opinion of me by annoying them by calling to ask. I trusted him. It was hard to let go.

So the time went by, the surgery happened, and it hurt a lot afterwards. The surgery took 2 hours. He found out that the nose was much worse deviated than they had found, and they had to put a bone graft from my left nostril to my right. They put me in packing. This hurt a lot, got my mouth dry, and apparently they do not do that anymore, but the end is worth the means. He is textbook and he is old, so this is what they taught in his day.

We got the packing out, and there was a blood bubble inside the nose that could have caused an infection. He got a needle out, put some codeine in my nose and sucked the blood out with the needle. Noticed it right away.

Now I breathe much better than I can ever remember. I am still accustoming to taking long whole diaphramatic breaths, as oppose to short chest breaths, I am happier, and life is truly better. But the nose is still bruised quite a bit and it has been less than a week so I do not want to jinx the chance that "Cartalidge memory" could re-deviate it . Or that I wasnt careful enough. But all in all, I think I am fine, not just fine, extremely extremely better feeling.

This guy schooled for 14 years after high school, 14 years!! The best years of hsi life dedicated towards your nose, and/or face. I suggest if the problem is functional and you do go, treat him with the respect he deserves, and do not talk about feelings or opinions. Cosmetic stuff, I dont know, this is jsut my experience.

Thanks Dubeta.


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Best facial surgeon, May 15, 2008, 11:27 pm
Reviewer: lil_pancake

I had rhinoplasty, cheeks implants, submental and under the chin liposuction, CO2 laser and artecoll lip augmention by dr Dubeta. He is a perfectihonist. Before the surgery, he made me come for consultations at least 4 or 5 times and he sent me to get black and white profile pictures taken accross the street at the st paul's hospital. He listened to what I wanted, I never felt rush because he always took his time with each consultation I had with him. The after care post op was excellent. The results of my surgery is awesome!!. I love my new nose, my new profile, my full lips and my smooth skin. Since my surgery I had my lips done 2 more times with artecoll by dr Dubeta and now I had the perfect lips.I wish he also does breast augmentation but he doesnt. Instead I went with Dr Nancy Van Laeken and she's absolutely horrible. What a butcher.

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Perfectionist!, July 13, 2007, 9:07 am
Reviewer: blueeyes99

Dr dubeta is AMAZING at what he does, he focuses on just the face and is an artist in it. My nose job is EXACTLY what i asked for, VERY natural, I have minimal swelling and I did have my bones broken. He has a dry sense of humour but its entertaining. I wouldnt recommend anyone else but him for noses!!Operation and recovery was a breeze.

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