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Specialist Name:   Ronald Pino
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  San Jose
State:   (*)
Country:   Costa Rica

Overall Rating:

  (6.50 out of 10) (7 reviews)
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DR. RONALD PINO ALMOST KILLED ME!!!, January 5, 2013, 4:29 pm
Reviewer: harrison987

Many Americans flee to Costa Rica every month to have cosmetic procedures performed, so much in-fact, that it has became one of Costa Rica's main source of income. For many decades Costa Rica has been known for excellent plastic surgery at a very affordable price. Sadly, though the prices are still far below what one would pay in the United States, the quality has become extremely substandard.

Based on a referral, I decide to go to Dr. Pino, who was supposedly the best plastic surgeon Costa Rica had to offer. I ended up being the victim of gross negligence and malpractice committed by Dr. Ronald Pino from the plastic surgery he performed on my face.

This is a link to all the photos and the entire ordeal in detail.



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AMAZING Facelift!!!, March 13, 2012, 5:25 am
Reviewer: GeorgiaPeachie

Upon a friend's prompting and prior experience I went to Costa Rica to get my facelift. While I am only 60, my previous time in the sun had not be kind to my face. Dr. Ronald Pino is a miracle worker! When I look in the mirror now, I LOVE what is looking back!! You can't tell I had a facelift at all because it looks so natural. My experience having this done out of the country was very good. No pain. He doesn't put you under either and I like that because we all know that is the risky part of PS.

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Turned back the clock!, March 9, 2012, 8:43 am
Reviewer: ASouthernBelle

Dr. Pino is a very talented surgeon who cares a great deal about his patients. His facework is very, very good. It is't overdone like so many I see. Don't use him for lip though as he is too conservative.

I've been to Costa Rica several times for different things and met literally dozens of plastic surgery patients and I would put Dr. Pino's work up against any of them!

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Many problems, then Bad results, Pino agrees revisons are necessary, then won't communicate again. , November 30, 2011, 8:50 pm
Reviewer: chaiguzzler

Some of the past problems others had with Ronald Pino did not come to light soon enough to save me, but I feel I should share my journey for those doing their own research.

My latest problems are with poor results, which he will not follow up with, and in fact won't even communicate with me.

He had said previously after looking at pictures that he agreed revisions were needed, but wanted me to pay again for some. I paid for a lower body lift, inner thing lift and tummy tuck. He had said he would also lipo some areas, which weren't done (and yes, I'm not the first one to complain he didn't do the lipo that was paid for and agreed upon).

I have a large bulge over the incision that goes all the way around the torso, and still have a hanging bulge on the inside of one thigh, and also have large dog ears by my knees at the bottom of the incisions. He said I now need a knee lift, which I didn't need before I had dog ears on those incisions. He also said I need to pay for a tummy tuck, but I already did, and my weight is the same, so when I asked about these, he just cut off communication.

My incisions all have lumps and puckers every few inches, and the ones on the front of my groin area, and thighs are very visible from the front, not at all concealed between my legs or under bottoms.

I had a lower face lift during a different surgery and those results were fine, but he agreed there were revisions needed on the body work and kept asking me to wait before coming back down. It was finally over a year, with no changes, and he cut off communication. Paying for the OR time or anesthesia to have revisions is one thing, but to be told to pay to have the procedure done again, when I already paid for that and others was not acceptable.

I also asked how much the skin was lifted, since there is no perceptable difference with the body lift. The only visable difference is the butt implants he put in there, with happen to hang and sag, because the skin wasn't lifted.

I have several moles, as well as a pubic hair growth area down onto my leg, that he said would be gone when the skin was lifted, and of course it's in exactly the same place, as are the moles on the backside. I only have an ugly bulging incision to show for the body lift, but clearly there was no actual lifting on the front, sides or back.

There were other problems too, which I chalked up to bad luck, as I was careful and very healthy. The incision on my front groin area started to open after several days, and he tried re-stitching a half hour before I was to be at the airport (yes, I stayed down there for 2 weeks to avoid this very thing) and he said it would be fine to fly home. Despite only riding in wheelchairs and living in a recliner at home, that incision continued to open, and with the help of another plastic surgeon at home, finally closed after 3.5 months. I sent videos every day to Dr Pino, and can say these are the
most grotesque vids you will ever see. The scar around the front and down onto the thigh are where it dehissed is particularly large, and looks like a patch of burn victim skin.

After another month or so, what had been an uncomfortable feeling in one of the thighs, turned red, became swollen, and was spreading literally by the minute. My pcp managed to fit me in immediately when I explained what was happening, and I had no idea it was urgent. I wondered why she was being so insistent I come in right that minute.

When she saw it, and measured how much it spread just during my appointment with her, she called the ambulance, and sent me to the hospital. The infection that had started was resistant to the several antibiotics, and they had a hard time getting it under control, so I was stuck at the hospital for 2 weeks with it. They could only use IV meds, and when they tried anything else, it would immediately start to spread.

They told me the flesh where the infection started would be permanently discolored and damaged, and so far they are right. They also told me they suspect there is something still in there that may be causing it to recur. It's clear that there may be more than bad luck.

There was some ruckus about Dr Pino right around when I got down there, and he was openly discussing a previous patient of his, and asked me if I knew her (which I did, but only by her nickname here). He told me her real name, and continued to discuss her personal health issues and everything that happened since she'd been there.

After hearing other discussions, it was clear he was talking to everyone about this. Her surgery was literally right before mine, so a bit late to bail out, but it did make me realize that I don't think he will respect my privacy in this matter any more than he did hers, so will say right now, that I'm happy to share my communications and pictures with anyone that is actually thinking he sounds like a surgeon they want to take a chance with.

I have seen several plastic surgeons up here, who so far are unanimous that it will take more than "revisions" to fix this, and that most of it has to be completely re-done.

There are so many nice helpful people here somewhere on their plastics journey, just like me, and I'd been through enough before I got here, so adding this is like a bad, dangerous joke. At one time I felt that he was still acceptable for only face work but not for any body work, but considering the suspected foreign substance in my thigh causing problems, and his totally unprofessional behavior as far as communication and willingness to follow up on botched and undone procedures, I can't with good conscience recommend him.

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