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Dr. John A. Standefer: My Profile
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Specialist Name:   John A. Standefer
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   Texas (TX)
Country:   United States

Overall Rating:

  (5.83 out of 10) (2 reviews)
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could write a book, May 6, 2008, 11:10 am
Reviewer: sb1205

There is only one reason someone would consider a LSL and that is to make the doctor rich for very litte time spent ... No frills ... Office staff very sparce ... Bedside manners NILL ... Looks that could possibly last 6 to 12 months, recovery for 2 plus weeks, and no support afterwards. Absolutely no refunds ... You signed the paperwork waiving all attempts at getting your money or your self esteem back. Please consider a full facelift by a well established professional somewhere else. Good luck.

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Plastic Surgery - a pleasant experience, January 30, 2008, 3:51 pm
Reviewer: golden_girl

Because my husband is a physician, I have been around the medical profession many years and have learned to recognize excellence and a commitment to exceptional medical care. Dr. Standefer is experienced, caring and an excellent medical professional. His Surgical Asst, Brian Thompson, is equally excellent. Together they make a GREAT team.
I do believe that one reason face lifts turn "sour" for many is because some seem to disregard the physician's instructions, written and otherwise. It is VITALLY important to follow instructions in this situation. Seemingly unimportant instructions ARE very important in order to have best results.
It is also important to be realistic in expectations. I am 60 plus years old. I will not look 30. Dr. Standefer is NOT a miracle worker. He is instead an excellent physician, who practices medicine in an excellent manner. Perhaps I don't look 30, but I do look considerably younger and I am extremely happy with the results.
THANK YOU, Dr. Standefer. THANK YOU, Brian Thompson. I appreciate you both.
See you in Dallas for the follow up...

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