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Specialist Name:   Kathleen) Waldorf
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   Oregon (OR)
Country:   United States

Overall Rating:

  (10.00 out of 10) (2 reviews)
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Dr. Wonderful & Her Fabulous Crew, October 9, 2008, 12:15 am
Reviewer: sweetmi

Never knew plastic surgery could solve all my body problems that have sent me up and down on my weight loss 4 more than a decade. I was a chubby child and fat teen-ager. Lost about 75 lbs in my 20's then gained it back plus some a few yrs later in my unhappiness.

For the last 6 yrs I had been exercising and yo-yo dieting. Dropped 100 lbs in this time but has been torture! Didn't know I would have never achieved my desired figure this way. Thought there was something really wrong with me bcuz I could never come down 2 a pleasing body.

This yr (2008) I went 2 see who is now my plastic surgeon. I LOVED HER FROM DAY 1!!!! She educated me on the fact that my body's problem was that I have a great deal of extra skin and fallen muscle tissue. She showed me how she could correct these things. I was so relieved ~ finally ~ it's not just my fault ~ I really couldn't do anymore. In fact, she said, it would have gotten worse. I could believe that bcuz I had been up and down so much and really had 2 starve and go to extremes just 2 keep weight off.
The wonderful doctor, later through my pre-op appointments as I began 2 know her and her staff better, told me that I had done a good job and that she was proud of me. Wow! What a relief!!!!

My 1st 2 procedures were August 21, 2008 for my Breast Lift (with a minor reduction for symetry) & a Circumfrential Lower Body Lift (including flanks & love handles) with some Lipo.

My 2nd set of 2 procedures will be October 28, 2008. I will then receive an Inner Thigh Lift with Lipo & Arm Lift. Then, I do believe, I'll feel complete.

I feel wonderful already and look 'small' people say. I now have a flat tummy, my butt's looking up, my breats (the doc also removed a non-cancerous mass in the R breast) are where they should be and symetrical, and I have a fantastic new belly button!!!!

Looking forward 2 waking up with new smaller thighs and arms!!!!!

I am so grateful to Dr. Kathleen Waldorf for her surgical expertise, kind disposition and gentle nature. She is an expert and a professional who is kind and understanding... not to mention, quite a wise individual!

And the staff that accompanies her are individual with their warm, friendly, caring, skillfull, and professional manners.

They take great care of a person @ The Waldorf Center. I look forward to receiving care from and working with Dr. Waldorf and staff in my future enhancements.

A heart full of gratitude to you Dr. Wonderful and all of your magnificent staff!

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She is awesome!, May 19, 2008, 9:58 pm
Reviewer: springtuck

I went to five consults before deciding to go with Dr. Waldorf. She is professional, dedicated to her work and is very talented. She has a very helpful and professional staff. I love my assigned RN and my one after hours post-op concern/question was fully answered within moments. I think i called at about 11pm on a Friday too! Truly, I am really picky and took this surgery very seriously. I am happy to say that Dr. Waldorf and her staff also are very picky and take their work very seriously. I would recommend her to any one.

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