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Specialist Name:   Adam Kalecinski
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   (*)
Country:   Poland
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Overall Rating:

  (3.26 out of 10) (10 reviews)
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Latest reviews:


Rude lazy doctor, still have big nose , July 22, 2017, 12:58 pm
Reviewer: blueeyedbunny

What a waste of thousands of pounds. Adam kelnscki seems to have a little fan club and unfortunately I was drawn in. And believed the hype. I've since found out he offers z list celebs free surgery to promote him and even they go back for revision x3. He dented sallies axels nose and she's been back twice and it still looks bulbous and dented and awful. My nose- is terrible. Adam was rude and offish only gave me 2 mins for consult,)3 was meant to remove my dorsal hump and refine my bulbous tip. I've ended up with a strut that isn't straight and is deviated, my nose tip is bigger two years on thanks to fluid and scar tissue and god knows what he did. I still have a hump in my nose, it's slightly smaller but still a hump and I went to remove it.

I don't look like I've had nose surgery. My revision surgeon said my nose has been damaged by this surgeon and I'll need a lot more work done on it because of Adam. Marta terrible too messed up my friends nose her nose is bulbous. Have to spend thousands to fix his shiit work.

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Horrible nose surgery !, May 7, 2017, 7:02 am
Reviewer: poundland

Like everyone on here I too was taken in with this Adam. I was rushed into surgery with hardly any consultation. I asked if the operation would give me a smaller nose, he assured me it would and everything would be straight forward....WRONG! my nose actually looks bigger! he just turned the tip up to make it look even more elongated. I hardly had any bruising which led me to believe he done the minimal he could. 7mnths later I was told I could have revision surgery for £200, I flew back to Poland to see this Adam who said NO he wouldn't do it....no explanation NOTHING! I was in Noa clinic for less than 5mins. Its cost me over £2,500 and I am FUMING he is not a good doctor and you won't find hardly any bad reviews as he has them taken down straight away.I would never have let him do ANY revision surgery I just wanted to confront him personally to tell him what I thought ad thats why he got rid of me in under 5mins. Oh and he states he is a surgeon for celebrities??? erm come on ex big brother contestants!!! BE WARNED !

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Rhinoplasty with Dr Adam Kalenscki Professional Beauty Europe surgery. Nose still bumpy, April 6, 2017, 11:42 pm
Reviewer: BlondieUK

I went to Dr Kalenscki for a dorsal hump in my bridge and a round nose tip. He basically took off most of the hump but left a bit so my bridge still looks bumped and not straight as I'd hoped it'd be and my tip is also even bigger, more projected and bulbous even after the swelling stopped so I have a slightly bumpy bridge with a overly projected tip and it really looks bad. So the same nose except a smaller version apart from the tip which is bigger and sticks out a lot. I'm having revision and my plastic surgeon now told me he overly projected the tip and still left a slight dorsal hump. Be careful when going to Professional beauty for surgery (also been known as Noa clinic) very vague quick consultation and zero post aftercare. I've also just found out from the GMC website that Adam is going to court for malpractice (e.g. No aftercare etc) It's been a very upsetting experience as I had so much faith in him.

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Disappointing nose surgery with Dr Kalenscki, still have bump on bridge, body tip and a dent , April 6, 2017, 10:39 am
Reviewer: englishgirl

I had rhinoplasty with Adam Kalenscki and it was disappointing and a waste of my time and money. I went to have the dorsal hump in my nasal bridge straightened and my body tip refined. Sufficient time has passed and I now still have a dorsal hump - yes it's smaller but it's still there and like a smaller version of my old nose. The bump is still noticeable and my tip is still boxy even after swelling subsided. Unfortunately I'm also worse off after surgery, as I'm left with a dent in my nasal bridge and a overly long tip and a load of scar tissue blocking my nose. I found the place a bit of a rush and all surgeons and staff very unfriendly.

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