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Specialist Name:   Adam Kalecinski
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   (*)
Country:   Poland
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  (5.71 out of 10) (4 reviews)
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Bad rhinoplasty results, January 4, 2016, 3:31 pm
Reviewer: bevvie123

I had Rhinoplasty with Dr Adam Kalecinski in dec 2012. I am from a mixed nationality background. I wanted the tip of my nose refining and that the results were to be subtle nothing drastic. I was emailed back stating that my nostrils were wide and that he thought my tip needed slimming as well as my nostrils . I arrived at the clinic in Wroclaw and was rushed to see the Dr and had my consultation with another lady in the room I never knew who was getting a boob job . Alarm bells should of rang then . I went into surgery after getting bloods done . I woke up from surgery and when I was able to sit up properly and look at my face I knew that something was wrong . My nose cast had a clear dent in it and it looked odd . The next day I asked the Dr why my cast was not straight he just said it was normal . I went home four days later after basically getting told my dented bridge was normal without any sympathy at all. I contacted professional beauty and spoke to a man called David who was extremely rude to me and was laughing at me down the phone . I had to get fillers in my nose just to be able to put my glasses on . I then had a long period in my life where I was managing my daughters ill health and going through a very serious rape trial . I contacted them again after this and explained why I had took so long . I spoke to David again and he was even ruder than before . He called me a liar and refused to accept there was anything wrong with my nose . Adam Kalecinski never contacted me again and refused to answer my emails . He did offer to revise my nose but there is no way he will ever touch my nose again. I was also removed from there facebook page when I said to other members I was dissatisfied with my results . In a nutshell he never listened to what I said . He did not take into consideration my other features or my ethnicity and gave me a piggy nose . I now have a polybeak deformity and a peforated septum . I have no nasal bridge and my nostrils are tiny but tip still square . It would cost me a fortune to fix this so I am going to try get help to cover the fees. I would not recommend him to anyone and his staff in England are only nice to until you say you are not happy with the results . I was so stupid and should of researched him a lot more . You get what you pay for .

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VERY disappointed with facial surgery., November 17, 2012, 1:38 am
Reviewer: gay2

I was hoping for a tight lower face/jawline....but i had nothing of the sort,i arrived home looking exactly the same.
I had no bruising,no tightness,no pain....and when i addressed this,Kalecinski said it was normal? Does he really think i am stupid !
I might as well thrown £3,000 in the street.
I sent photo,s which he said were not suitable..he wanted photo,s with me looking skyward....who walks around with head in the clouds?
He said he had lifted the muscle...well,i have since seen other surgeons who absolutely disprove this...it was a BAD cutanious lift ''skin lift'' and nothing more.
I have been so depressed with this cack,and i advise anyone to seek out a ''face'' doctor if its facial surgery one is after.
I believe Kalecinski is ok with body precedures..but faces..NO.!
We go to these cheap foreign places,without considering the risks,but its our faces which are always on show,and once they have our money they dont want to know.
What an utter fool i have been !

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Dr. Kalecinski is a God!, September 20, 2012, 10:53 am
Reviewer: HotMommaUK

I have just returned from Poland having travelled to have a tummy tuck and liposuction to my knee's and thighs. What can I say? From the driver who was waiting to greet us at the airport to the modern and hygienic clinic, to the reception and nursing staff, to Dr. Adam Kalecinski himself, everything was far beyond any expectations I had for my experience. Dr. Kalecinski was friendly and professional, not at all like a pushy salesman as I've seen in other surgeons. He was bluntly honest with what he could and couldn't do and what he thought the results would end up looking like. We were then told to sign some paperwork, pay our fee's before being shown to a private room and told to shower and change into a gown provided before we touched anything. They're so on top of cleanliness I can fully understand why they've never had any MRSA cases. I was well cared for at every stage and my surgery went without a hitch. I'm now a week out from my surgery and although Adam was very conservative and told me I wouldn't see any kind of results for at least a month I can already see what a fantastic job he's done. My scar is low and very neat. My aftercare was exceptional and I am so, so pleased. This surgery was life-changing for me and I have been singing Dr. Kalecinski's praises to everyone and anyone who will listen!

Highly recommended to all. I met other patients who had had procedures on their faces, ears, breasts, tummies, noses, legs... And every single one of them was happy. I am already planning my next trip!

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Affordbale and proffesional - what more do we need, December 14, 2008, 3:24 am
Reviewer: jovers

i found my surgeon via google, and contrary to peoples opinion of travelling abroad to undertake surgery, the cost benefits cannot be ignored.
I found the whole process simple and professional.
I'm still in contact with my surgeon several months after my surgery.

Maybe i've been lucky to find a reptable clinic in another country, who knows, i would recommend this to anyone who likes the personal touch.

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