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Specialist Name:   Glenn Buckspan
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   Tennessee (TN)
Country:   United States
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Overall Rating:

  (5.90 out of 10) (2 reviews)
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Buckspan is wonderful, December 28, 2007, 10:22 am
Reviewer: krs1

I had my surgery November 2001. Dr. Buckspan was very cordial and had a lengthy consultation with me. He asked me what I wanted and then let me know his opinion. He went over everything with me and in laymen’s terms. I went home that day and studied the information. A few days later I called the office and stated I wanted to set up my surgery. I visited the office again and they were tremendous. I was set up for my surgery, terms were explained, aftercare was gone over, etc.. The day of the surgery I was comforted by all at the office. Dr. Buckspan came and spoke with me before my surgery and checked on me afterwards. The “pain” was so minimal. They checked my vitals and within a few hours sent me home…along with a bouquet of flowers. Who does that? Dr. Buckspan and his office that is who. My surgery was better than I expected and I was very pleased with my results. To this day I am pleased with my decision on whom, what and where.

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A doc who only wants your money, February 11, 2007, 5:56 am
Reviewer: abundantlife

I had BA 10yrs ago with this doctor when I was 29y.o. at that time I was very concerned about being too bifg and having anyone notice so I wanted to be conservative in size. At that time, hes "philisophy" was for him to decide on size so he made me a 34d with 425cc implants. I was very upset and asked him to reduce me which he did and did not charge for it. what he didn't do was educate me back then about what would be best for my body. the reduction that he did left me with brests that were spaced very far apart and for 10 years I had great diff. wearing certian clothes and bathings suit tops were impossible. He led me to beieve that there was nothing that could be done-that it was just how my body was made. After 10 yrs I went back to him (patient loyalty) and told him I now want to be much larger, that I wanted to correct the huge gap between and I wanted his help. He assurred me that he understood exactly what i needed and they would take care of me. the office staff was VERY friendly (too friendly, showering me with compliments but not very informative). the office manager wanted to get me booked for surgery right away. My pre-op session was one day before my surgery and Dr. Buckspan did not even meet with me, he sent his nurse to do my pre-op and she simply laid out 3 implants and told me to pick one she said that there was no other way to select implant size and that looking at before/after pics was of no good. I had NO idea how to selec and implant but i gave it my best shot. the nurse and office manager reassured me that the size i chose would be great on me. I only went up 100cc (Ididn't know any better) and I came out of the surgery virtually unchanged except now one side is a lttle lower thatn the other. At my post-op, the DR. attacked ME sand stated it would cost us an add'l $300 for him to correct it. WHAT! I don't care how nice they are, This office is primarily intrested in your MONEY and he is not concerned with acieving your dreamlook. He has a terrible bed-side manner! wouldn't rec. him to a dog.

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