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Specialist Name:   Michael Miroshnik
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
State:   (*)
Country:   Australia
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  (9.97 out of 10) (15 reviews)
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Breast Magician, August 26, 2014, 8:57 pm
Reviewer: Tonir12

I'm 22 and was told by several Drs I had a condition known as tuberous breasts, whereby my breasts were very uneven and grew in different directions! After meeting Dr Miroshnik, I felt an immediate burst of confidence as his experience in this condition and how to treat it really showed during the consultation. I couldn't wait to book my surgery and was given a day approximately 2 months after seeing him. The surgery date arrived, my mum was very nervous but I couldn't be more excited! Immediately after waking up, I looked down and couldn't believe how good my breasts looked, so natural, and so much better shaped than I ever thought was possible. I'm almost 2 months down the track now and they are softening and looking better with each day. For anyone considering plastic surgery I cannot recommend Dr Miroshnik any more highly!! Toni (Sydney)

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My Breast Lift/Augmentation Experience with Dr Michael Miroshnik, July 10, 2012, 12:58 am
Reviewer: NJ86

For anyone contemplating a cosmetic surgery procedure with Doctor Michael Miroshnik, I would like to take the time to share my own experience, having had a combined Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy in April this year (2012).
After significant weight loss, my once 12E perky breasts became a deflated, sagging 10D and although I was happy with the rest of my body’s transformation, I was always unhappy and ashamed of what had happened to my chest.
After exhausting many other avenues (lotions, cream, radio frequency treatment etc) it was obvious that the only thing that was going to permanently alter the appearance of my breasts and return them to their previous state, was surgery.
I visited a couple of surgeons in Sydney to enquire about the procedure but each of them left me feeling unsure, embarrassed and uncomfortable- which in turn put me off having the procedure.
It wasn’t until I booked a consultation and spoke to Dr Miroshnik that I finally had the courage to undergo the procedure. From the first point of contact, Dr Miroshnik and his team were warm, friendly and extremely professional. At no point did he or any member of his team make me feel uncomfortable or ashamed about my breasts, on the contrary he was completely understanding as well as enthusiastic about my proposed procedure. Neither him nor practice nurse – Kate Crelley make me feel silly for asking a million questions, both were always particularly accommodating and helpful with any queries I had.
My experience on the day of the surgery was flawless, with the lovely staff at North Shore Private Day Surgery treating me like royalty before and after the procedure. Both Dr Miroshnik and anaesthetist Cesear Fernandez were one hundred percent professional, punctual and kind – making me feel calm and positive on the day of my surgery.
I was given the best possible aftercare post operation, with Dr Miroshnik showing the utmost attention to detail across every aspect of my surgery and recovery thereafter.
Looking in the mirror post op, I barely recognized myself at first – I simply could not believe what an amazing job Dr Miroshnik had done. My breasts looked beautiful for the first time in 4 years. Dr Miroshnik transformed my breasts completely and yet still managed to make them appear completely natural with minimal scarring. I had always been worried about the scarring involved in a mastopexy but Dr Miroshnik’s handiwork was so careful and precise, the scarring is truly at a minimum and the incision lines were/are perfect.
Loved ones and friends who have seen my breasts post-surgery have all been particularly impressed with the work Dr Miroshnik has performed and many have said that it is one of the best Breast Augmentations that they have ever seen.
I cannot express how ecstatic I am with my new breast, how much having the surgery has changed my confidence for the better and how happy I am to have chosen Dr Michael Miroshnik to perform the procedure. From beginning to end I honestly can’t fault him or his team in any way and could not recommend him highly enough to anyone contemplating a cosmetic surgery procedure.

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Dr Michael Miroshnik-Fantastic Result :), June 8, 2012, 12:37 am
Reviewer: Jozara

Yesterday I had a BA performed by Dr Michael Miroshnik, although it is only day 2 I'm extremely happy with my result. The nursing staff at North Shore Specialist Day Surgery were brilliant, caring, friendly and professional. Dr Cesar Fernandez was my anethesist and I couldn't have asked for a more attentive professional, he explained every stage of his procedure in a caring manner. I was discharged with fitted bras, after care instructions and there is an in house service for collecting pain relief, antibiotic prescriptions.
I am 46, with a pear shape, unfortunately I had very little breast tissue to work with, especially lack of skin between my nipple to my natural breast crease. This limited my choice of implant size, after discussions with Dr Miroshnik we decided on a Furry anatomical 360cc implant, any larger was going to increase my chance of 'double bubble'.
My swelling and bruising is minimal and I'm confident I will achieve the result I hoped for, that is to go from flat AA to a full natural looking C!
I'm so pleased I found Dr Miroshnik after visiting several other surgeons, risks were thoroughly discussed and no false promises were made.
I will try and load photos in the following weeks as I appreciated other ladies reviews and photos whilst I was researching my own procedure. Good luck to you all.
Cate :))

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Reviewer: Rochelle79

In the past I have had the worst experience with my Breast Augmentation, x2 Capsulations, x1 Erupt Breast, x1 Breast Implant Riding High and x1 Breast Double Bubble, Sagginess (It was awful). If only I went to see Dr Miroshnik first and I would never have had all this Trouble.
Dr Miroshnik is AMAZING! I cannot believe when I look down how great my breasts now look finally 10 years later after breast augmentation operations, he has reconstructed my breasts to absolute Perfection. I now feel like a complete woman. The overall experience was bliss, Kate Crelly the Practice Nurse at Bondi, Dr Fenandaz the Anesthetist to Hunters Hill Hospital were fantastic and so caring, most importantly my surgeon Dr Miroshnik, he made me feel comfortable from the beginning to the end, he went over and beyond to get the best result for me. He is current and up to date and not to forget he is gorgeous to look at:-) I would have no hesitation recommending him to every woman looking to get any sort of plastic Surgery. They even threw in a free facial which was great. Thank you so much.

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