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Specialist Name:   Issa Eshima
Category:   Plastic Surgery
Profession:   Plastic Surgeon
  San Francisco
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
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3rd time revision was a success!, June 16, 2011, 10:32 pm
Reviewer: pacey

I had had Asian eyelid surgery twice without success. The first surgery, performed more than a decade ago, was incorrectly done as a straightforward blepharoplasty without the specific creation of an eyelid fold. The second surgery was performed two years earlier and failed to achieve symmetry with one eyelid being significantly higher than the other.

Disappointed with my previous surgery results, I researched extensively on the internet for a competent surgeon. Since this would be a third surgery, and my research indicated that revisional surgeries are less predictable and less likely to achieve desired results due to previous scar tissue and other reasons, I was deeply concerned that my eyelids may be beyond repair and wanted only the best surgeon. Thereupon I came across Dr Issa Eshima in San Francisco.

During my initial consultation with Dr Eshima in 2009, he explained his educational background and board certifications in the field of plastic surgery, as well as the fact that he has been teaching the Asian eyelid procedure to surgeons around the world for many years. He also showed me numerous before and after photographs of his work. I really liked that Dr Eshima does not recommend unnecessary surgery. In fact, although I had originally consulted him about both eyes, he recommended only operating on the eye that I was unhappy with, and to try and bring it in alignment with the other eye and achieve symmetry, rather than to attempt operating on both eyes at the same time which would give rise to too many variables. All of this, together with the testimonies and recommendations I'd read on the internet, convinced me that I had found my surgeon. If Dr Eshima couldn't "fix" my eyes, no-one would!

My surgery was performed later that year under IV sedation, which meant that I was awake but very sleepy, drifting in and out, and could not feel any pain. I was discharged from hospital the same day, and a duty nurse assisted me home. I had to apply ice packs and take painkillers for about 48 hours, and keep the surgical tapes on my eyelids for seven days.

Dr Eshima and his staff provided excellent post-op care. Dr Eshima's assistant Magaly called me every day for the first week to check how I was doing and to answer any questions I had, and just to brighten up my day when I didn't feel like leaving the house with surgical tapes on my eyes. I've since had multiple post-op visits with Dr Eshima, and he has administered medication as necessary to help speed up the recovery process.

with 2 years having passed since my surgery, my eyes are almost perfectly symmetrical now. For those facing a similar situation as I did (asymmetry), you will generally have a fair idea of the final result by around 6-12 months after surgery. For me, it took almost a year until all signs of redness were gone. Dr Eshima explained this is because it was my 3rd surgery on the same site and the scar tissue takes longer to heal in that case. It's almost magical how close Dr Eshima was able to get them by working only on one eye! I couldn't be happier! I can finally look people straight in the eye, and not have to hide my asymmetric eyes with hats and sunglasses. It has made a vast improvement to my quality of life.

For anyone who is considering Asian eyelid surgery, or is in despair after a failed earlier surgery and searching for a surgeon to perform a revision, I highly recommend you have a consultation with Dr Eshima.

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