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Doctor Name:   Morgan Basanta
State:   ()
Country:   Trinidad And Tobago

Overall Rating:

  (3.00 out of 10) (4 reviews)


RUDE, OBNOXIOUS RECEPTIONIST, November 14, 2015, 8:49 am
Reviewer: Angelahosein@hotmail.com

Made an appointment a few days ago for my daughter to see Dr. Basanta today at 10:00am at the SDO office. I was told by AMANDA ( I asked for the name of the person who took my info) to call to confirm the appointment is on schedule, which I did 1 hour before, and was told appointments are on schedule. I arrived at the doctors office at 9.50am and was told to 'sit and wait'. I was stunned whilst this same person (recognized the same hoggish voice) confirmed another patient's name, telephone and address in a loud voice that everyone in the entire office could hear. Does the whole office need to hear patients personal information? After sitting and waiting for 30 mins, I asked this individual how many patients were ahead of us to see the Doctor. This same individual in the most distasteful, disrespectful voice announced in a loud voice 'I don't know!'' I repeated my question and was told 'I don't know how long the doctor would take with each patient (huh?). No attempt to be civil, professional or courteous. I walked out without seeing the doctor. Dr. Basanta you may be a fantastic doctor- but this individual Amanda - is doing your practice a great disservice. The other patients experience should tell you this. No one would hesitate to pay $500.00 to see a specialist, but no one expects their first interaction with you office to be with someone with a terrible disposition. Whilst there are few dermatologists in Trinidad, this is no reason for having frontline persons in your office that have no people-skills. If this is your wife or family, please let them stay home. There are a lot of qualified, warm, caring persons looking for a job. I would go to another skin doctor. I would not be visiting or recommending your office to anyone.

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Doctor Pleasant; receptionist (Hell bound) , September 7, 2015, 6:05 pm
Reviewer: sheltrin

I had a biopsy performed (at my request) because I tried over the counter topical creams etc for a knuckle rash that I was/am 100 % sure from handling chlorine. Turned out that consultation fee of 500 plus 1500 for biopsy was performed within 10 minutes of waiting without an appointment. Excellent; however, I have waited twice to get my results and waited for Dr. Basanta to return from vacation and still did not get my results. Don't see why she could not have given me a copy of the lab report; it's printed in English and Psoriasiform Spongiotic Dermatitis is the long word for Acute Eczema. that I did not have to wait the first time I visited his office (guess impression on first time customers). The old hag at the front started yelling at me like she was some "nun" from the Convent back in the 80s. She also told me that I am playing Doctor and God will see that I ... (She twisted what I said like most Hags; Unfortunately, I am not ACCEPTING 100% of what is poured out of any Doctor's office especially from insolent, discourteous, impertinent, skinny lower limb secretary. Besides, give the young educated pleasant staff the reigns to the office. This is not 1970 and before. We're in 2015. Btw, predisnone for my condition. It went away.

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Dr. Basanta a good Doctor, March 21, 2015, 9:22 am
Reviewer: Mature

But as previous commented wrote, his Receptionist a rude, Hoggish, and has no idea how to talk to people,she will hang up on you and if you ask for directions she say...look am busy you can find it...click... she should be fired and a proper trained person replace her, but maybe she a family or something else to the doctor...but she a nasty vile person...don't believe ...call try to make an appointment...you see...!!!!

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abusive receptionist, March 20, 2015, 5:10 am
Reviewer: patientzerz

Dr basanta is an excellent dermatologist. The only problem is that you need to get past his abusive receptionist. She is rude and condescending and would be fired if not for being related to him. She hangs up the phone and is extremely rude to customers and is abusive to the supporting staff.

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