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Doctor Name:   Manuel Romero
State:   (*)
Country:   Mexico

Overall Rating:

  (2.94 out of 10) (5 reviews)


mommy makeover gone horrifically WRONG , September 5, 2013, 8:57 pm
Reviewer: aubree09

I had my brothers girlfriend go to this doctor for a nose job and came out looking ok. So then i go to meet the doctor who wad extremely nice, calm and without a doubt assures me that he can accomplish an amazing breast lift with silicon implants by mentor then a smooth tummy with a great belly button. The day of i was so nerves the nurse gave me a pill to put under my tongue i end up falling asleep and then waking up during surgery and crying in pain i guess i fall asleep front the pain and wake up in recovery with excruciating pain burning the doctor is called in and turns out a nerve or something was not stitched correctly and i end up right back in surgery and all i can remember is asking the doctor if i was going to die? He said come on don't say that now. They put me back under and i woke up with them informing me that i needed a blood transfusion. Im left with the ugliest scars and no breast lift and one implant at the top of my chest and the other at the bottom... with horrible scars as well. I believe hes speciality is face NOT body surgery. i paid him 8,000 but ended up paying a total of 29,000 correcting the surgery he had no knowledge of doing in the first place. God Bless everyone who decides to go with him. i still live each day with the nightmare of that day. I thought i was going to save money but ended up costing and jeopardizing my life, my emotional and psychological health. Till this day i still question why the doctor did not use dissolvable stitches like every doctor i have been to in the US? and also why so many people like myself wake up during their surgical procedure like i did under other complaint reviews on Dr. Manuel Romero Guttierrez?

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Stay Away!, June 7, 2013, 8:30 pm
Reviewer: snuckie2002

I seen this doctor twice for 2 procedures, In 2010, i went to him for a butt implant. After my butt healed he didn't place them in right, he told me some story about how they will drop in time. I made an appointment to see him again to fix my butt implant, i hade aline and was higher then then the other, he assured me it was a simple produre, so i decided to get a breast lift with augmentation with my second surgery. He butchered my breast. I have terrible scars from my breast lift,and my implant were uneven. He didn't fix my butt at all. I paid $8,000.00 total. He don't need to practice surgery at all. I ended up having to take implants out and start all over. The staff were nice and office was clean,but he is a horrible surgeon. Please email me with any questions.

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mixed results, December 15, 2008, 11:54 am
Reviewer: calvinsmom

Dr. Romero is a very nice person. However, in my experience he relies too much on his staff and is not as hands on everything going on in his busy office. I paid for liposuction that was not performed. His operatory sterility was not acceptable. I almost ran out of there but had paid and was reassured by another patient that he was competent. I was left with severe dog ears around my waist that I had corrected by a doctor who was highly recommended by this forum. I tried to research Dr. Romero before I knew about this site thru his sponsor and everyone I interviewed recommended him. I cannot blame Dr. Romero for everything, he is an experienced cosmetic surgeon but his staff quotes his prices and procedures incorrectly and they are not entirely honest. There were unpleasant surprises but some of my procedures were acceptable and luckily I did not suffer like some other people have posted. He is very nice but his office is mismanaged and conjested.

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Terrible experience with surgery in office , October 31, 2007, 10:24 pm
Reviewer: reyna67

Hi, I do my a TT with Dr.Manuel Romero in 2006, Im not a fat person and he promise a very define abdomen, 3 months after the surgery the skin in both sides of my scar they fall down ( dog ears), and my back never reduce the size. When I go with another doctor he toll me the Dr. Romero dont do the muscles repair and ge dont do a liposuction for a complete job and a better shape. Also my friend came with me to do the surgery at the same time, and in her case her incision was infected, she need take medication for a long time( 2 months) and 26 days in united state hospital , and another doctor repair the old scar. Dr Romero never want to check me again. Because the doctor dont do the surgeries in a hospital he do the surgery in his office, please review if your surgeon do the surgery in a hospital its better and safe for you.

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Surgery gone wrong, June 20, 2006, 8:16 am
Reviewer: yohanna

In 2001, my sister and I went to Dr Romero to get breast implants. The doctor was really friendly and did a good job, so we recommended him to my mom. In 2002 my mom wanted a tummey tuck and liposuction. He was really nice and gained her trust, so she went ahead and did the surgery with him. A couple weeks after the surgery, my mom got gangrene. She went back to the Dr. Romero, he said he needed to perform the TT again so he could remove the dead skin. Instead of keeping her at his clinic he told us to bring her home and he would come see her at out house, so we did. My mom started getting worse so we had to call him and remind him to come see her. Dr. Romero came to our house and told us to take her back to his clinic the next day, so we did. My mom got really sick and ended up passing away due to the infection getting so bad. She suffered from tromboembolism, a blood clot. Dr. Romero did not have the proper equipment to stabilize her when she went into shock. The doctor should have told us he could not give her the proper attention and we would have taken her to a hospital. I would not recommend anyone going to this doctor or any in TJ. Since the surgery was done in TJ there was nothing we could do about it.

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