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Dr. John McGill: My Reviews

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Doctor Name:   John McGill
State:   Maine (ME)
Country:   United States

Overall Rating:

  (6.50 out of 10) (2 reviews)


Educate yourself BEFORE surgery, July 22, 2008, 6:24 am
Reviewer: smilesalot66

I had three consults. Ten minutes before my surgery I was informed my scar would be twice as wide as I expected. I was expecting a "smile", I recieved a flattened "w". I didn't know until Friday after bandages were removed that my scar was in the crease of my legs(yes OUCH!!!=longer healing time!). At this post-op visit, where I first put on compression garment, I was told I would be riding a bike in two weeks (I began walking 1.5 to 2 miles then had to ice incision after walks weeks 6-7); wearing compression garment 4-6 weeks (still wearing a minimum of 8 hours a day (week 10 yesterday); back to gym weeks 6-8 (went 2x week 9 and could Only work chest). I learned alot about what to expect at the makemeheal website and others online...I was given next to Nothing by Dr's Staff. I learned Nothing about my scar care or what to put on it at his office. I should have been taught the proper way to get up BEFORE I was operated on. I should have been warned to exhale if I felt like I had to sneeze or cough(I sneezed that Friday night after post-op visit and felt left ab tear; immediately went online to discover how to stop a sneeze!). I should have had electrolysis or waxing pre-surgery (believe me shaving a scar is tricky). I should have shown him pictures of me at my skinniest and in bathing suit and panties I currently wore, he never asked. There is NO way if I had worked an office job that I could have been back to a desk Before week 6. I would have postponed or cancelled my surgery if I had known he was not going to put the scar where he drew. Unfortunately we did not use my camera phone and take a picture Before surgery...Bring one for proof!!! I missed second post-op apt July 9th because I was at scout camp and to this day July 22nd NO ONE from his office has called to check on me or asked to reschedule. Your every day mom or someone who had severe weight loss would be very happy with his small stitches... just make sure you Educate yourself and Advocate for yourself so your healing process is not as difficult as mine has been. Sincerely, Ms. T Albert

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Worth the trip!, September 8, 2006, 6:36 am
Reviewer: Jeaniebean

I've had many procedures done by Dr. McGill over 10 years and always was very happy with his work. He takes his job very seriously, is very artistic and professional. His office help is very organized, helpful, and friendly. I wouldn't have any other PS work on me but him.

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