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Patty888's Review of: Dr. Nancy Van Laeken

Rating: 1.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
April 25, 2019, 7:47 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Nancy Van Laeken (My Profile)
State:   British Columbia (BC)
Country:   Canada
Reviewer:   Patty888 (Contact Me)
View My Before/After Photo Album(s):   None available
Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   January 1, 2018
Procedure(s) I had done:  
  • Breast Reconstruction


If there were a way to give negative stars I would. But since 1 star is the lowest available I will have to stick with that. I am writing this review for a dear friend who was tragically struck with breast cancer and had to forgo a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. To enlighten others before they make a choice that will forever alter the body and mind of someone they love or themselves since everything in this review is based on FACTS. But before I begin I would like to enlighten everyone about “online” reviews. Be very skeptical of them. Do some research. If someone just gives 4 stars or 1 stars without any justification then I would disregard them. Look for details that can actually back up the reason for the rating. And trust me I have details and then some about Dr Nancy Van Laeken. Dr Van Laeken did the initial expander placement for my dear friend. Immediately when the bandages were taken off my friend and her husband stated to Dr Nancy Van Laeken that it was to high.Like close to her shoulder bone high. Dr Nancy Van Laeken said oh it will come done. Which it never did and being a surgeon who has done this surgery hundreds of times she was well aware that it would not drop down but for some odd reason she thought that my friend and her husband would believe her which they did not. The day came when the expander was to be extracted and the permanent implant was to be inserted. Once again after the bandages came off the new permanent implant was excactly where the expander was although being reassured by Dr Nancy Van Laeken once again before the surgery that she would move it down. Once again Dr Nancy Van Laeken told my friend oh it will come down. Which it never did nor ever will. Dr Nancy Van Laeken made an artificial nipple and my friend returned to have the stitches removed. Dr Nancy Van Laeken "nurse" was supposed to have removed the stitches yet she failed to do this and caused my friend 2 trips to the emergency room and IV drip for an infection that was caused by Dr Nancy Van Laekens nurse inability to do her job correctly. (see below) She went in to get the nipple that Dr Nancy Van Laeken had made tattooed in her office. Dr Nancy Van Laken had Alannah Lane of Avalon Spa and Wellness Centre Inc do the tattooing. Complete incompetence (I have reviewed the spa due to space I will not repeat that horror story)Infection occurred 2 trips to the emergency room for IV antibiotics. No after care instructions were given nothing other than keep the bandage on for one week! She was scheduled to go in after to have the bandaged taken off at Dr Nancy Nancy Van Laeken office. My friends husband called Dr Nancy Van Laekens office was told them about the 2 trips to the emergency room and the IV drips. Their response oh send us a picture to see if it is necessary to see a doctor!??? So now one of her staff who is in charge of billing has suddenly become a medical doctor and can tell by sending a picture if it is necessary to see a doctor? This is nothing short of preposterous but sign of the times of my friends experience with Dr Nancy Van Laeken and the staff she employs. She most recently went in and Dr Nancy Van Laeken had discovered some stiches that her “nurse” neglected to take out 4 months ago! She pulled out some stitches that was over 3 inches in length. And Dr Nancy Van Laeken even stated that due to the fact that her staff was negligent in removing the stitches in their entirety it was probably the cause of the infection. Which forced my friend to go to the emergency room 2 times to get an IV drip of antibiotics. So friendly and kind do not cover up incompetence since that is what occurred to my friend in all aspects of not only by Dr Van Laeken but her whole office and staff and the people she chooses to associate with ( Alannah Lane Avalon Spa and Wellness Centre Inc) So once again do some research before you put your life and body in the hands of someone who can alter it for ever. Since 12 word reviews saying that everyone is friendly and kind do not give you any idea of what may happen to you if you trust someone to alter your body forever

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