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tinabelldu25's Review of: Dr. Donna Millay

Rating: 3.19 (out of 10)
Review Date:
April 27, 2008, 4:48 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Donna Millay (My Profile)
State:   Vermont (VT)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   tinabelldu25 (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   June 1, 2006
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


Dr. Donna Millay is a butcher. I went to her to correct a deviated septum in May of 2004. This was not supposed to be a cosmetic procedure-I could not breathe... it was covered by my insurance and was supposed to be a fairly simple procedure. But instead,it turned into the biggest nightmare of my life. She botched my surgery and in fact I still believe that she had the assistant do the lions share of my surgery-even though she denied it. I have the hospital report that the assistant wrote up and stated that during the procedure she was scrubbed and present. But she said they always write it up that way.....anyway as a result of the surgery as I was healing my nose started to turn left and one side of it collapsed so it looked like half my nose had caved in. And I could not breathe out of the side that I used to be able to breathe out of. How this happened I don't understand since they were correcting the upper portion of my septum which had been crushed during an accident.. This is a long story and I don't how much space they give you to write a review so I will summarize. I tried to find a doctor to help, I found out the hard way that nobody wants to touch once somebody screws you up. So long story short I had to go back to the doctor that did this...In June of 2005 Dr. Millay "corrected" the mistake she made. The result was NOT GOOD... part of what she did to correct it was to cut cartilage out from one side and sew it into the other side to rebuild the part that caved in. She cut my columulla (thats the skin between your nostrils) to do this (then she sewed it back on crooked) I found out afterwards that an open rhinoplasty is easier for the doctor NOT the patient. I was supposed to have a small unnoticable scar-instead I had a blob of scar tissue hanging from there. Then, within four months I began to lose my voice. I went to another ENT specialist. I thought I had throuat cancer that's how bad it was.After testing the doctor said that it appeared that the tube that was inserted into my throat during my last nose surgery had damaged my vocal cord and polyps had developed. As pissed as I was I was relieved that it was not cancer...I was advised to not talk for three weeks to help with trying to heal these- it did not work. in July of 2007 I had to have throat surgery to remove the polyps because I was unable to speak without my voice cutting out. During this time I was searching for another doctor to help me because I looked so bad and I knew I would never go back to Dr. Millay. I finally found a private plastic surgeon who had just moved into my area from Louisiana. He specilized in correcting botched surgeries. I had a consultation with him. I told him what had been going on and I had also developed a new problem that I couldn't deal with anymore because it was embarassing, and that was clear water like fluid kept leaking out of my nose. Especially when I bent forward. It would just happen and I had to always have a kleenex in my hand just in case. I was also having headaches. He grew quite concerned and ended the consultation by telling me that I may have a CSF leak and that I would need to have that excluded before he could proceed with helping me. I didn't even know what that was. I was sent to a neurologist. I found out that a CSF leak can occur when you have extensive sinus surgery. A small crack or hole can form in your skull causing spinal fluid to leak out through your nose. They appear spontaneously and can close on their own-IF THEY ARE TREATED RIGHT AWAY. I had been telling Dr. Millay for six months after my second surgery that I had this leaking problem and she only gave me nose spray. No testing for CSF no mention of it nothing!!!!!!I also found out the hard way that no doctors in my area are familiar with CSF leaks. (if it ever happens to you get the fluid tested at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota..) I can't even go into this whole story it is so LONG. But for a time there was talk of brain surgery, also with CSF leaks you are susceptible to menigitis. I was terrified.....My leaking problem finally cleared on its own...after months of testing and waiting and being scared to death!!!!!! Eventually, I went in for my THIRD nose surgery-to correct the first two.... The surgeon had to rebuild the inside of my nose because Dr. Millay had taken out so much cartliage there was not any left to work with. So he had to take cartiliage from my ears and facia from inside my head in order to rebuild my nose. I am still recovering I had the surgery in October 2007. I probably will have to have one more minor revision because the transplant in one of my nostrils is a bit too big and needs to be trimmed back because it is blocking my airway. My nose will never be right that I know. I have been through lots of pain, lost tons of time from work spent tons of money-since the third surgeon does not take insurance I paid 10k out of pocket and I am still fighting with BC/BS to reimburse some of that. I tried to file a complaint with the hospital, the Vermont medical board, and I also tried to sue. Don't bother doing any of this in Vermont the law protects the doctors and the medical board is in cahoots with all their doctor friends. The injury lawyers won't even take your case because it is so expensive to process a case like this and according to the half a dozen I consulted with 80% of the time you lose and if you don't lose there is still not alot of compensation awarded-unless of course there is a fatality involved....then your odds are better. I am glad that I did not die, but this consumed and ruined my life for the last 4 and a half years and it's not over yet. Stay away from Fletcher Allen and Dr. Donna Millay.....in my opinion she is incompetent........  

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