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Pearl Fat Grafting / Lower Bleparplasty - Not Happy
letstalk's Review of: Dr. Frank meronk , JR

Rating: 1.19 (out of 10)
Review Date:
February 5, 2009, 11:42 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Frank meronk , JR (My Profile)
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   letstalk (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   November 13, 2008
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I search the internet and found DR Frank Meronk His website as so much information. I sent piture of my hollowiness. He said he can fix my hollowiness. Using Pearl Fat Grafting from my own body.He said i also have tear trough diformity too that he can't fix. He can only fix my hollowiness with pearl fat Grafting. So i went to have it done. On the day of the surgery he comes in we talk aliitle. He looks at my eyes i look up/down. I have some questions to asked him about his Website. He tells me he doesnt know whats on there. I'm like ok. Someone knocks on the door i guess to tell him its time. I felt i was been rushed. Then i pickup a mirror in his office to show me how he's going to do it. He tells me oh dont do that. It's time to go in and get started. I should have stop then. I also felt him cut me in my lower stomach for the Pearl fat. When it was done i went back to my room and looked in the mirror i was so swollen. I took pictures of my face right away. And everyday after. I went back 4 days later. He could'nt believe how swollen i was. He told me not to worry. and that each eye takes a different time to heal. He said to me if he needs to touchup the eyes he would have to go from the outside because of scare tissue issue. Now i have 2 surgeries from the inside now. Then he tells me he's still learning from each patient. Oh great .He tells me about a patient he had that would call him almost everyday about her eyes. she didnt like the way they looked. He told her she has to wait for the swollen to go down. He tell me he was ready to tell hear not to call him anymore. He said around 6 months later she called him back and said she loves her eyes now. I was like this guy is arrogant. I mean what does this DR Meronk think he's doing giving out haircuts. It would grow back. He's changing the way people look for life. Anyway my eyes are Both puffy and I also have Post Hyperpigmentation under both eyes. and 1 eye is not all the way filled with the Pearls fat grafting. I sent him the 1 Months pictures. I said he cant believe i'm 100% still swollen. He said i have to wait and sent picuture on the 3 month mark. I'm 3 months now still the same.I told him about the the 1 eye not being filled on the out corner he told me thats what happens in Revision Surgery. I say thats BS. It was never filled. Both eyes are puffy and that corner of the one eye is hollow. I know he going say the pearl fat didnt take in that area. I can put my fingers in both outer corner of my eyes and he didnt place pearls in that outer corner. He places the pearl fat in the center of the eyes. I really think he messed up. I'm 2 months now and still puffy eyes. I look tired and i look like someone puched me. its 2 month now. He said the pigmentation will fade in afew months. And this DR Meronk you have to use the Hush for emails. I paid alot of money to see him. Not once did anyone call me from his office to see how i was doing when i was in CA or now Home.It's like your on your own after surgery with this doctor. Yeah dont get fooled by great websites. You need to talk or hear from the Doctors patients.You want to see how he is from his patients. I know if the doctor did a good job i wouldnt mined taking to any of his patients.I dont think he would let his patients speak to me. Read the posting of all people who had Plastic surgeries from Makemeheal,Realself.etc.  

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