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Biggest mistake
laneyn's Review of: Dr. Roy Kim

Rating: 1.76 (out of 10)
Review Date:
June 18, 2009, 12:16 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Roy Kim (My Profile)
San Francisco
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   laneyn (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   May 10, 2008
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I went to Dr. Kim for a 2nd redo. My 1st PS that i went to was very unprofessional. They gave me subglandular instead of submuscular(since thats all they did and never told me that), wrong incision area,bottomed out and rippling. I went to Dr. kim because I had a referral to him. And he charged me a decent quote to fix everything which was $6,875. Anyways I went with him even though he was hesitant that I wanted D+ Cup. I had 400cc and he was so sure that 500-550
would make me DD. But in the end result he was able to fit 660 which I am now a mid D. Not even close to DD like he thought. Anyways the office manager (Nicole)was very attentive and helpful. Up until i had complications with my redo then she was the total opposite person. Not sincere anymore,slow -to- No response to my emails. And when I saw her for a post op appt. just a whole different demeanor. Definitely wasnt the same HAPPY/PERKY attitude like before they had my money.Anyways,the redo resulted to my nipples being COMPLETELY uneven and i had rippling only to one side which he over dissected and made uneven. I asked Dr. Kim about both and his response was "thats just the way your body healed." Then i mentioned that i think he may have over-dissected my sternum. Which i believe why my right has rippling due to the pocket being too big. He made only 1cm distance between my implants. And that is way too close so i had to pay $60
for a thong bra that I have been wearing everydays ince to help kep them from getting worse. I think i have symmastia/uniboob which is the worse thing to get for breast augmentation since it is VERY COSTLY. And his same response was "thats just the way your body healed".. No sympathy or concern. I asked for 2 quotes. One to switch to silicone and another to fix uneven-ness and over-dissected sternum. I asked him if he could give me a discount and his BS quotes were $7900 JUST TO SWITCH TO SILICONE. $13,900 TO FIX THE UNEVEN NIPPLES AND OVER-DISSECTED STERNUM. He took a few thousand off both quotes which I THINK IS BULLSH*T. I think he added more to the quote just to make it seem like he gave me a petty ass discount.Basically i went in there with a $6875 problem that resulted to a$13,900 problem! Did not make any sense at all and his excuse for everything was "thats just the way it healed". I am gladly
planning to go a different dr even if they charge me more because at least I know i will be in good hands. Also the manager (nicole) response to me having ripples were "WE ALL HAVE RIPPLES HERE, I DO, AMY HERE (another co-worker there) DOES TOO.." That was the most ignorant,careless,insincere remark that drove me away. If you want someone to kick you when you are feeling down already make sure you talked to Nicole. And last I would like to share my discovery with everyone on Dr. Kim.I am on a forum that i found a couple ladies on there that went to Dr. kim the same time i did or shortly after.One girl from Tracy, her incision kept bleeding for a few weeks. She went back to Dr. Kim and he tried to close up his incision again but it didnt help and was advise to just put a gauze over it and she has been bleeding through shirts for weeks. I had another girl from SF(and later found out she
was a co-worder of my BF) had hematoma. Dr.Kim had to do an immediate surgery for that. Also after my surgery I also had horrible painful bruising which I found out later that it was also a mild case of hematoma. Dr Kim response was that was the painkiller that they shot into my arm?!I can validate for all these females you can email me with any questions/concern (PINKTHI@YAHOO.COM)..BASICALLY IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING DR KIM, ASK HIM AT THE CONSULTATION "WHAT IS YOUR PERCENTAGE RATE OF YOUR PATIENTS COMING BACK SHORTLY AFTER FOR A COMPLICATION REDO??"Maybe his same answer will be "thats just the way their bodies healed"...This experience was worse than my 1st which I couldn't have thought possible.. =(

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