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Ruined my nose, do not recommend.
Polska's Review of: Dr. Richard Clark

Rating: 1.57 (out of 10)
Review Date:
February 6, 2010, 10:04 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Richard Clark (My Profile)
State:   California (CA)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   Polska (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   January 18, 2009
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I had primary rhinoplasty in 2007. Since then I have had three revision surgeries in an attempt to correct the first botch job and my nose still isn't right. The first rhinoplasty I had extensive scar tissue around my nostril which caused it to heal incorrectly. Dr. Clark attempted to fix this 3 times, each time ripping out the stitches and then restiching the nostril. One of those times the anesthesia ran out and I had tears streaming down my face. The second revision was to shave down a small bump. He admitted that he shaved too much off and I was left with NO bridge. Also the valves in my nose collapsed and I could NOT breathe. I had to PAY for the third revision surgery!! Now I have a visible bone implant and a slope - WHICH I DID NOT WANT. How can he charge me for HIS mistake??? How is that ethical? Also, I ended up being AWAKE for the revision and begging the nurse for more pain killer - I still have nightmares. I do not recommend at ALL.  

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