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Poorly skilled; persuades you to get unnecessary procedures.
kpopper's Review of: Dr. HyunCheol Park

Rating: 1.63 (out of 10)
Review Date:
July 11, 2010, 8:52 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. HyunCheol Park (My Profile)
State:   (*)
Country:   Korea, Republic of
Reviewer:   kpopper (Contact Me)
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Date of your procedure(s):   June 15, 2007
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This post is about my experience with Dr. Park at Oz Clinic in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Park was promulgated on another forum for Americans. Park was glorified by the Administrator of that forum in such a way that his skill and ability seemed superb. I now realise that this was a ploy used by Park to self-promote his clinic.

Relying on such, I went to him for an eyelid revision.

During our consultation, I asked that asymmetry be corrected and in particular an issue regarding the shape of the left eyelid line. He indicated that the left eye was a difficult procedure but that it would be addressed. He did not tell me that he planned to create large double eyelid folds apparent to Caucasians. I did not ask for it, he didn't ask me and we did not discuss it.

He then suggested that I get epicanthoplasty. I did not know what epi was and trusted and relied on his judgment. Park neglected to inform me that epi would drastically alter my appearance and in what manner and that it was permanent. No other dr. that I've consulted with ever suggested that I get epi. My facial features do not support big, wide eyes.

Park did not correct for the asymmetry. He made the asymmetry much worse. He created an irregular incision line resulting in a very high medial point and sharp decline downwards. So much so that my vision is slightly impaired when I look to the side. Park caused ptosis in 1 eye. I cannot comfortably and fully open it without straining and frowning. Park did not correct the shape of the eyelid line as discussed. In fact, he didn't do anything at all to it. Not even an attempt as if it were just forgotten or disregarded. He made the eyelids so big that they are always droopy and half-open as if one were sleepy. The worst part is the epi. It completely changed my expression. It has changed my soft appearance to one that is fierce and immediately noticeable was that I looked several years older. The epi is not a reversible procedure in that reversal surgery can only mitigate the damage but cannot fully restore your eyes to its original state. This experience has left me in a state of depression and anxiety for 3 years which included covering up all the mirrors at home and avoiding social contact out of discomfot and embarassment.

To earn an extra $1,000 for the epi, a procedure that was not needed nor that would enhance my appearance, Park has effectively disfigured my face and afflicted my well-being. My once Asian appearance has now become foreign, unnatural and uncomfortable to look at. To further make some earnings, Park then recommended that I get a nose job to accommodate my new alien look. When I expressed my utter dissatisfaction at the outcome, he referred to me as "neurotic."

I'm finally somewhat emotionally prepared to go back to Korea this year for another eyelid revision and reversal epi to undo the damage caused by Park.

Park is a charlatan. He is unscrupulous and he is poorly skilled.

I hope my experience will help others.

Pictures: http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/blepharoplasty/oz-clinic-a11501

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