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Breast Enlargement Gone Wrong
Daisy_Dior's Review of: Dr. Lawry) Iregbulem

Rating: 2.71 (out of 10)
Review Date:
August 15, 2010, 3:03 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Lawry) Iregbulem (My Profile)
London & Cambridge
State:   (*)
Country:   United Kingdom
Reviewer:   Daisy_Dior (Contact Me)
View My Before/After Photo Album(s):   1 found
Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   February 7, 2009
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I went to see Dr Lawry Iregbulem in Harley Street in Feb 2009 for a consultation which was £150.00, I only went to see him and paid the fee because Danielle Lloyd recommended him so I thought I was in good hands.

Dr Lawry Irregbulem looked at my breasts and said my right boob was slightly bigger than my left so said he would put a bigger implant in the left boob at that point I did say wouldn’t two the same size be better, as my 34B boobs looked the same size to me, he said a slightly bigger one would even them out, and as the professional surgeon he is meant to be I trusted his judgement.

I had my procedure carried out in Highgate hospital in London, I had my implants fitted under the muscle after the operation I came around and was in a lot of pain which was expected, I woke up to two tubes in either side of my breasts with bottle on either side of the bed on the floor with blood in, this was not mentioned before the procedure, shortly after this the nurse came in to pull the two tubes out of either side of my breast, where the tubes entered my body the blood had dried on them the nurse didn’t mention any thing about it being pain full when she removed the first tube slowly, which hurt so much I was in tears and yelped, by the 2nd one I knew what was going to happen and it was so pain full as the tubes were pulled out from my breasts, I cried even more (which is something I don’t do often when it come to a little bit of pain)

I had my breasts enlarged from a 34B to what was meant to be a 36E as Dr Lawry Iregbulem measured me and then confirmed and I bought the sports bras which were recommended in a 36E, 8 weeks after my operation I went to Triumph to get my breasts measured, and was told I was actually a 32G, I couldn't believe it I then went to La Senza and Marks and Spencer’s for them to confirm this as I thought the assistant could be wrong, and those two shops confirmed I was a 32G not a 36E.

1 Year after my operation I phoned Cheryl at Profile to say that my left implant looks deformed and is sagging, and it is a much bigger size than my right implant which is still perfect, I also emailed over pictures of my boobs as this was and still is stopping me from getting any modelling/TV work which is what I wanted them for. One photo shoot I did for a big company website, which required me being Topless for some shots for content to go on the website to promote their clothing line this had to be halted halfway through thus wasting their time and mine due to my breast being deformed and I lost out on getting paid because the shoot could go no further which I told Cheryl.

Cheryl said I would have to pay another £150.00 for Dr Lawry Iregbulem to see me, I said surely this isn't meant to happen 1 year later in total £7000.00 was paid just for this 1 breast operation.

I asked Cheryl looking at the photos I took and sent to her via email what do you think could be wrong and Cheryl tried to blame it on exercise ( which I never do) and I said I’m not an exercise person and then Cheryl put it down to the fact it was mother nature even though I was only 22 years old (surely mother nature wouldn’t effect me this early in life?) and Cheryl would not help much further Cheryl kept saying about paying £150.00 for another consultation, which makes me think they don’t care about the clients that have a problem their more interested in the money, I called numerous times and waited 3 days for her to return my calls. I kept getting fobbed off by the receptionist saying Cheryl was busy and she is with a client. They were more eager to speak to me and return my calls when they were about to be paid £7000.00.

I have yet again emailed Cheryl to get Dr Lawry Iregbulem to call me and as stated on their website on this page the same happened to Danielle Lloyd and he corrected them and admitted he wasn’t happy with his own work


It is now 15th August 2010...and I have still had no reply from them other than back in April 2010 which was when I asked Cheryl in an email for the size of my implants that were inserted , and no reply.

I am still in the process of trying to get my surgery corrected, I am not asking for a refund I would just like it done properly this time and the problem to be rectified, as the left implant is not right at all. If I don’t get any joy with this I will be taking matters further.


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