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Stay Away !!!
jinger's Review of: Dr. Guy Stofman

Rating: 4.21 (out of 10)
Review Date:
September 29, 2010, 10:23 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Guy Stofman (My Profile)
State:   Pennsylvania (PA)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   jinger (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   March 8, 2008
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I had Rhinoplasty Performed by Dr. Guy Stoffman on March 9th 2008. I wanted more of a feminine definition to my nose, I wanted my tip refined. Dr. Stoffman recommended I get a graph inserted (rib graph) to build my bridge up. I agreed to it. After I had the operation done I could see and feel a bump on the inside of my nostril. When one of the girls who worked there took of my bandaging, I asked her what the hard thing was in my nostril, she said she did not see or feel anything; it was probably feeling swelling or the suture. 2 Years later I still have a bump there.

After my swelling started to go down, I noticed that you could see the rib graph though my skin. (A crooked rib graph) Not only is it crooked it is very UN natural looking.

I went to two different plastic surgeons regarding a separate issue. I did bring up my rhinoplasty (only to list my previous surgeries. One of the surgeons commented on my nose and told me to go back to Stoffman and have him file it down, because there is no way he would let me walk around with a visible graph showing.
A Few months later I went back to Stoffman. He looked directly into my eyes and told me my nose was perfect. I told him that anyone who looked at me with a naked eye could see the rib graph and I wanted it filed down. He again said my nose was perfect. After about 10 minutes of going back and forth he suggested putting Radiesse in my nose to camaflaug the graph. ( Why would he suggest putting Radiesse in an already perfect nose?). He went on to tell me how much it cost and that he would inject it free of charge. (Before I had surgery he informed me that if anything went wrong he would go back in and correct it free of charge.)I agreed and he did it that day. I left with my nose looking a bigger, however, my graphs were just a bit harder to see. The Radiesse lasted no more than 1 Month and a half. This left me with my crooked visible rib graph. I went back to Stoffman. This time he admitted that sometimes things go wrong and graphs could be visible. (I understand this). What makes me made is his lie and him not acknowledging the problem. He said what he could do is put more cartilage in my nose to hide the graph. (This scared me I just wanted the damn thing filed down). At that point I told him I wanted it out. He agreed to take it out and it could be billed to my insurance. The problem with this is, I work for a small private company. They are going to denied those charges and I will be stuck with the bill or let it go through but will not cover anything else for the year for me.

Personally, I don't feel this is a health issue. Second Dr. Stoffman said he would fix any corrections free of charge. I was lied to 3 times by Stoffman and his staff.

Lie number 1---- If anything goes wrong I will fix it free of charge.

Lie number 2---- What bump inside your nostril. There is nothing there.

Lie number 3--- You can't see a graph in your nose it's perfect.

If something goes wrong with your surgery, you will be out of luck he will now acknowledge it or fix it.


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