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disgusted23's Review of: Dr. Jules Abadi

Rating: 1.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
November 1, 2010, 7:36 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Jules Abadi (My Profile)
East Patchogue
State:   New York (NY)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   disgusted23 (Contact Me)
View My Before/After Photo Album(s):   None available
Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   November 1, 2010
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I had seen both of Dr. Abadi's PA's. I did not have a diagnosis or a cure for a very bad recurring facial skin condition so I figured, maybe the Dr. would know. The nurse Jennifer, asked me when I went into the exam room, "what are you here for today" I explained. When Dr. Abadi came in, he was verbally upset that I didn't see his PA again and told me, "this is scr/messed up, I can't help you because I don't know what the problem is" Then he asked why I was there. (obviously he didn't read what the nurse had written) I looked at her to help me out with his question and she told him. He then said, "I am confused, why are you seeing me if you saw 'the PA" I explained I had been in there before, but we didn't come up with a cause or cure, and he again said, "this is screw/messed up" (that is how he said it) He looked at my chart and said, "you have had this for 2 years, what do you want me to do about it." I looked at the nurse like, is this a joke, and she couldn't even look at me. I pointed to my cheek and said, "I have this rash, and he then again, went back to my chart and said, you already saw my PA." I also explained, at one point I had a biopsy (not related to this condition) and said, "when you did the biopsy"..he interrupted me and said, "I never met you before, don't say I did a biopsy" I said, "ok, the PA you have representing your practice did a biopsy" and he again interrupted me and said, " this is scr/messed up" I asked if he wanted me to leave and he said, "I don't care what you do, in face, go get your $50.00 back and leave" I asked the nurse, "did I say something wrong?" she said "no" I said, "did I do something wrong?" she said "no" She was as confused as I was. Sadly, this man doesn't care about her as he has no idea how he implemented her today. Chances are, when the review comes up, I am sure he will have another story, and all I can say is, I hope she has a conscience. Needless to say, I have filed a formal complaint with Oxford Health, NYS Medical Board, the BBB and Consumer Affairs. You know, it is hard enough going into a Dr.'s office to explain personal issues you have, but to be belittled like that was something I have never in my life experienced..He should be ashamed of himself and I feel horrible for all of the senior citizens that he had in his office.Oh yes, just an FYI, when I paid my Co-pay via credit card, the time was stamped on the receipt 12:14:37..When my credit was issued, 45 minutes later, the time on the receipt was 12:12:00 Go figure, only he would have a clock that goes back 3 minutes in 45 minutes.


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