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bad filler job and staff service
vckster's Review of: Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli

Rating: 2.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
February 20, 2011, 5:56 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli (My Profile)
State:   ()
Country:   Australia
Reviewer:   vckster (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   December 17, 2010
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I had looked for ages to find a good Dr that had years of experience in doing fillers and new what they were doing.

I had lost some weight over the years form my face and thought it would be nice if I had some filler work done to increase the size of my cheeks to give me more of a higher cheek bone definition.. i didnt look around for the cheapest price my concern was to find some one that was experienced.I did heaps of research and found Dr Tavakoli had been on TV and had published many articles and his practice was in a very good area so I that he would be the best person to go to.

To make an appointment was just impossible I had to wait 3 months to get seen just for a consultation. They then told me that after my consulatation I would then have to make another appointmnet to do the procedure. I thought they are busy place so they must be good......

I decided not to do the consultation but book in to to the procedure. staright away ...after 3 months of waiting I must admit i felt pretty excited.

The girl on the phone did not give me any information or any advice for the day like what to expect or if to wear make up or not, as i had read heaps of info from the net I new what to expect and didnt worry to much about it

On the day I went with my husband when I walked in the receptionest shannon was on the phone talking to some one and making plans for the night I had to wait 10 min for her o finish and for her to even aknowledge me.

Thought the office looked really nice and modern

When we finally spoke she was not friendy at all (I think she was a bit annoyed as the other person had invited people over for the night and she didnt want to) she just gave me heaps of paperwork to fill in and let me be. After waiting half an hour over my appintmnet time .....i was I finally asked to go in and see the nurse Sue Burke..
The nurse was running around doing stock take and discussing with some other lady about what to order, she didnt even pay attention to me....or even say hi.... Shannon then come back and took photoes of me and then said Sue wont be long. Sue was walking in and out of the room without an introduction. Finally after she had finished her stock take she said hello.

I told her what I wanted done and that I had had no consultation on this procedure before, the first thing she mentioned was I will give you the Voluma product as it lasts longer and it will cost $1650 for 2 mils is that ok?

When I asked questions about the product and about the procedure she was very vaig and not really answer my questions... I felt like she was just more concerened if I had the money to pay for the procedure than really care about me .... as I also enquired about botox on the day she kept on saying I wil do it for you today for $360 get it done get it done always trying push me in selling the product.

Sue did not clean my face as I had read on the internet they would for that procedure, she emmidiatly used a local all over my cheeks for the pain and did not wait for it to kick, like i had read they wait half ano hour or even 15 min she emidiatly started the filler injection she took for ever on one side of my cheek, she pushed and pushed and was pushing so hard that it actually moved my hole body to the other side.

Once she finished she did not give me any ice to put on it for the bruising as I had read, she just gave me a mirror really quickly and said that looks really beautiful.

All I saw was just bruising and no difference except a big hole on my left cheek with blood where she had pushed and pushed to get the filler down and my right eye had bruised so much that had a big lump underneath it.
it looked like she had added filler under my eye. She said once the bruising goes down you will see more of the difference...... She quickly run out as she said she had another procedure in the other room Shannon come back took more photoes and that was it.... They didnt even give me any time to put any make up on any time to let the bleeding stop from the needle she pushed in to hard They took my $1650 and that was it ....no follow up call or anything

I waited a month for the bruising to go down which it did, but that big lump under my eye never dissapeared.... i always thought It was bruising from her rubbing the filler in, still tday after 3 months this lump is still here.

I rang Sue a month latter to tell her about it, she asked me to go in as she thought it might be a filler moving.... I explained to her the filler did not move as this lump was there when I left yr surgery..... I never went back never and never will I can never trust her again.... all they really care about is a quick job to take yr money of you..... Sue never rang me back either

I went to another Dr he told me she damaged a nerve under my eye when she was injecting me....

Please never use these people ....they are just not what they make out they are they have no experience what so ever just because you pay more you might think its better but its not I could have shopped around to find cheaper and I did, but never used them as i thought it wasnt about the price it was about the servise and the experience in the person. PLEASE DONT BE FOOLED FROM THIS PLACE....if u want photoes i will email any one to see for them selves


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