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Dr. Kwan mutilated my eyes.
terabithia's Review of: Dr. Edmund) Kwan

Rating: 1.57 (out of 10)
Review Date:
February 24, 2011, 2:28 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Edmund) Kwan (My Profile)
New York
State:   New York (NY)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   terabithia (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   July 15, 2006
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I made the mistake of choosing this dr. for Asian eyelid surgery. He botched the surgery and made my eyes terribly asymmetrical.

I considered my eyes to be attractive and just wanted a little enhancement. I didn't know much about the surgery and the dr. seemed experienced from his website so I made an appointment. As soon as I walked into his office, he made a crack about my age, "So you're 3x years old." While this surgery is generally done by those in their teens and 20's, I didn't appreciate being insulted by the dr. Right then, I should've left but I admit, I was eager to get the surgery and did not want to spend time on lots of appointments. The rest of the consultation was brief. He didn't explain much about the surgery but bragged that he would do a good job and said, "I actually enjoy doing this surgery."

Surgery Day:
I brought with me an article on eyelid surgery from the website of another dr. It was very informative and detailed and so I asked Kwan during prep about the different results to determine which one was best for me. He briefly glanced at the article and discredited the merits of the other dr., "he's not even Asian" and disregarded my questions. I asked for a conservative height but he disregarded my request and drew the lines the way he wanted to. I asked about asymmetrical results and his response was that people’s eyes are naturally asymmetrical to begin with so they'll be asymmetrical after surgery. That seemed to be the dr.'s waiver for producing bad results. I headed to the operating room and I wanted to be reassured about the outcome since he wouldn't take the time to explain anything. I asked to see a simulation in the mirror. He became very agitated and impatient, ignored my request and began the surgery.

Results cannot be based immediately post-op because of the swelling. But swelling aside, I knew that something was terribly wrong with the result. My eyes were completely asymmetrical in size and shape. The left eye was much bigger than the right. The incision along the Mongolian fold was cut too acutely in my left eye so that the eyeball is partially obscured. The stitching was irregular and overlapped so that when the eyelid is up, a wrinkle formed. Instead of forming a natural, curved arch across the top, he created sharp points like peaks on both eyes. The shapes of both eyes were totally different to one another like 2 eyes that belonged on 2 different faces. Here is an illustration of the asymmetry: http://www.makemeheal.com/pictures/large/143054

I went back to discuss a revision to fix the asymmetry. The dr. would not admit to it and would not agree to a revision. It was so insulting to have him deny any asymmetry when the left eye was so much bigger than the right and everyone else noticed it because it was so apparent. A staff member walked into the office, looked at my eyes and said that they were asymmetrical. Immediately, the dr. replied, "a stitch fell out" and only then agreed to a revision. For 6 months, I had to live in embarrassment with 2 completely differently shaped and sized eyes.

6 months later, again the dr. denied asymmetry. I was scared and upset on the operating table and was being helped by a staff member on whether to proceed with the revision. I was frightened about the outcome since the dr. would not acknowledge any asymmetry. He became angry that I was wasting his time, kept looking at the clock and said, "I have other patients" and left the room. When he came back, I went forward with the revision. He only worked on my right eye and didn't do anything to my left. After the revision, he came into the waiting room, saw the results and gave me a horrid look but quickly and meekly said, "I think this result is the way you want it to be." I hadn't seen myself in the mirror yet but when I got home, I understood the horrified look on his face. The revision did not correct for anything but distorted the shape of my right eye in a way that is difficult to describe, but to say that it looked bizarre.

Post Revision:
At this point, both my eyes were completely different from my natural eyes. I had to endure another 6 months of immense stress and embarrassment before I could attempt another revision. This time, I went elsewhere and consulted with several drs. "Very irregular" and "peculiar" were the words of other drs. as they smirked at Kwan's surgical skill and asked if he was an American dr. They explained that it would be a difficult revision because of the acute angle in which Kwan had cut my left eye. Skin would need to be excised.

I wish I had come here and read the message board posts and reviews on Kwan. I could've avoided this nightmarish experience. Kwan is a very, very bad dr. He botched my surgery then denied any wrongdoing and lacks the skill to fix his mistakes. He mutilated my once pretty eyes. I will never look the same nor be able to look in the mirror comfortably again. I've spent so much time and effort and thousands of dollars on revisional surgery. Kwan has no surgical skill and no concern for the outcome of his surgeries nor for his patients.

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