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Fabulous doctor.
Lucy_S_W_Diamonds_NY's Review of: Dr. Alan Engler, MD

Rating: 10.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
September 9, 2011, 6:07 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Alan Engler, MD (My Profile)
New York
State:   New York (NY)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   Lucy_S_W_Diamonds_NY (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   August 30, 2011
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Fabulous doctor.

I did my research when choosing a surgeon for my breast augmentation...lots and lots of research. I've had plenty of experience with doctors and surgery: impacted wisdom teeth extraction age 18, appendectomy 19, tonsillectomy/removal of adnoids 21, and most recently before my breast augmentation with Dr. Engler, I elected to have a small liposuction procedure at age 22 with a surgeon close to home.
This doctor had decent credentials and fairly good reviews online. I met with him and found him to be an arrogant man with little time for me and my questions. However, I ignored my gut instinct on this surgeon because when looking at my past experience on the operating table, all of my doctors have had this kind of superior attitude. I thought to myself "It doesn't matter what his personality is like as long as he does his job well." WELL, not only did he not do his job well (changed his mind from using general anesthesia to local when I was already in the operating room/ rolled his eyes and sighed impatiently at his staff during my procedure/ sent his nurse in to see me for my appointment the day after my surgery rather than seeing me himself) he has left me, nearly 4 months later, with lumpy scar tissue beneath my skin that I find humiliating. Furthermore, he has been completely unavailable to me when I try to express my concerns and disappointment, and when I finally WAS able to get in to see him, he told me it was in my head and that I look fine.
After this disappointing first experience with plastic surgery, I was extremely hesitant about going ahead with the breast augmentation I've wanted since I was a teenager. I decided to do things right this time around and settle for nothing less than a doctor who is not only an extremely educated, qualified, and experienced surgeon, but who is also someone equally passionate about people and his craft. That is exactly what I found in Dr. Engler. Not only did all of my online research lead me to him (impeccable credentials and endless positive reviews), I found him to be, quite simply, a genuinely nice man.
I felt immediately at ease when I met with him for the first time. I felt like I was talking to a family friend. He and his staff did not pressure me to schedule surgery with him the first time I met him(very different than my other experience visiting plastic surgeons!). He gave me as much time as I needed to ask all of the questions I had, and was very frank about what my options were and what results I could expect. After my second consultation with Dr. Engler, I called his office and scheduled surgery.
The week before my surgery I hovered between being very excited and very anxious. I called Dr. Engler's office frequently with many additional questions, and his staff was always extremely accommodating and sweet, answering all of my questions and putting my mind at ease. The morning of my surgery I was late due to poor guesswork at morning commute time on the LIE, but everyone including Dr. Engler was very nice about it. Dr. Engler told me exactly what was going to happen in the operating room, marked me up for surgery, and even bonded with me over our mutual love of The Beatles (high five!). Before I knew it I was in the operating room, and the nurse and anesthesiologist were very friendly. I was talking to the anesthesiologist about how he grew up in the town next to mine, then ZZZZZZZzzzzz =).
Surgery went perfectly. I was given a lollipop when I woke, was helped into my clothes by the nurse, walked to my mother's car by Dr. Engler himself, and sent on my way home. Dr. Engler called me every day after my surgery (what doctor does that?!) and it made me feel very safe and secure, particularly during the very uncomfortable first three days post-op.
A little over one week post-op I am ECSTATIC so far with my results. Dr. Engler completely corrected the asymmetry of my breasts and they are absolutely the perfect size for my body. At this time I am obviously nowhere near finished healing, but I know things will only keep getting better from here. I am finally in good hands with Dr. Engler. For the amazing care he shows his patients and his precision and expertise... he is worth every penny!

Thank you Dr. Engler for doing exactly what a plastic surgeon should do: make every patient feel special, safe, and confidant with their new body!


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