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Rude Man, Outdated Medicine, Won't Answer Patient Questions
SugarKat25's Review of: Dr. Douglas Rosen

Rating: 1.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
October 18, 2011, 7:33 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Douglas Rosen (My Profile)
State:   New York (NY)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   SugarKat25 (Contact Me)
View My Before/After Photo Album(s):   None available
Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   October 15, 2011
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I’ll try and keep this as short as possible, but it is a rather long story. I believe if you read the entire account of my experience with “Dr.” Rosen you will find it helpful.

I recently moved to this area and needed to find a new dermatologist. I found Dr Rosen on the web. Getting an appointment was slightly frustrating, as the phone was often busy. However, as soon as I did get through, the receptionist was courteous and helpful.
The day of my appointment I waited over an hour in the waiting room, and another 15 minutes inside the exam room.
Prior to my move, my former dermatologist had recommended a product called Accutane for my skin. I was told by my former dermatologist that this would cure me of my skin problems, long term, if not forever. It is a controversial drug, as it has many side effects. Before you can be given the actual prescription, there is a great deal of reading material you must go over, and a questionnaire that you must fill out. This questionnaire was as far as I had gotten with my previous dermatologist. So I brought the completed questionnaire.
Before “hello, how are you?”, before any sort of introduction, Dr. Rosen saw my Accutane paperwork and said “I will never write you a prescription for that, so you can just forget it.” I thought this was rather rude. I’ve been struggling with bad skin for years, one Dr says “here’s your cure” the other says “forget it” – But I’m no Dermatologist, so I stayed quiet and waited my other options. Dr. Rosen said the only way he would try Accutane was if I was suicidal over my skin. Well no, I’m not suicidal, but I am ashamed and embarrassed by my skin, and would love for once, to wake up and feel comfortable in my own skin. But I digress, let me return to the topic.
Dr. Rosen diagnosed me with Rosacea. He said he would never cure my skin, but could treat it. This was upsetting, as my previous doctor had said the Accutane would cure me. But, I am no Dermatologist, I am certainly not an expert. I know little about this condition, so he told me to go home and do some research. He didn’t have time to tell me about the condition, he had other patients. So, I did that. I went home and researched Rosacea. My research led me to some interesting information saying it’s been shown that more then half of people diagnosed with Rosacea have stomach problems, and when the stomach problems were treated with a ten day course of antibiotic, the skin cleared long term, in 96% of the patients. There have been published medical journals describing this treatment, people are talking about it on Rosacea message boards. It’s fairly new medicine (2008), but is having tremendous results. This was exciting to me, and I felt I may be a candidate for this treatment, as I also, have been dealing with stomach issues for years.
I called Dr. Rosen’s office, and asked if he could call me at his convenience to discuss a treatment option I read about. I explained to the receptionist that Dr. Rosen suggested I do some research on my own about the condition, and I had, and I wanted to talk to him about my options. She took the message. Shortly thereafter another receptionist, Jasmine, called me back and said “Dr. Rosen wants to know what drug you want”. I said I’d like to speak to him about treatment options. She insisted I tell her what drug I wanted, or Dr.Rosen would not speak to me. So, after being threatened like that, I told her the name of the antibiotic being used to treat the stomach bacteria. She called me back again a few minutes later and said “Dr. Rosen says no, that’s for traveler’s diarrhea, and no Dermatologist in their right mind would prescribe it for Rosacea. “ I told her, I realize I am not a trained Dermatologist, and I simply would like to speak to the Dr, It’s only been 2 days since my appointment, and I have questions about the condition I have been diagnosed with. I told the girl about the research I found and that I would really like to speak to the Dr. about these clinical studies. Her response was “He’s not giving you that drug, he Googled it, it’s for diarrhea”. He Googled it? Really? He Googled it. This makes me feel like I am in the hands of a trained professional. I told the girl that I was animate about speaking to the Dr, and I asked her to please make that clear to him, I need only a few minutes of his time. “He Googled it” is not an answer I am comfortable with, and I’d really like to speak with the Dr. She then said, “Oh no, I mean, he looked it up in a book, and the answer is no, he’s not giving it to you. If you want to talk to him, make an appointment.” I asked her again to please leave a message that I’d like to speak to him, and she did agree to that.

I never heard back from Dr. Rosen’s office again, so I called back a few hours later, to make another appointment. I thought it was ridiculous to have to do, but it seemed my only option. When I called to make an appointment, I told the receptionist that I wanted a follow up appointment, because I had questions and concerns about my diagnosis. She was glad to make the appointment, but she also told me it would cost me another $40 co-pay to see the Dr. ! Seriously! Another $40, to get some answers!?!? I gave her my name to make the appointment and when she heard it she said, “Oh, I have a message from Dr. Rosen, he said in case you should call to tell you – ‘The Answer stands. No, End of story’.” That was the last straw. I did NOT make that follow up appointment.
This entire experience was horrible. Dr. Rosen himself was unprofessional from the minute he walked in the exam room. How dare you deny someone a proven treatment, because your medicine is outdated, and you are not up to date on the latest and greatest dermatological treatments! Even before denying a person a prescription, you won’t talk to a patient? You diagnose me, send me out the door, tell me to research it because you are too lazy to take the time to explain my condition! I will never return to Dermatology And Surgery Associates on Tremont Avenue. Dr. Rosen is a rude old man. I’m sure 27 years ago when he was fresh out of school he may have been a good Dr., but medicine changes, and as a medical professional you need to stay current with the advances of medicine. Or at least, talk to patient’s when they ask for help.
Don’t go to this man if you want answers or good treatment. Stay away from Dr. Rosen.

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