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Unbelieveable audacity!
Twilight800's Review of: Dr. Rufino Ruiz

Rating: 1.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
November 11, 2011, 1:09 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Rufino Ruiz (My Profile)
Tijuana, Baja California
State:   (*)
Country:   Mexico
Reviewer:   Twilight800 (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   October 24, 2011
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


Dr. Rufino Ruiz who owns Artface in Tijuana did what is called a feather lift, or otherwise known as a silhouette lift using sutures or threads that are supposed to lift the sagging areas of your face I've had this procedure done twice before by another doctor and had very good results. The great thing about this procedure is that if it is done correctly you have instant results where you can go out in public immediately afterwards and strangers would not know you had any kind of work done. Unfortunately, the other doctor I had used before had taken leave of absence from his practice until next year, so I had to look for another plastic surgeon.

The very first thing that should have alerted me that something was not right was that he did not even trust me to bring a cashier's check with me to Artface for the full amount to pay for the procedure. He did not even take credit cards. He required me to wire him the money before coming. There was absolutely no trust or respect there. For all of you people who buy into this crap that these doctors in TJ are taken advantage of by all these embezzling American patients, don't buy it. We don't drive all the way to Tijuana to be closer to the drug cartels, to get plastic surgery so we can screw the doctor out of his money. PLEASE! Why is there all the distrust? I don't trust people who don't trust me!

I was required by Dr Ruiz to wire the money directly into his account ahead of time on Saturday, and he tells me to be there bright and early Monday morning for the procedure. He tells me in an email to not be late because he has scheduled surgery with other patients on Monday. So I drive all the way to San Diego from Los Angeles on Sunday night and stay at the Best Western on Dairy Mart Road so I can take the shuttle across the border the next morning.

Believe me, I was right on time because I wanted to hurry up and get the procedure done as much as he wanted to, so I can get back across that border before rush hour traffic hits Los Angeles on the drive home. But that is not the way it went. Whoever was waiting for him in the surgery room was kept waiting for over an hour while Dr. Ruiz had both his staff and me on the phone trying to locate the wire transfer that I had sent on Saturday. Even though I showed him the bank receipt verifying that I had wired money to his account, he was not going to trust me. I had wired the money on a Saturday, but it did not get into Dr Ruiz account until Tuesday. We were on the phone with the bank and wire transfer department and basically they said we just had to wait until the funds showed up as processed in his account.

Dr. Ruiz could have asked me for a credit card, but he didn't. Why? Because they think we will call our credit card company after we leave and have the charge reversed. Why has this kind of situation developed in Tijuana? Listen to the rest of my story and view my photo album to see if you draw the same conclusion.

Finally, after much time has passed for the other patient waiting in the surgery room, Dr Ruiz, takes me in to do the feather lift. I had asked him before hand if he used epenepherine with the lidocaine (the local anesthetic), because it helped prevent bruising. He said, oh yeah, sure!

I knew when he started giving me the anesthesia that he was doing something different. If you look at my photo album, you can see a green/blue line that goes across my face. That is where the local anesthesia was placed before doing the suture. I've never had lines of bruising running through my face before with this procedure. It is almost like he did it on purpose.

You are supposed to put the threads deep in the tissue of the face. As you can see by the buckling on the surface of the skin, he put that thread right up under the skin.
These photos were taken on day 2 after the procedure. You can see on one side of my face where the thread is coming out. That is because it was not even anchored up by my ear as it should have been. It just slid out of my face like it was dental floss. I was so relieved that it actually came out on the one side because the buckling was hideous, and I knew that it was due to the thread being placed too close to the skin. I knew it would not go away.

Your face is supposed to be pretty tight right after a feather lift. As you can see by these photos, there was absolutely no lift at all because he did not anchor the threads.

All of this should have never happened. Dr Ruiz knew that he did not know what he was doing, even though his website states that he is skilled at a feather lift. But the worse thing that he did was not immediately correct it. He let me leave Tijuana and make that trip back to Los Angeles with unanchored strings falling/buckling down my jowls. I was devastated.

After I sat up from the table where he had done the procedure and looked in the mirror, I said to him, what has happened here with the sutures buckeling. He starts backing out of the door to the room and closing it in my face.

I emailed him and sent him the photos that you can see in my album, and asked for some kind of a fair resolution. He did not reply, nor has he been available to speak with me when I have called. This man does not care about his patients. He charged me $2,000 for three strings. That is more than they are charging in LA.

I wouldn't even want to go back to him to allow him to do a revision. Botch me up once, shame on you! Botch me up twice, shame on me! I told him I had relatives coming to see me for the holidays who I had not seen in 15 years. That's cold!

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