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UTTERLY WOWED! Trust your face to Dr. Bitner!
BrandyLionWine's Review of: Dr. John Bitner

Rating: 10.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
December 2, 2011, 3:47 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. John Bitner (My Profile)
State:   Utah (UT)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   BrandyLionWine (Contact Me)
View My Before/After Photo Album(s):   None available
Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   November 11, 2011
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


For over six months, from my first consult with Dr. Bitner for a rhinoplasty revision, I've been wanting to post a raving review. However, I managed to restrain myself in the realization that his consummate professionalism, stellar aesthetic sensibility, interpersonal prowess, impeccable ethic, and above-and-beyond communication skills were insufficient reason for me to post a compelling review (first, he needed to actually get his scalpel on my nose!) But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Before I came to Dr. Bitner, I'd been researching revision rhinoplasty for nearly ten years. In fact, I started researching revision rhinoplasty within days of my first rhinoplasty in January of 2002, because I knew, even before the splint was removed, that something was not right. What I quickly learned from my research is that revision rhinoplasty is an incredibly challenging procedure that relatively few cosmetic surgeons are adequately trained to successfully perform, and that I was going to have be very disciplined in my investigation of a surgeon lest I end up with bigger problems than I was currently facing.

In my efforts to select a surgeon, I traveled all around the country, consulting with the big names and "celebrity" surgeons of revision rhinoplasty, including Toriumi, Gunter, Nassif, Ellenbogen, Becker, Pearlman, Kanodia, Davis, Rizk, Naderi, etc and combed through online forums to hear about other people's personal experience with these and other surgeons. I also saw over ten facial cosmetic surgeons in my home state of Utah, understanding that just because a surgeon was well known didn't mean s/he was necessarily more skilled than someone who received relatively little publicity for his or her work (and that just because a celebrity surgeon could get away with charging 20K for a revision, it didn't necessarily mean they'd deliver a better result than a surgeon who charged far less than half this amount).

Dr. Bitner was actually the very last surgeon I saw in consult (I had come across his website and was very impressed with the aesthetic of his work). As cosmetic surgery patients go, we prospective revision rhinoplasty seekers can make ourselves fairly obnoxious with our understandable concerns about achieving the stellar result were we after in the first place. I peppered Dr. Bitner with questions (e.g., Do you use permanent sutures? What's your opinion on costal vs. septal cartilage? Do you prefer a closed or open approach? Have you seen the article in such and such medical journal on powered rasps? What size osteome do you use? ETC, ETC, ETC). Not only did I feel that Dr. Bitner tolerated my questions, I felt he actually WELCOMED them. In fact, he gave me his email address and corresponded with me extensively (and always in a timely manner) about my many questions and concerns, and when I would email him a powerpoint presentation from a cosmetic surgery conference or an article from a medical journal, he exemplified a very touching humility in never reminding me that it was HE who had gone to medical school for ten years and who was I to be so presumptuous as to try to educate him on various techniques and approaches? Throughout our extensive communication he was reassuringly personable, unfailingly professional, impeccably ethical about what he felt was possible to achieve, and always kind, respectful, and comprehensive in addressing my multitude of concerns. Needless to say, he completely secured my trust (something NO other surgeon had been able to do due to their inability to effectively communicate with me), and I excitedly scheduled a surgery date. (Incidentally, I found Dr. Bitner's fees to be among the most fair and reasonable of the many, many surgeons with whom I consulted).

At my one week post-surgery follow up visit where the splint and taping were removed from my nose and I was able to assess Dr. Bitner's work for the first time, I was utterly ECSTATIC. I had high aspirations for my nose, but it looked better than anything I had actually been able to envision for myself (even with the help of the digitally morphed photos I'd been provided at my initial consultation)! As someone who is known for my "All Scrutinizing Eye" (I'm not proud of it, but I can spot an aesthetic "flaw" from 50 yards), the fact that I couldn't find ANYTHING to legitimately critique was nigh unto an act of God! In fact, my nasal tip symmetry (which absolutely no surgeon had expressed confidence in their ability to achieve) was restored beyond reproach, the pinching that resulted from my previously overresected lower lateral cartilages was beautifully corrected, I felt my dorsum was the ideal angle and height, my knobby nasal bones had vanished, and the width of my nose was now narrow and sleek. The attention to detail and overall facial harmony was unmistakable! Frankly, I'm surprised that when Dr. Bitner removed my splint and took a look at me before handing me the mirror to see for myself that he didn't exclaim, "Damn, Bitner, you're good!" =)

As of writing this review (12/2/2011), it has been three weeks to the day since my surgery, and I continue to be thrilled with my new nose! Not only does it look great (and will only continue to look better as the swelling gradually subsides), but it no longer bleeds or constantly runs! If you are looking for a revision rhinoplasty specialist or simply a stellar facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Bitner is your man! Tell him Brandy sent you! =D

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