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Almost died!!
homepros's Review of: Dr. Andre DeGreef

Rating: 1.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
February 22, 2012, 4:59 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Andre DeGreef (My Profile)
State:   British Columbia (BC)
Country:   Canada
Reviewer:   homepros (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   August 5, 2007
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


Hi - I was recommended to a Dr in Trail BC by someone who had had work done by him. My first appt I told him what I really wanted was my neck reduced, then he looked everything else over and said that we could also do a tummy tuck, lipo, and a breast lift. I am too trusting and always optomistic, should have been shown the mess my breasts which were not too bad at all would look like!! My cost was $20K and I was only supposed to spend one night in hospital. When I arrived at the hospital a month or so later the Dr talked to me for 5 minutes, again did not talk to me about how horrible the breasts would look, what kind of blood I have which is a rare type!!I remember waking up in the operating room (just very hazey hearing sort of panic around me) The hospital or Doctor called my family I think around 5 pm that I was not doing good, I had lost a lot of blood which they were not able to stop still at that point, and my blood pressure and heart rate were very problematic as well. They suggested that family come asap, they were not sure that I would pull through. Trail is very far from my home, my grown daughter flew down that night but had to wait in Vancouver to get into Trail the next day and my Mom flew in the next day. I was in ICU for days, many transfusions later, I think I had lost 20% of my blood, it has been a few years so some of these details are hard to remember, it was also days before my blood pressure and heart rate leveled out to be out of danger. The doctor did want to keep me in the hospital right after ICU because I had already overstayed what he had booked me for, I could'nt walk. All the nurses that looked after me were not very happy that thought way too much work was done at one time which was too stressful for my body. When I left the hospital a week later I could not fly home I was too week, another family member drove there to get me home. My doctor is South African and was leaving when I was discharged to go back to his SA practice, I was not left with another Doctor to contact, no instructions...When we got to my home in northern British Columbia a 14 hour drive I went to see my family doctor right away who was horrified at the ordeal but also the condition my incisions were in. I had necrofila (that might be the wrong word) I had dead spots of skin, half of one of my nipples was dead, under both breasts the skin was dying. The incision on my barely drooping still attractive breasts was fully under each breast up the centre and around each nipple I would never have done it I thought it would be similar to the little incision from an augmentation. Many people looking at them guess it was a reduction! My belly button was also dead, my doctor immediatley set me up to be flown to Edmonton (biggest centre near us) for immediate surgery. I had to have two different trips for surgery to Edmonton to correct the problems of the dead skin and the breasts had not been done the same so they had to fix one. I was left with no belly button, they could not save it, half of one nipple is scarred and strange looking, I have a dog ear off one breast,and I have very bad scars from all of it. I have not even mentioned my neck apparently he did a good job on the sides but left a big ripple all down the middle I hate it and will hopefully soon be having a new neck lift only to remove that mess :( My family doctor wanted me to sue, and I talked to many lawyers but because it was elective surgery there was not much that could be done they felt. I also have tried to see the Doctor in Trail to try and see what he could do to repair my neck which is hideous especially and he would never see me, his office said they cannot take any appts without a referral so I had my family doctor do a new referral and they will not even meet with me or agree to return my money. The extra cost for my family to come to trail, and stay there and my two trips to Edmonton, extended recovery time, so much more money. I obtained my hospital records which confirmed the panic in operating room and all I have said. The Doctor that did this botched job sent me a letter that said that because I have very wide hips and not much room between breasts and hips it had something to do with the problems! I am built like a sausage and have never had large hips in my life.But he could not remember me at all. And for my first and only consultation I had waited hours in his very crowded waiting room was very rushed. I had planned to take my daughter back with me she is very detailed and protective. I would suggest he should lose his license for my mess, if only it was that easy. I will try to post my terrible pictures so you can see what I looked like!!  

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