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Most horrible experience
pj101's Review of: Dr. daryl) hodgkinson

Rating: 2.43 (out of 10)
Review Date:
June 8, 2012, 1:35 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. daryl) hodgkinson (My Profile)
Double Bay
State:   (*)
Country:   Australia
Reviewer:   pj101 (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   January 16, 2012
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I booked to have a primary rhinoplasty with Dr Hodgkinson 6 months prior to the initial procedure. In the initial consult I was met with a nurse who took down my medical information. Then Dr H came in. He spent about 15- 20 minutes to listen to my concerns. I told him I was mainly happy with my nose but wanted a slight reduction in dorsal hump and slight deprojection of nasal tip. I stressed to him that I wanted these changes to be subtle. To keep my natural nose but to slightly improve it.
I was then taken in to see a lady who did the photographic morphing of how I wanted my nose to look. I left the frontal view the same as I did not want to change anything about that. I told her this. Dr H wasn't present during this process, which I thought was a little unusual but didn't think too much of it. Dr H then met with me whilst I was in the hall?! To discuss the pictures, which I was a little self conscious about due to privacy reasons. During this time he was also suggesting to my mother that she may look into a procedure to reduce the sagging skin around her neck, which I found distracting and also unprofessional. Anyway, we seemed to be on the same page with the pictures. He answered all of my questions. But appeared to minimise any concerns that I had. For example, when I asked about scarring due to open procedure he said that it would be very unnoticeable.
I then met with him 6 months later and 2 days before my operation. I reiterated that I wanted subtle change. That I liked my natural nose and still wanted it to be mine. He responded to this by saying that he makes people's noses individualised for them. He then went on to say what he thought. He mentioned narrowing, bringing down the hump and asked about my tip. I was very nervous and intimidated in the consult and was a little confused by these suggestions because I assumed he had understood what I discussed in the previous consult about leaving my front the same and just the subtle change in my profile (slight reduction of hump and slight deprojection). He also said that i didn't have a bad nose, and seemed to agree with my the photographic morphs, so i thought that we were clear on my goals.
The surgery seemed to go well. When the cast came off I noticed that my nose seemed to be abit smaller than what I wanted and scooped. When I saw him during our final consult I told him my concerns about the scooped nose and over rotated tip. He was a little dismissive, said it was very early days and that the tip would drop.
As the swelling went down my nose has become more scooped and the nasal bones were taken down more than I wanted. At 2 1/2 months I was very concerned and I had Restylane injected into the dorsal part of the bridge and upper third by another doctor which improved my profile.
It is now 5 months and my nose is completely different to my natural nose. It is scooped the tip is upturned and my nose is short. As well as this my nose is very thin. It looks very unnatural and I actually don't look like my old self at all. I have been consulting with surgeons in the UK and US for a revision, but I doubt that there is too much that can be done for me as so much cartilage has been removed from my nose. I also have a very big and noticeable scar from the surgery, which can be seen through make up and I am very self conscious about as I am tall and I have an upturned tip.
I also didn't think I needed to tell any friends and family as I thought the change would be so small. I haven't seen anyone for the whole 5 months and I doubt some people would recognise me I look so different.
So my advice is for rhinoplasty I would not recommend anyone see this doctor. Perhaps for other procedures he produces good results. And look overall he seems a pleasant man. But I would not be recommending him to anyone. For myself this procedure has been a huge regret and has impacted me very negatively.

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