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riley23's Review of: Dr. Alan Engler, MD

Rating: 10.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
August 11, 2012, 11:28 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Alan Engler, MD (My Profile)
New York
State:   New York (NY)
Country:   United States
Reviewer:   riley23 (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   May 23, 2012
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


Would you like to know why you should go to Doctor E? Well let me tell you. I had been researching breast augmentation since the age of 13, (that’s more than 10 years now) I knew I really wanted fuller breasts and I am so glad I waited I could have not imagined a better Dr., a better experience and such a great outcome. Have you ever looked online endlessly for hours at before and after pictures of breast augmentations until you found that prefect one and said I would do anything to look like that? And hope that you would never come out looking like the horror stories everyone tells you about? When your loved ones or “friends” try to convince you that you don’t need to change anything and try to put fear in you because they either think or do not want you having surgery (we all know which friends those are). If you answered yes to all those questions then there is no reason why you should go to any other surgeon in the world besides the great Dr. Engler!

Before discovering Dr. E, I had scheduled a breast augmentation procedure with another doctor in NYC. The initial visit with the other doctor was fairly static with little discussion of why I wanted this procedure and my different options. The visit went like this : NONAME DR had me sit on a table looked at my breasts all of what seemed 3 minutes, poked at them with a ruler and said that they were extraordinarily even, and very similar in size and he does not believe in under the muscle he explained that I will be in and out and back to work on Monday The only contact after our meeting proceeding the initial consultation was being provided a surgery date and a bit of pre-op information. An unpleasant and rude receptionist provided this information and I never got to talk to the other doctor again. Between both of them I felt like I was a bother and they could be doing something else with their time.
But I left the office feeling quite good about my self I gloated the whole way home and maybe even for weeks to my fiancé … my boobies are even, my boobies are symmetrical, my boobies are nice and perky and similar in size. This was over a year ago I still was a bit unsure about the surgery; it turns out it was the surgeon.

Feeling nervous just a few days before the appointment, I frantically searched the web for good reviews on the practitioner I was about to go under the knife with to calm my nerves but could only find one that said “Stay far away”. I then did another search for alternate doctors in NYC, which is where I found many amazing reviews on Doctor E. so many I couldn’t read them all. I contacted his office immediately and was cordially greeted by an extremely lively, sweet, friendly and informative receptionist. She made me feel excited about the procedure instead of nervous, scared and embarrassed. After a lengthy conversation, I had a few more questions and she offered to let me speak with Dr. E. I was in shock a plastic surgeon getting on the phone and talking to a prospective patient that has never happened to me before. I then had the pleasure of speaking with Doctor E himself who addressed all of my concerns; in addition to that he was kind, funny and very patient with me (I talk a lot) it was at this point that I knew I could not go to the previous practitioner. I explained my situation and by uneasiness about going to the first doctor in less than two weeks. I explained that I had already taken a vacation and made all my post-surgery plans and if it was going to get done it had to fit into that time and I was panicking. Dr. E understood and made time in his busy schedule to perform the surgery just over two weeks later! Typically, from the time you schedule an initial appointment with Dr. E to the actual surgery, because of his schedule and the steps a patient must take, the whole process can take over three months. My first consultation with Dr. E was the same night the day I had called him in panic looking for a surgeon last minute, that evening I got home from work emailed a few photos of my self to him then he texted me asking if I would be available to talk in 20 minutes (he was at dinner) he called within that 20 minutes (again shocking) he then started to tell me how he felt about my breasts from the photos and what could be done to achieve the results that any woman would want. Dr. Engler explained that my breasts were in fact not even at all, shaped differently, and did need some extra work in order to achieve perfect results, my ego was a little bruised for a minute or so. But this was something I could appreciate very much being a perfectionist my self. My mother always said to me “ Why do something unless you are going to do it right the first time?” Those are words I live by and I feel Dr. E does as well. Dr. E did not sugar coat anything he did say I was going to be sore, and would need lots of rest but it would get better with time His receptionist then spent the next few days calling me and making sure everything got done in time, anything from the payments, the blood work, medications, the right postop bra, and just making sure I was excited. Its almost like she did all the tedious work of calling around and paper work for me so I could just be excited.

The following week, my super sweet fiancé drove me down to NYC for the primary consultation and I met Dr. E for the first time. Dr. E and his staff were even more welcoming, courteous and accommodating than when I had first called. Dr. E made me feel very confortable while taking some necessary pictures of me for the surgery, which was very important because I am very shy. He asked what I was looking for and told me how he was going to make it happen like he did on the phone. He then explained the entire process and a few alterations he could make during the surgery. He told me what his professional preference were for obtaining the best results. At the end of our meeting, he gave me some additional important pre-op instructions since my operation was the very next morning. We had already gone over everything on the phone to make sure it would be done safely but there were still a few more things. My fiancée and I head back home where understandably I had a restless night’s sleep. Early the next morning, my beloved fiancé, drove me back down to NYC where again Dr. E greeted us just as pleasantly as the days before. I was very nervous. While calming me down, Dr. E took some final photos, re-explained the entire process and then introduced me to the anesthesiologist. He asked me a few medical questions, and also patiently explained his entire roll in the process. Finally the time had come. We walked down the hall to the surgery room, I was reassured I wouldn’t feel a thing and then the lights went out…

I don’t remember much after that for the next few days =), however I know that while I was still unconscious at the office, Dr. E gave my fiancé some literature on how I should be cared for post-op. What I do know is that Dr. E and my fiancé spoke frequently everyday for over a week on how my recovery progress was going and making sure I was as confortable as possible while following the post-op instructions. About a week after the initial surgery, we went back down to NYC for my check up. Dr. E accommodated us again by meeting us on the weekend because of the distance we had to travel and my fiance didn't want to miss any more work. Needless to say I was very sore, but Dr. E reassured me that the operation appeared to be a complete success and he couldn’t have been happier. After our secondary visit, our conversations with Dr. E slowly tapered off. I was able to go back to work about 2 weeks after surgery (I heard you can go back sooner but I’m a big baby).

It has now been about 2 months since the initial surgery and my boobs look fantastic! My intentions were a full C small D I didn’t want to look like a bimbo but wanted to feel like a woman I ended going from an A to a full C with them looking like they belong on my body and not fake. Dr. E wouldn’t let me go too big and I’m very thankful for that. He had even said before surgery that he might use a smaller implant because of my body type. Going back the fact he had ask what I wanted from the experience he still opted to go just slightly larger to make sure I was happy and still natural looking. I highly recommend Dr. E and his staff because of the professionalism, knowledge and sincere kindness you will be embraced with during the entire experience.

Dr. E. is truly an artist. There is only one thing that anyone should ever fear about going under the knife and that’s not going under Dr. Engler’s Knife. My Breasts look amazing; they look natural, and feel unbelievably natural. Thank You Dr. E and Staff

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