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Communication Problems
masha.manina's Review of: Dr. Kenneth Alanen

Rating: 1.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
June 23, 2014, 3:56 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Kenneth Alanen (My Profile)
State:   Alberta (Alb)
Country:   Canada
Reviewer:   masha.manina (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   April 7, 2014
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


My personal experience with the clinic and its staff was good, except for Dr. Alanen himself. Using smart and big words does not make anyone look better and sound smarter, especially when it’s a doctor talking to their patient. Dr. Alanen is fan of big words and making the explanation as confusing as it can get. Every time, when I ask for clarification or just talk to him about any problems that have arised, I feel like he is in a rush and wants to get rid of me as soon as possible.

Today, I came in for a consultation and challenged him to explain something to me in a way that I could understand (being a patient for more than a year and half with no result, and spending thousands of dollars on treatments that don’t work, I think I deserve that). He started waving his hands and raising his tone and asking, “what do you want from me?” Well the only thing I wanted was to understand how to achieve a result in my treatment.

He was never patient with my mother and I when we came in for a consultation. I believe that as a patient, I have the right to ask as many questions as I need to understand why I need to take certain prescriptions.

If Dr. Alanen cannot spend the needed time with the patient, and only think about how to get more patients and make more money, I believe that even with all the qualifications that he has, he is not a good doctor.

From the day I started my treatment, to the last visit, my condition, for which I came in for consolation and treatment, did not get any better. In fact, a couple months ago, a peel that I had gotten done there, had burned my skin to the point of needing to cover it up excessively with sunscreen, just to not get pigmentation in those burned areas in the future. When this issue was raised with Dr. Alanen he said that this is a normal reaction. He did not even apologize for what had happened. I know with my experience and my family's experience with the same peels (and even with higher concentrations) that this is not a normal reaction and should not have happened.

A good doctor will try to treat a patient and talk to them like they are on the same level. They will not put themselves into a higher position and think that they are in some way better and more educated than the patient. This is what I experienced in Dr. Alanen's clinic and that is why today was my last visit.

I would not recommend anyone to have Dr. Alanen as their dermatologist.

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