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worst mistake of my life!
Rita19's Review of: Dr. Marcus Eriksson

Rating: 1.71 (out of 10)
Review Date:
April 19, 2015, 8:32 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Marcus Eriksson (My Profile)
State:   (*)
Country:   Norway
Reviewer:   Rita19 (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   March 2, 2014
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I had read about Ulthera, and settled for an appointment at Privatklinikken to see if this was somthing appropiate for me. I felt for doing something to fresh up a bit, not at big change.

At the clinic I spoke with a nurse. She studied my face, and informed me about the best prosedure for me. She ment that Ulthera alone wouldn't be enough, and suggested me to also inject some small amounts of Voluma beside my mouth and in the cheeks. I was skeptic about the filler, but she reassured me this was a very good product, and that the result would be great. She had done it herself, and she looket good. So I went for it.

When I met the doctor, right afterwards, the nurse told him what we had agreed on. The doctor was nice, and told me he had been working as a plastic sergion for 20 years, with a lot of experience on this field (this I also had read at the internet before the consultation). He told me he was a perfectionist concerned about the aesthetic and symmetry. I felt very confident. What at howler!

It felt like dr. Markusson injectet a lot of Voluma in my face. Much more than I expected, but then I do not know whats normal. I asked him how much Voluma he had been using, and he answered he didn't count (!), but that I got more than I had been paying for because he wanted a good result. Afterwards he performed Ulthera at parts of my face.

After the prosedure in the afternoon I was rushed out by the nurse, it was clearly closing time. I was told that I should not look at the details in my face before a week was passed. They would send me an e-mail with more information. I went to the bathroom at the clinic before I left. My face felt like a ball. I was red all over and looked like I had gained a lot of weight. It was a little bit worrying. I did not like my appearance, and especially not the swollen part over my mouth and along the nasolabial folds. I looked like a lion. The nurse, who was locking the clinic, repeted that I shouldt not look at the details in my face before a week. So I went home.

During the night I had slept on my back with extra pillows under my head, so that the swelling should calm. But in the morning I looked just the same. Just not as red as the first day. But now I discovered some lines at my jaws, both sides. As you kan see on the picture the lines is elevations on my skin. It must be where the canula went. I was still looking like a lion, and did not look natural at all. My cheekbones got a new appearance, elevated and angular. My face was less symmetric than before. I looked disfigured.

In the morning I sent an MMS to the clinic with pictures of my face asking if this only was a part of the recovering. No answer. In the afternoon I sent a new MMS and asked them to send me the before and after pictures the doctor had been taking. No answer. I tried to call them a couple of times, no answer. Late that evening I got an e-mail saying that the result I saw after the prosedure is how I am going to look! Luckily I didn't see that e-mail before this morning (day 2), otherwise I wouldn't be able too sleep.

Is today. Not looking any better. My face is bulky, I'm disfiguret, and regret I trusted the clinic. I have hard pumps under my skin, and I have sent the clinic an e-mail asking them to reverse the Voluma injection if I still look the same in a week. I have read at the internet that its possible. I have also examined the internet for information and experiences about Voluma. Is it getting any better or is this what I am going to look like? I only wanted a small change, not at big change. For now this is the biggest mistake of my life!

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