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Dr Martynas Norkus, do not recommend !!
iriidij's Review of: Dr. Martynas Norkus

Rating: 1.68 (out of 10)
Review Date:
May 20, 2016, 8:59 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Martynas Norkus (My Profile)
State:   (*)
Country:   Lithuania
Reviewer:   iriidij (Contact Me)
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Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   December 27, 2015
Procedure(s) I had done:   None


I had few operations done at this clinic with surgeon Dr. Martynas Norkus. Fat transfer to calves, breast and few minor operations on intimate area. Consultation was in a rush, I showed how I want my calves and breast to appear, I wanted my breast bigger on top, to give it a better shape and bigger calves to make my leg look straight. After operation I wasn't satisfied with the size of my calves and breast , as it wasn't big enough, and considering that only 30-50% of fat survives, I knew it will be not a major difference at all. Plus my right breast looked smaller then left straight after operation and left breast had more scars from incisions and in different places, but the right one didn't have, and looked visibly smaller. But surgeon said that everything is ok and in 3 month they will look the same. 3 months passed and they still look different size! During consultation surgeon didn't discus the final look, consultation was in a rush. I showed the way I want, and that's it. So I wasn't happy with the result, and booked my second operation to make it look bigger. After second operation to my calves - they looked terrible and had very visible gaps in the middle. near the knee leg looked big and in the middle and lower it was so slim. I asked him to correct it as I wasn't going to leave the clinic with so ugly legs. He refused to correct, he said that I don't love my body and similar staff, that only I can see that, and legs looks nice, but it was so terrible, I was crying begging him to make the graduation better, it looked so ugly to me. It wouldn't happen if he would show me the expected look during the consultation, but he didn't. After begging him to correct it he agreed, but I had to pay again, I end up paying so much and wasted so much money on it, that I would better had this operation done in UK and paid cheaper and would do it 1 time, rather that doing it 3 times in Lithuania and end up overpaying. Not saying that when I arrived for my second operation to Lithuania from London, he put earlier agreed price up - twice more expensive than we agreed before the surgery, when he promised to give me 30% discount to follow up operation, now he removed the discount and said - if you happy we can start. But if I am not happy - what then? shall I go back to London? Of course I had to agree to pay higher price. This was so unfair! And when eventually after 3 calves operations my legs looked the way I expected it to look, I wanted to book my operation for breast to make it same size, as after first operation it remained different size, and after 3 month I didn't see difference on top of my breast, fat didn't survive and it looked same as before, so it was waste of my money - result was not visible, the only difference I could see that right was a bit smaller than left on the side of the breast. I wasn't happy with result, but surgeon insisted that it looks good. He said that it is normal to have a bit different size breast! Maybe it is normal but before I had same breast! He just ruined it. I contacted clinic later to arrange second operation for my breast as wasn't happy with different size, and he refused, he said I had not enough fat to transfer anymore to correct my breast. But the most UPSETTING thing was that he suggested that I might personally like him, that's why I want to come back again to their clinic. This was so unexpected, absolutely nonsense. I never gave him a reason to think this way, and never even thought about him as a man, only as doctor, it was so upsetting to hear things like that. I am coming all the way from London to Lithuania, paying money for surgeries and coming back to improve result as wasn't happy - to hear this nonsense. This was unacceptable for me to hear! I asked them for money back for the breast operation as I didn't see breast any bigger on top and now it was different size. Of course they refused to give money back and kept repeating that result is very good! Unbelievable!  

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