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Be Careful! Kevin Pehr Writes Fake Positive Comments About Himself.
PeterStone's Review of: Dr. Kevin Pehr

Rating: 1.00 (out of 10)
Review Date:
November 8, 2017, 10:39 pm

Doctor Name:   Dr. Kevin Pehr (My Profile)
State:   Quebec (Que)
Country:   Canada
Reviewer:   PeterStone (Contact Me)
View My Before/After Photo Album(s):   None available
Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   January 15, 2005
Procedure(s) I had done:  
  • Eczema


WARNING: Be careful!!! Kevin Pehr writes REGULARLY A HUGE NUMBER of FAKE POSITIVE comments about himself on many different medical rating sites - RateMyDr, YellowPages rating site, etc., etc. - in English and in French! His malicious activity of rating himself positively continues FOR MANY YEARS. He writes FAKE positive reviews about himself FOR A VERY LONG TIME AND REGULARLY. I see that I am not the only to ascertain that Pehr writes ABOUT HIMSELF false positive comments. Long before me the patient on the ''Rate my Doctor'''s site with a review on here from August 10, 2015 clearly stated about "OBVIOUSLY FAKE" comments Pehr writes. ''Dr'' Pehr is A CHEATER. He CHEATS the public, MISLEADS it with FAKE POSITIVE COMMENTS about HIS OWN activity - in a MALICIOUS & FRAUDULOUS WAY. Pehr INTENTIONATELLY cheats & misleads the public. ALL positive comments here are written by Kevin Pehr HIMSELF and ARE FAKE. STOP this dishonest man to ABUSE THE PUBLIC. STOP his MISLEADING, FRAUDULENT AND MALICIOUS ACTIVITY! Don't trust the positive comments he writes about himself, report him to the authorities or sue him! This man is dangerous and will NEVER stop ABUSING THE PUBLIC & PATIENTS until he is not clearly STOPPED. Be very careful. Don't leave yourself to be abused by him. Pehr also claims and asks the sites to remove the negative reviews the patients write about him. Pehr presribed me a cream that was SKIN-DAMAGING. Pehr (I even do't call him a doctor) is alreday FOUND GUILTY BY THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA for PERMENENTLY DAMAGING THE SKIN (OF HER FACE) OF A VERY YOUNG GIRL and WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF HER PARENTS. See below. THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA ordered Kevin Pehr to pay THE WHOLE AMOUNT OF MONEY THE SUFFURING GIRL ASKED HIM, i.e. the amount of $40000, i.e. FOR PERMANENT AESTETIC PREJUDICE, FOR TROUBLES AND INCONVINIENTS, ANXIETY, HUMILIATION AND LOSS OF LIFE JOUISSANCE. ALL COURT RECORDS ARE PUBLIC AND CAN BE CHECKED BY EVERYONE. The day of his court hearing, Pehr justified that he SUFFERED FROM A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE and that it was the reason he damaged the skin of the young girl. Unfortunately, years after hir cours sentence, Pehr continues to damaging the skin of his patents. See a review on the ''Rate my Doctors''s site where a patent wrote: ''PEHR TOOK MY BEAUTY AWAY'', and MANY OTHER REVIEWS OF PATIENTS THERE WHO STATE THAT PEHR DAMAGED THIER SKIN, like another review on there from a patient who states that the scar from the beauty spot Perh left after the surgery was bigger that the beauty spot itself. If Perh defended himself year ago that HE SUFFERED FROM A LACK OF KNOWLEADGE and this was the reason he permanently damaged the skin of the girl, how he will explain that he continues to DAMAGE the skin of his patients years later, already ''extremely knowledgeable'' as he states, if not with THE FACT THAT HE INTENTIONATELY DAMAGES HIS PATIENTS SKIN - BY PURPOSE. Pehr prescribed me a cream that was skin damaging. I see that many patients on different medical rating sites (Rate My Doctor' site, Yellow pages's site, etc.) complain that Pehr damaged their skins and he took their beauty away. ALL patients whose skin was damaged by Kevin Pehr MUST SUE HIM. PEHR IS ALREADY FOUND GUILT BY THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA, and it is only one of the reports I found about his damaging activity because it was online (see the details below), AND YOU MUST SUR PEHR IF HE TOOK YOUR BEAUTY AWAY, BECAUSE IT WILL NOT BE THE FRIST TIME HE IS FOUND GUILTY and in this way he will pay for the consequences of his long term damaging activity. Kevin Pehr is dishonest. He writes fake positives reviews about himself, on differnts medical rating sites. PEHR MUST BE SUED AND REPORTED TO THE ATHORITIES. DON'T HESITATE TO REPORT HIM. IT WILL NOT BE THE FIRST TIME HE WILL BE FOUND GUILTY. PEHR MUST STOP CHEATING THE PUBLIC OPINION AND MUST PAY FOR THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS ACTIONS.

Court records:

Jimenez c. Pehr, 2002 5691 (QC CS)

Cour Superieure du Canada

No: 500-17-008986-005

DATE: le 8 juillet 2002


Condamne a payer la totalite de la somme que la demanderesse lui reclame, i.e.:

40000$, ou soit:

30000$ pour prejudice esthetique permanent; en plus de

10000$ pour troubles et inconvenients, inquietude, humiliation et perte de jouissance de vie.

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