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Dr Oelbrandt was the worst Decision!
Rox26's Review of: Dr. Bert Oelbrandt

Rating: 1.33 (out of 10)
Review Date:
January 17, 2018, 9:15 am

Doctor Name:   Dr. Bert Oelbrandt (My Profile)
State:   (*)
Country:   Belgium
Reviewer:   Rox26 (Contact Me)
View My Before/After Photo Album(s):   None available
Did you get any procedure(s) done by this doctor?   Yes
Date of your procedure(s):   August 1, 2017
Procedure(s) I had done:  
  • Liposuction


I didn’t want to make a detailed review for fear of a backlash from Dr Oelbrandt, but my daughter reminded me that Dr Oelbrandt encouraged me to share my experience and pictures at a review consultation that she previously attended with me.
I first heard of Dr Oelbrandt from Real Self website. He had good reviews, however I noticed a negative review from someone who had a tummy tuck from him and thought nothing of it as this seemed to be an exception. I have noticed that this review is no longer on Real Self.
I arranged a consultation and attended the appointment in London in 2016. I wanted a full mommy makeover; a tummy tuck and breast lift. The consultation went well, however I found Dr Oelbrandt to be abrupt and bordering on rude. He advised that I lose 4kgs, I was weighing 72kgs, and I am 5-foot-7inches tall. I endeavoured to lose weight by doing cardio and weight lifts. When I attended for my surgery I had not lost the weight despite exercising and eating healthy, I had gained 1kg or so. He told me if eating makes me gain weight then I shouldn’t eat. I found this not only to be rude but very dangerous.
I had the surgery done at their NHS equivalent hospital. The hospital was clean but had a strong chemical smell. The surgery was quick, I woke up in pain, but soon after notifying the nurse I was given an intravenous painkiller.
I was not happy with the outcome from the moment I saw myself on the mirror. I had a bulge between my ribcage and stomach area. I noticed that not much liposuction had been done on my lower stomach and flanks. I also noticed that my right areola was higher than my left one. Dr Oelbrandt claimed it was swelling and would settle.
I observed that Dr Oelbrandt was very rushed in his approach and wondered whether my surgery was also a rushed job!
Things did not settle, as I healed it became clear that I had excess skin and fat on my lower abdomen, and breast asymmetry. I had a review consultation with Dr Oelbrandt around 3 - 6 months post-op. He dismissed my concerns and said what he did was an improvement from the original, this was despite me and my daughter pointing out the faults.
After email exchanges I agreed to a second review consultation. Dr Oelbrandt refused to acknowledge his error but said he could make improvements. A revision surgery was booked but I had to cancel. I finally had the revision last year. The agreed revision was liposuction on my stomach and right flank and removal of loose skin on lower abdomen.
I had a disagreement with Dr Oelbrandt before the surgery; he was expecting payment, but he had previously told me that the revision will be free. I informed him of this but he demanded payment. He told me to pay £950 with my credit card after the surgery. I later forwarded an email from him which evidenced that he had said the surgery will be free.
He told me that he wished he had never met me, and then mentioned comments I had made on another user’s review of him on Real Self. The user was disappointed with her rhinoplasty surgery. I was surprised by this because I use a pseudonym on RS, and couldn’t understand how he knew about my comments. In hindsight I should have walked away and not had the surgery, but I thought he was a professional; he could put away his negative feelings towards me and do right by his patient. But I guess I was wrong!
After the surgery I noticed the error on my left flank immediately. There is fat erosion from my front hip bone to the back of my waistline. I was left looking deformed. I told Dr Oelbrandt and he said it was swelling and said that he couldn’t turn me on my back to lipo the right flank because of something to do with the operating table; at the time I was only 64Kg and 5 feet and 7inches tall. I told myself to think positively and that it could just be swelling. However, after 3 months post-op it was clear that I had -been left deformed. There was no reason what-so-ever why he should have done this. He was only supposed to do minor liposuction to even out the left and right flanks.
I have informed him that I am seeking compensation for the error and asked what he is offering, but he has ignored my emails. Its been difficult getting documents from him, i.e. pictures and written consents etc.
I would advice people to think carefully about surgery abroad as there are jurisdiction implications when things go wrong, and these Surgeons know it! Its been a lot of effort trying to find a solicitor to help with my case. Its going to cost thousands for Vaser liposculpture and follow-up fat transfer, if needed, to rectify the error. I feel so distressed and regret the decision to have the surgery done by Dr Oelbrandt.

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