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OVERALL RATING FOR Dr. Brent Moelleken

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  (9.93 out of 10)
(34 reviews)

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Happy with results after 3 months, January 13, 2017, 12:51 pm
Reviewer: ironguts

I had multiple procedures with Dr Moelleken. After being recommended from a friend, I asked Dr M to help restore my face after some bad luck and infection in a previous surgeries with another doctor in Boston.

Previously I had problems with infected cheek implants and after a few surgeries to try and fix them I eventually had them removed and had to heal with a deflated face for 2 years. Quite a hard time as you can imagine. (all this with another Dr in Boston)

So I went to Dr Brent and now 3 months after surgery I feel much, much better. Things are still settling down. Overall the result is very natural and things keep improving each week.

I will definitely go back to Dr M when I want something else done.

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A MIRACLE WORKER, SERIOUSLY, May 31, 2016, 2:05 pm
Reviewer: newswriter

I went to Dr. Brent to revise a facelift done 8 years ago by another doctor. The previous doctor had given me pixie ears and had taken too much skin under one eye, causing it to pull downward creating a round effect. It was horrible and I was traumatized.

Dr. Brent spent a great deal of time going over the procedure with me and explaining what he could and could not do. When you have a pixie ear, there is only one chance of getting it right and I trusted that Dr. Brent could do this.

He informed me that my skin was too tight and asked me to come back in a few years. I did that. Even though my skin was still relatively tight, he said there was enough give that he could accomplish this by pulling up some skin from the neck. The issue with my eye would be difficult as well, but he explained that he was going to pull up my cheek and anchor the muscle by tying a suture around the orbital bone above my eye. All of this sounds really scary, but I knew he could do it because I had researched him. I know he has an extensive celebrity clientele, and these people can afford to go anywhere.

His first rate staff worked with me on payments, appointment dates and anything else I needed.
After surgery, I stayed in an outpatient facility up there. The healing time was about 2 weeks. All I wanted was to look like my normal self. I'm 55 but look about 45. Initially after the first botched surgery, I did look great but because it wasn't done right, everything pulled downward with time.

Dr. Brent informed me that the pixie ear was the toughest one he had ever done. But if you look at me now, you will see two perfect ear lobes and no sign of plastic surgery on the side of my head. It is absolutely perfect. Now I look like my late 30s. It's absolutely amazing. Again, this wasn't a goal of mine, I just wanted to look like ME.

My eyes are great as well, although they will never be perfect because Dr. Brent cannot fix having too much skin removed. That type of procedure requires incisions on either side of the eye. I do have scars there that look like crows feet that I wish I didn't have. But, there is no other way to do this surgery so given my alternatives of having an abnormal eye or the crows feet, I take the latter. I'm hoping with time that the scars will diminish. He said he will work with me on minimizing it.

So, the total picture is that I look like i had NO plastic surgery. It isn't overly pulled, tight or strange looking. It looks like me. If I would've gone to Dr. Brent initially, I never would have had these problems. The issue the first time was cost, but let me stress something: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Now, with two surgeries and all these issues, I've spent more than if I would have used Dr. Brent in the beginning.

I'm going to go back to him to have him fix my hairline. The first time around I had a brow lift, but I never should have done it inside my hairline. Now my scalp is pulled back too far. Dr. Brent said he can fix this and pull it forward. Yay! So, when I'm done with that, he would've redone everything I had fixed the first time.

He is my new hero and I wouldn't think twice about having him perform any plastic surgery on me. He is totally honest and up front -- he will tell you if the surgery cannot get good results. He has a successful practice and doesn't need money that badly to do a botched job. I wish everyone I hired for something had this much integrity.

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Best Doctor!!! , May 21, 2015, 10:13 am
Reviewer: CynthiaR

I have been looking into a tummy tuck for years now. I had two large babies and even after being fit and eating healthy, I had a lot of loose skin and diastasis recti. After years of research and finally convincing myself that I should do it, I began setting up consultations. This is where I met Dr. Moelleken. He was so respectful, honest, has great bedside manner, and I could tell he knew what he was talking about. After some more research on him via the internet I saw many good reviews, that he has extensive training and education at the top schools in the country, tons of experience with great results, and realized he was a well-respected doctor in the industry. His office staff, Penny and Crystal, have also been so helpful and attentive. I was so comfortable with him that I went for it. I had a tummy tuck with diastasis recti repair and breast implants. The results have been amazing! He did everything better than I could've expected and natural looking like I wanted. I am so happy with the after results. This is the first time in my adult life that I am happy with my body. Thank you Dr. Moelleken!

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Natural Looking Facelift, November 24, 2014, 6:44 pm
Reviewer: midwestgirl.

Dr Moelleken was great! He is the only surgeon I consulted with. I felt comfortable with him and trusted my instinct that I did not need to "shop around". He's good and his work is very natural looking. He is very pleasant and easy to talk to. He has a great staff too! I live out of state and he was always very quick to reply to any questions I had. Overall a wonderful experience!

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Hybrid Tummy Tuck with Hernia & Muscle Repair , September 24, 2014, 2:57 pm
Reviewer: MyBestSelf

Dr. Moelleken has exceeded my expectations before, during & after my tummy tuck surgery!

I came to him in order to correct several issues caused by multiple pregnancies - umbilical hernia, diastasis recti (separation of the rectus abdominis muscle) and loose skin. Rather than offering just the standard mini vs full tummy tuck procedures, Dr. Moelleken offers a hybrid tummy tuck which can then be further modified to fit each individual’s needs and goals. After our initial consultation, I felt confident Dr. Moelleken can give me the results I wanted, and I was right!

My surgery was short, incision super low, drain came out quickly, I got off of pain meds asap, had no issues or complications, swelling wasn’t too bad and it was pretty much gone in just a few short weeks.

Dr. Moelleken is very responsive and great at follow up, his team is amazing, and everything I’ve seen so far reassures me that I’ve made a right choice. I’m SO glad I had this procedure and I highly recommend my doctor!

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Tummy Tuck, August 19, 2014, 8:28 pm
Reviewer: momofmany2014

I recently had Dr. Brent Moelleken perform my tummy tuck, and I was amazed at the results. I had overstretched muscles and loose skin from my pregnancies that I could never exercise off. My tummy is now flat, my waist narrow, and my scar is low and razor-thin. I chose Dr. Brent for his caring, patient demeanor, specialized knowledge and vast experience. He is meticulously accurate and thorough. He responds quickly to any concern, no matter how trivial, and he truly loves what he does. In an area saturated by talented plastic surgeons, Dr. Moelleken stands above the rest.

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Dr. Brent Moelleken Is a Class By Himself, July 4, 2014, 11:06 pm
Reviewer: Recycler

I went to see Dr. Moelleken because of a bad fall that I had taken. My nose broke as a result of this fall. There were several bone chips floating in my nose that disfigured me and needed to be repaired. My forehead had been badly cut in my fall. And not stitched up. That left a damaged muscle that caused a big lump on my forehead that was already becoming a painful neuroma. A good friend highly recommended that I go see Dr. Brent Moelleken. And I am glad I did, My consultation was very thorough as Dr. Moelleken carefully examined my injuries. And then patiently answered all of my questions. Two days later came my surgery. His entire support staff and nurses and surgery crew are all very kind, caring and thoughtful to put the patients care and consideration first.

Post surgery care was like I had never have received before as everyone attended to me. Dr. Brent made me feel very welcome when I emailed him selfies of my progress and asked him questions and concerns via email. He answers all emails promptly. Even on weekends and vacation. Dr. Brent truly cares about his patients and never wants them to feel unattended or afraid you speak up. My surgery went super well. I am more than happy with my results as Dr. Brent has exceeded my expectations. I still go in to see him for follow up care as he is wants the final results to be as perfect as can be. And wants me to be very happy with the finished results.
I highly recommend that anyone who reads this review make Dr. Brent Moelleken one of the doctors they consult with before they get any type of plastic or cosmetic surgery. He is a unique professional because he is UBER talented and SUPER caring and very attentive to the individual needs of each patient. Thank you Dr, Brent. You are really the BEST that the medical world has to offer. And I am very grateful to you and your great staff.

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If a picture is worth a thousand words then I could stop writing!, June 12, 2014, 2:34 pm
Reviewer: Liz-14

If a picture is worth a thousand words then I could stop writing, but what the photos don’t show is Dr. Moelleken’s excellent bedside manner and what his magic has done for my self-esteem. I’ve never met a doctor with a better bedside manner. I just turned 50 and although I diet and exercise and maintain a general healthy lifestyle, the years were beginning to show—especially around the jowl area. During my first meeting with Dr. Moelleken it became clear that he was best choice of all the doctors I interviewed. He is patient and makes you feel like you’re special. He takes, as much time as you need to feel comfortable, you feel so calm. His expertise and his skill were obvious but it was his mild manner and reassuring way that sealed the deal. Not to mention his amazing staff, from the office manager Penny, the Receptionist Crystal and the nurse Sharon, they all make you feel like family. After seeing the results I know I made the right choice!
My facelift has changed the way I see myself and the way others see me. I feel more confidant, younger and simply more attractive. There is no doubt that this procedure has taken off years, not just from my face but also from my timeline. I don’t have to lie about my age, but I certainly could. I appreciate Dr. Moelleken for comforting me when I was anxious about going under the knife and for answering each and every question no matter how basic and how many times I called. Having has the courage to go through this has truly given me a new lease on life. And I am just ready to reap all the rewards.

He is so amazing that I returned again for his amazing Hybrid Tummy Tuck. I feel and look incredible and I have been getting so many compliments. Feels great. I’m ready for Summer with out having to hide under a cover up every time I go to the beach or pool party. The best thing among many is that he is very conservative and you never look done. NO ONE can tell I have had anything done. They just think I came back from vacation.

Thanks Dr. Moelleken you’re the BEST!!!!!!

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Time for a Facelift, February 13, 2014, 1:40 pm
Reviewer: AVJune

I had reached the stage that I looked much older than I felt. It was time for some work. After much research and a year to get my nerve up. I selected Dr Brent Moelleken for my Facelift, necklift and browlift. Now almost 6 weeks out from surgery I am very pleased with my results. The results are very natural and subtle. I would strongly recommend Dr Moelleken and his staff.

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Lip Lift Scar Revision Surgery, January 28, 2014, 7:35 pm
Reviewer: kari88kari

I had a lip lift done overseas in May 2013 and ended up with scar on my upper lip area. The top half of my upper lip turned rubbery and white lining scar developed on my vermillion border area. I was devastated. In August 2013, I saw a surgeon in San Francisco but this surgeon told me that not much could be done until February 2014 at which point I can have a lip revision surgery. It looked like there was not much that can be done. I researched online for several days and found Dr. Moelleken. He treated my scar and it drastically reduced my scar in a couple of months.

I decided to have lip revision surgery done with Dr. Moelleken to remove the scar. It was done in mid January 2014 and it is healing nicely. It has been less than 2 weeks and already it is looking good. I trust Dr. Moelleken and am glad I found him.

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