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Thank you Dr. Mosser!, January 26, 2009, 8:18 pm
Reviewer: jjaanneeyy

10 out of 10 all the way!! I have no affilliations with Dr. Mosser, knew no one that had gone to him before, I actually found his office off the internet and was interested because of his office location near my apartment in SF. Boy was I lucky to live near him!

First off, the front desk staff is amazing! They are so incredibly friendly, they calmed my nerves almost immediately. They remembered my name whenever I came into the office and were so professional and just...nice!!

Dr. Mosser's office is beautiful in a great building downtown. I actually had my surgery in the same building, just a couple floors down, which I liked so much more than going to a hospital in another part of town.

Now for the most important review... Dr. Mosser is AMAZING! The minute he talks to you, you feel as though he has done the surgery (breast augmentation) a million times, which I really liked. I don't want anything new or exciting going on in the surgery room, just the basics! He was very receptive to my concerns (I was worried about looking "top-heavy") and no matter how many questions I asked, he calmly answered them. He seemed to know what I wanted before I even had the chance to go over my paragraph of descriptive words! Oh, and my outcome was incredible, if I hadn't mentioned that yet. My recovery was so easy, there were absolutely no complications, and the size he suggested was PERFECT! I have to say, he really knows a woman's body.

I would recommend Dr. Mosser a hundred times over. He is such a nice person (he just got back from a trip to the Phillipines to help children with cleft lips! My heart melts!) and was exactly who I needed during this time in my life. Like I said before, I was so lucky that his office was near where I live. I would not recommend searching for a surgeon that way unless you live near downtown SF!

Thank you again Dr. Mosser!

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Excellent surgeon, April 22, 2008, 12:54 pm
Reviewer: debinca

Dr. Mosser knows to give honest and accurate information about cosmetic proceedures. He is very meticulous and it shows. I am very happy with my tummy tuck and am glad I did it! Would recommend him in a heartbeat.

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Dr. Mosser gave me back my confidence, February 13, 2007, 5:46 pm
Reviewer: LAnative

After years of back pain, I decided to get a breast reduction surgery.

After interviewing several board-certified surgeons, the only one who made me feel really comfortable was Dr. Mosser.

While we were discussing my goals for the operation he attentively listened and showed so much compassion- things that are rare in most doctors!

The procedure has changed my life. I know that the amazing results are due to his many years of experience. Thanks Dr. M!

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I only wish I had done this sooner..., January 15, 2007, 6:12 pm
Reviewer: jenSF

After many years of thinking about having breast augmentation done I finally started the process by having a consultation with Dr. Mosser. His office was impecable and his staff warm, friendly, and extremely helpful. They ensured the utmost privacy throughout the entire experience. Each staff member I met with and Dr. Mosser took plenty of time and extreme care in explaining the procedure to me and answering all of my questions. Dr. Mosser is very knowledgable and put me at ease regarding the procedure. He was open and honest about the entire procedure and what would occur. There was no pressure to schedule a surgery and when I decided to move forward the staff was extremely accomodating to my schedule, so the surgery could take place at my utmost convenience. Needless to say everything has gone amazingly well and I love my results. I owe so many thanks to Dr. Mosser and his staff and I truly only wish I had done this sooner!

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