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OVERALL RATING FOR Dr. Alejandro Quiroz

Overall Rating:

  (8.15 out of 10)
(12 reviews)

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read this , December 9, 2014, 8:55 pm
Reviewer: latinoguy2013


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Revisions at CosMed are not free, April 5, 2013, 11:58 am
Reviewer: bambiwalton

While CosMed offers to do revisions for "free" they are not truly free as you are required to pay for the surgical suite ($700-1200 depending on procedure) as well as $400 for the anesthesiologist. If you don't leave the clinic with your photos and medical records you will likely never get them.

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Thank you Dr. Alejandro Quiroz & Staff, April 11, 2011, 7:05 pm
Reviewer: thebells1919

I will start by saying that my experience with Dr. Q was nothing short of amazing from beginning to end. I am about 4 weeks post-op and could not be happier with my results thus far. Imagine how pleased I will be when I am fully healed and 100% of the swelling is gone!
The review written on 3/31/2011 by Boricua48, I will co-sign, as my surgery was done the day before her and we both stayed at Casa De Lilias to recover. We were well taken care of there as she mentioned.
I would also like to share with you that when I returned home to the states, I made an appt. with my PCP to see if he would be willing to remove my sutures, he took a brief look at me and said "that is a lot of work, you should probably have your surgeon remove them." I returned home and left a message for Dr. Q and by the end of the day, my call was returned (as are all, including my e-mails) and when I told him what my PCP said, he was more than happy to invite me back so that he could remove my sutures. By the way, it took Dr. Q less than 30 minutes to remove all of my sutures. I guess that 30 minutes is too much work for the Doc's on this side of the border! ; )
Would I do it again? In a heart beat! Thank you Dr. Q for restoring my body confidence in a safe and clean facility, because to me that is priceless!

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Superior Outstanding Care Pre and Post Op in Tijuana at Cosmed Clinic w Dr. Quiroz, March 31, 2011, 7:16 pm
Reviewer: Boricua48

I am post op 15 days after having a lower body lift, liposculpture, and fat transfer to the buttocks by Dr. Alejandro Quiroz. I am thoroughly satisfied with my entire experience from beginning to end, and I recommend Dr. Quiroz without reservation to anyone seeking plastic surgery. I am from New York and work in the medical field for prestigious Columbia University Medical Center. I had gastric bypass surgery January, 2007 and lost 100 lbs but my insurance carrier refused to pay for any surgery based on it not being "medically necessary". I began searching extensively for a plastic surgeon and after seven months of exhaustive research, I decided to go with Dr. Quiroz. My choice was based on several factors which were: surgeon's residency and fellowship training, board certifications, licensure, years of experience, morbidity and mortality rates; facility adherence to standards of safety comparable to the U.S. (e.g., infection control, and quality care) and finally but not the least, my personal safety in Mexico. When I decided to do the gastric bypass surgery, I received tremendous negative feedback from family and friends and canceled it once before I did do it. Had I told anyone I was going to Mexico for plastic surgery, I would still be chained to my desk or kitchen counter. I was going alone, I was fearful, and I was taking a loan from my pension. As my daughter so nicely put it, "If you come back with one kidney and nine toes, you have no one to blame but yourself". I was just as afraid to go into Tijuana as I was to go see a doctor outside of the U.S. where our standards of care are 'superior' to most other countries. After my research and speaking with Dr. Quiroz, his staff, and going over my information over and over and yet over again, the final go ahead came for me when I watched his interview on the Lifetime Network here in NY. The two reporters that interviewed Dr. Quiroz did so with such a vengeance, I loved it. That was the last thing I needed to see to be convinced. I read many reviews on his site but I needed to do more, see more, know more. I began the process and I spoke often with Joyce Palau of his clinic. She was courteous, professional, and helpful in so many ways. Joyce handled every single detail. All of the staff at Cosmed Clinic were friendly, smiling, professional, just amazing people to speak with. Everyone spoke English, and although I am Puerto Rican and speak decent Spanish, I felt much more at ease to know everyone there could relate to me on my terms. I arranged my roundtrip flight from Newark to San Diego and Joyce arranged everything else. I was still afraid to stay in Tijuana, so I decided to stay only five days at the aftercare center Joyce put me in, Casa de Lilas, and stay the other five days in San Diego, where I would be on American soil and feel safe and I'd just figure out how to get back and forth to my follow up appts after surgery. Casa de Lilas was the icing on the cake to my entire experience. I have to mention them. To say that I was treated like royalty, taken care of, fed, and watched over is an understatement. The staff here took exquisite care of me to the point of my changing my hotel accommodations. I remained with Casa de Lilas and Mr. Antonio, Martin, Ana, and Lucia and the others for the entire ten days. I was well fed, cared for, my drainages taken care of, my meds given to me faithfully, bed linens changed, used the internet and made and received phone calls from/to the U.S. and relaxed. Even my laundry was done. Ana even sewed a button on my sweater for me when it popped off. I left Casa de Lilas at 3:30AM with my new friends taking me to the airport in San Diego, carrying my luggage, and exchanging hugs and kisses. I have made new friends in Tijuana with Cosmed Clinic and Casa de Lilas. I was taken to Cosmed for my initial consultation on March 15th, 2011, and met with Dr. Quiroz for the first time and my initial consultation. My surgery was scheduled for the next morning. Dr Quiroz was fresh out of surgery in his scrubs and met me with a fresh smile and proceeded to get down to the details of my surgery and all of my questions. He is extremely patient, did not rush me nor find any question too silly. He was very detailed in his explanations, his bedside manner was superb (I have worked with many physicians in 25 years, their bedside manner can be really cold at times) and he and his staff made me feel very secure and very good about my decision. Once we were done with my entire visit, I was driven to Casa de Lilas by Mr. Antonio, where I was made a wonderful dinner and escorted to my room. I was taken the next morning to surgery. I met my anesthesiologist, a wonderful man that made me comfortable and relaxed. I love that everyone has a great sense of humor. I can't explain how well I was treated, how careful everyone was, the nursing staff, the clerks, everyone was so great. I can say that I went to the O.R. relaxed and at ease and I awoke after surgery in fine spirits and to my surprise, not too much pain. Dr. Quiroz did an amazing job with my surgery. I was post op three days when I went to see him for follow up and I noticed how great I looked, even though I am still swollen and still have sutures, but I looked pretty good! Now, 15 days later, I look amazing. When I returned home five days ago and my daughter saw me, she was sooo happy and said how wonderful I looked. My face was so clear and so aglow (I ate fresh fruit and drank juices every day and did not have any diet soda or junk good as I do back home) and of course, the first thing I did when I got home was take off my pants and shirt and binder and showed my new body to my daughter and friend who picked me up at the airport. They both said I looked amazing and great and that I was not going to know how to act with this new body. I have to smile because I am soooo happy, and they are soooo right!! Thank you Dr. Quiroz, Dios te bendiga.

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Lower Body Lift, Liposculpture, Butt , March 29, 2011, 9:17 pm
Reviewer: Boricua48

I am now 13 days post op of the above procedures, back home in New York, and so much more happier and excited than I can possibly state here. My research on a superior plastic surgeon to perform surgery on me began last year when my insurance carrier refused to pay for a tummy tuck because they said it was not medically necessary (I lost 100 lbs after gastric bypass surgery in January, 2007). Thus began my search for my doctor. I researched Dr. Quiroz and Cosmed Clinic with a fine tooth comb. Upon my review of Dr. Quiroz' credentials, board certifications, residency training, licensure (I work in Columbia University in NYC, the best surgery your money can buy exists right here at Columbia Presbyterian), extensive phone calls to his office to speak with his staff and with him, as well as additional research, I felt satisfied that he was the right surgeon for me. I felt Dr. Quiroz and his staff were the best and upon meeting them I knew right away I was right. They are the utmost professionals. I felt that I could trust Dr. Quiroz with my life, never mind with my stomach or liposuction being done right but with MY LIFE. I was going to be in Tijuana alone for ten days (to recover) and I needed to feel safe with my physicians, the surgery, and my surroundings during my recovery period. I told four people of my pending mission (I got a lot of negative feedback when I chose to do the gastric bypass - if I told anyone I was going to Mexico for plastic surgery, I'd still be walking with the ball and chain attached to my leg and house til I came to my senses). My daughter told me if I returned with one kidney or nine fingers, she was going to ask Dr. Quiroz for her percentage of the profits! That was her way of saying she was okay with it but still scared.
I went on March 15th for my initial consultation. I was picked up at the San Diego Airport by car as arranged with Joyce of Cosmed Clinic, and taken straight to Cosmed Clinic in Tijuana where I met with the staff and Dr. Quiroz. My fears were set to rest immediately. Although I am Latina, being in Mexico alone was still nerve wracking and scary. Everyone spoke fluent English, welcomed me, and put my fears to rest immediately. Dr. Quiroz is an amazing surgeon with excellent bedside manners. I have worked for physicians for 25 years, I know the best and the worst of them. Dr. Quiroz answered every single question I had and was very patient and kind. He gave me details and specifics on the procedures, length of surgery, anesthesia, you name it, I asked, and he answered me. I was taken from Cosmed Clinic to Casa de Lilas, where I would be taken care of for the next ten days. My experience here was the icing on the cake. Mr. Antonio and Martin as well as the staff Ana and Lucia and others here were impeccable in their care of me. I can say that my ten days spent at Casa de Lilas was above and beyond my expectations. I was taken care of so well and I really was so blessed, I canceled my original reservations in San Diego (I had reserved five days in Casa de Lilas and five days in a San Diego hotel prior to my arrival because I was afraid to stay in Tijuana from the very beginning and decided it was safest for me to stay in San Diego and travel back and forth to Tijuana for follow up). Well, not only do I recommend Dr. Quiroz and his staff, I recommend Casa de Lilas completely and without reservation.
I had my surgery on March 16th, a lower body lift, liposculpture, and fat injection into the buttocks. It was uneventful, the pain was really minimal, I simply felt as if I had gone back to the gym after a long absence, sore and achy. I was taken care of very well from the beginning to the end, I spent the night in the overnight suite with a nurse, checked on, and taken care of. I was put on antibiotics, pain medication, and taking vitamins and iron, and have been recovering very very well since then. My surgery is a huge success already. I am only two weeks out of surgery and my body still has a lot of healing to do, a lower body lift consists of sutures all around the lower body and the liposculpture does leave bruising all around as well, but I look in the mirror and I look fabulous. When my daughter saw me she was so happy and all smiles and was amazed at how well I looked, my face, my walking, and my new body. She is so happy for me, and I am just so happy and so grateful and thankful to Dr. Quiroz for what he did for me, not only outside, but most importantly, on the inside. I would recommend Cosmed Clinic to my family and friends and anyone who wants to do it. Just do it.

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My tummy tuck experience, March 26, 2011, 7:12 pm
Reviewer: Yuritzi

I lost over 70 pounds and was very depressed I knew I need it a tummy tuck so I went to see Dr. Quiroz and i was impressed with the consultation and extremely happy with the results including the staff. I now have so much self confidence. Thank you much

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MARVELOUS IN MEXICO!!!!!!!!!, October 7, 2010, 8:53 pm
Reviewer: Marika747

If you are going to have plastic surgery, and you are a savy shopper always looking for Quality at Affordable price, YOU MUST meet with Dr. Alejandro Quiroz of CosMed, Tijuana Mexico.
This man loves what he does and it is reflected in the outcome. Dr. Quiroz listens, imagine that a man who listens! He speaks perfect English so there are no misunderstandings, he is up to date with the latest techniques available and an absolute pleasure to work with. In January of this year I had botox injections. On April 12th, also this year 2010 I had an arm lift and a lower body lift after losing 120 pounds. I also had my buttocks filled out a bit to complete phase one of my plastic surgery. I feel FANTASTIC, and I look FABULOUS. I want more surgery, I am planning to have a partial face lift. I am also interested in having my breasts lifted and maybe implants as well. Then I will have an upper body lift to finish it off. I am so happy to have found this man, and I have had the opportunity to meet with many people who share my opinion of Dr. Quiroz, a doctor of quality and a man of integrity. Thank you with all my heart!!!

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From Frumpy to Curvaceous! Thank you Dr. Q!!, September 7, 2010, 11:00 pm
Reviewer: munnyf

Here's my story ....
My history...
I have lost and gained (and lost and gained) the same 20, 30, 40 pounds many, many times throughout my life. Truly, I know the yo-yo thing really well! And, with the births of two children over 33 and 26 years ago, this all left me with a stretched, fatty abdomen, not to mention excess skin on my face, joules, and almost two double chins! All of this was not going away by diet and exercise; believe me, I had tried. So, about ten years ago, at age 46, I went to a doctor in San Diego who only recommended liposuction for my abdomen, as he felt my skin would bounce back, so an abdominoplasty wouldn’t be necessary. Boy, was he wrong, and so for the last ten years I hated my stomach even more than the previous 20 years! Just abdominal liposuction left me with saggy, hanging, wrinkly skin and a deformed belly button ... one that couldn’t even be seen due a layer of skin that hung over it ... just plain ugly!! Additionally, I had a square, box-like figure with no waistline to speak of for most of my life.

Choosing Dr. Q ...
This year, following the strong recommendation of three friends, I went to see Dr. Quiroz (aka Dr. Q) who practices in Tijuana, Mexico. Yes, we’ve all heard the media stories about traveling in Mexico these days, but with his excellent credentials, his caring and patient personality, and my friends’ recommendations, I realized it was finally time to get my abdomen fixed the right way! (I really think my friends were just tired of me complaining about my stomach, especially when they knew Dr. Q could really fix it for me; there was no doubt in their minds.) I also decided it was time for a face lift – nothing too, too extreme, I just something more natural … a “freshen up” facelift, as Dr. Q termed it. :)
Dr. Quiroz’s credentials, well you can check out his website at www.cosmedclinic.com and read his complete bio, but I was hooked on this doctor who has been in practice for more than 22 years, is licensed in both Mexico and the United States, lives in Coronado (near San Diego and my home), speaks fluent English, studied in both Mexico City and Irvine, California, started his practice in Orange County (near Los Angeles), chooses to practice in Tijuana (less than 5 minutes from the border), and provides free consultations with estimates that are extremely discounted from those in the United States.

Once I made my decision to go ahead with Dr. Quiroz’s recommendation for abdominoplasty, forehead lift, and face and neck lift surgeries, I worked through his wonderful, caring, English speaking staff to schedule my appointment and learn what was necessary pre- and post-surgery. I found his staff to be friendly, very informative, and easy to understand. (It’s still such a joy to see all their smiles when I come for follow on appts. ) When I expressed concern over not knowing who would take care of me once I got home, the office manager Joyce told me about the post-surgery after care that is available, which eased my mind. (By the way, I chose to stay with Irene Sanchez, who is just an angel! She picks you up and takes you to your appointments, cooks for you whatever you want as long as it is healthy :), gives you your meds at all hours, helps you bathe and wash your hair, helps you get in and out of bed ... I could go on and on, truly an angel when you need one the most!)

The big day ...
Finally, the actual surgery day arrived. Yes, I was a bit nervous, but I believe I would have experienced this same nervousness with any surgery, elective or medically necessary. I was not afraid at all about going to Mexico; that was the least of my worries. Patricia picked me up at the designated location on the U.S. side of the border and within minutes we arrived at Dr. Q’s office. After a short prep, discussion, and picture taking with Dr. Q, the nurse gave me “the pill” to take the edge off my nervousness. Shortly afterward I met the anesthesiologist and once he began ... well, yes, you guessed it; I was out like a light. I think I finally really woke up around midnight ... I had slept all the way through the almost 7 hour surgery and then some! Since you are required to spend the first night at the facility, it was extremely reassuring to awake to Dr. Q’s nurse by my side, monitoring the equipment that continually checked my blood pressure and applied compression to both my legs throughout the night. Joyce did tell me in the morning that she came in to check on me several times throughout the evening and wiggled my toes, but I just groaned softly and immediately went back to sleep ... too funny! In the morning, after a light breakfast and a checkup with Dr. Q, I left the facility around 10am and headed to the aftercare facility with Irene Sanchez, where she took care of me for the rest of the week.

My fabulous results!
It’s been 8 weeks since my surgery; I’ve dropped two dress sizes and have the flattest stomach ever! I even have a waistline and thinner hips! (yes, I think Q threw in a little extra!) Much of the excess skin on my face which caused skin folds when I smiled is gone and my forehead lift looks very natural. The “11s” between my eyebrows are gone, however, I still have a few crows around my eyes, but I want them there so that my age is still recognizable. My neck and chin also look fabulous! No more double chin – a nice 90 degree angle from my chin to neck! Even the V lines on my chest are softened. I get compliments almost every day from folks I know ... They tell me I look great! They can’t really figure it out, and they say things like, boy did you lose weight, your hair looks great (I’m letting it grow a bit and added highlights). Some tell me my skin looks great and want to know what skin products I’m using. :)Others have even noticed that I have a figure ... it’s really been fun! :)
My advice ….
• Definitely check out Dr. Quiroz and Cosmed Clinic! The entire staff is wonderful and caring, and you will find the office modern, comfortable, and clean.
• Check out the www.cosmedclinic.com website …. It’s very informative and thorough; I think they have just about everything covered.
• At your consultation and pre-op, just tell Dr. Q what you don’t like about your body and let him make recommendations. Trust him; he is an artist at body sculpting! I have a waist now for the first time in 56 years! 
• Do comparisons; however, you will find his estimates to be extremely reasonable.
• Don’t be afraid to travel to his office in Mexico and check out the free shuttle service for patients … there’s a whole page on his website on traveling to his office, shuttles, taxis, directions if you do drive, what documentation you need to cross the border, etc. …. It’s very informative.
• Do your homework and follow the instructions for pre- and post-surgery. I didn’t bruise or swell much, which I can contribute to the excellent instructions I was given, Irene’s after care, and lots of ice, rest, healthy eating, and vitamins (with Arnica Montana and Bromelian).
• Depending on your surgery, do plan to stay at any one of the after care facilities for at least 3 days, even if you live in San Diego …. Those are the most critical days and it is so reassuring to be cared for by someone who knows what you are going through, and to also be with others who might be going through the same or similar surgery. I met some lovely ladies at Irene’s during my stay who were from Georgia, New York, and New Jersey. We developed a bond and still stay in touch about our recoveries.

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Cosmed is GREAT, April 27, 2009, 2:48 pm
Reviewer: chericline

I went to Cosmed 2 times for Plastics. I was referred by a friend in one of my gastric bypass support groups. At first I had normal concerns about traveling outside of the U.S.A. for surgery. My concerns were normal, but not necessary. Cosmed was very clean and located in the center of town. I was not scared traveling to and from the clinic. The prices were more than reasonable compared to quotes I had receieved here in the U.S.A. Dr. Quiroz was kind, honest, and very professional. He answered all my questions and went over the results to expect, recovery time, and post op care requirements. I recovered at a local Tijuana Plastics Recovery Home. I was tended to properly and saw Dr. Quiroz for my post op appointments. He took great care of me and I know I am going to be pleased with my results. I may need some slight revisions on my certain areas due to the original damage to my skin after losing 175 pounds. Dr. Quiroz was kind enough to do his best to prevent the need for any future revisions, but offered to tweak and fix the areas at no extra cost when I returned for my future work needed. I still need a lower body lift, and will definately go back to Cosmed for that. I am happy with both my arms and my breast at this point and look forward to working with him again at creating the new and improved me!!!

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Mixed review, January 17, 2009, 6:59 pm
Reviewer: baileymouse

Dr. Quiroz performed my lower body lift, thigh lipo & hernia repair in Nov. 2007. He did a great job, and I was very satisfied. I returned in April, 2008 for breast augmentation, breast lift & brachioplasty, and I am severely disappointed. The arms are terrible, there are stitches poking through 9 months later, and I have dog ears in the back. The left breast has a stitch poking through, but other than that the breasts look good. I felt rushed, the office communication was terrible - many of Joyce's mistakes needed to be rectified by Giselle - and my repeated requests for photos and calls were ignored. For a tummy tuck, he's great, but for arms - stay far away.

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