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The Reality: Too Many Issues Not Covered By Anyone Else

To appreciate why you may need to get our Patient Education (get a taste of a Patient Education World Sample) for your cosmetic procedure (surgical or nonsurgical) and why you will greatly benefit from having this rich information resource before, during, and long after your procedure, it is necessary to first understand a few realities. First, there are far too many important issues involved in preparing, recovering, and healing from your cosmetic procedure that are not covered by anyone and which no one will inform you about. Not even your doctor. These are crucial issues and considerations that any woman who desires to heal to the best of her potential should be educated about. Unfortunately, a substantial number of women who elect to do cosmetic procedures are unaware of these issues. At the same time, many of the beneficial solutions that can effectively address these issues are also unknown to women patients. It is without dispute that any woman who wishes to ensure that she obtains the best possible cosmetic outcome should be well informed about both the potential issues and problems and the accompanying solutions.

You may logically come to think that whatever the nature of these issues may be, your doctor will discuss them all and offer you all the needed answers and guidelines on how to tackle them. Wrong. While your doctor will certainly discuss some of these, far many more issues and considerations and the solutions that go along with them are non-medical and are really not within the doctor’s domain of responsibility. These are numerous day-do-day women issues, needs, concerns, questions, and problems that are simply too difficult to think of, prepare for, or anticipate unless you’ve already been through the exact procedure and the entire healing journey before. For most of us who have not done our desired cosmetic procedure before, this is obviously not the case. Not having awareness of the issues themselves makes knowing the solutions impossible since it’s necessary to have a good understanding of the problems first and have the time to plan ahead. As a result of not being properly informed, women who dive into their cosmetic procedures do not take many important issues into account and are put in a bad position of having to confront all kinds of unfamiliar situations along the journey with little idea on what to do or how to solve their problem. With so many issues and the solutions that go along with them left unknown to patients until it’s too late, a substantial number of journeywomen become surprised and overwhelmed, get worried and scared, go into a state of panic, and suffer emotionally and even physically. By not having the right answers and solutions, potential problems that could have be avoided or at least lessened are left fully intact and cause women to have a far longer and less comfortable recovery than if they were better educated.

These dilemmas confront women of all walks of life who have gone to well-regarded, approachable surgeons, have received various consultations, attended post-op appointments, communicated readily with their doctors and nursing staff, met a few fellow patients, read books and other literature, and surfed the Internet. Despite having all these channels of information, such women have still found themselves unprepared for many situations and did not feel that these channels were adequate enough. Many of these women have said that if they had been well educated and had access to proper information resources, they would have been able to better prepare for their procedure, heal faster, more safely, and comfortably, feel more ready and in control, and have greater peace of mind.

We Eliminate The Pre & Post-Procedure Black Holes

Having seen, heard, and felt the repeated frustrations and complaints of women about the "black holes" surrounding the crucial periods that come before and after the procedure, Make Me Heal has emerged with the mission of filling this major gap in the cosmetic procedures industry and creating all the vital services that a woman undergoing a procedure needs. The creation that has been born out of this labor of love is our Patient Education family of pioneering products designed to provide a journeywoman with everything she needs to have the strongest preparation, recovery and healing and to blossom into her best self. The purpose of our patient education products is to empower you with the deepest, clearest, most accurate and honest understanding of all the possible women issues, concerns, problems, fears, questions, risks, and everything else under the sun that may arise during your journey before and after your procedure. Told from the point of view of a female patient and reflecting years of research and analysis, our patient education equips you with all the possible solutions, step-by-step guidelines, tried-and-tested tips, and recommended healing product brands that have proven to be the most effective with fellow ladies.

We Save You Time, Effort…And Money

One of the most easily measured benefits of our Patient Education is that it will save you an enormous amount of time, effort…and money. As each of our Patient Education Worlds puts all the possible topics that a woman needs to know about in one place, you will not need to run around searching through numerous different information sources to find what you need. Each of our Patient Education Worlds are so well organized that whatever information you need to find is always a few mouse clicks away. Considering that you have a busy life, having to search for this information yourself would require a tremendous amount of time investment and effort.

As we are all independent, it is natural to think that maybe you can take it upon yourself to do all the research and find everything out on your own. While this sounds fair in concept, it would take an enormous effort and you may literally need to spend countless months researching. Even if you are willing to invest this time, it is likely that a lot of critical information that is in our Patient Education will not be found by you simply because it is not out there anywhere and is not covered by mainstream information sources. After all, there would be little reason for us to create our Patient Education products if all the information that women need was already fully available in existing information sources. Additionally, the time-consuming challenge of finding this information on your own is complicated by the fact that it is simply not possible to research issues and things that you have not even thought about and which you would really think about only when you are going through the recovery itself. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous issues, needs that are nearly impossible to think of, prepare for, or anticipate unless you’ve already been through the exact procedure and the recovery before. Unless you were to make this a full-time job for a good many months, your efforts and the results that you yield will be limited in comparison to the years of work that we put towards our patient education for each procedure. As you realize, creating patient education is our life and joyful work. All we do is live, sleep, and breathe everything that has to do with cosmetic procedures and the patient education surrounding them.

Instant Access, No Waiting

With our Patient Education, you have instant access to the information you need and answers to your questions. This is a great convenience, as it will help you avoid having to wait and worry about how to go about finding an answer. There is no need to run around, research endlessly, or call anyone, as you answer could be a click away.

Worlds Are Fully Customized For Each Procedure

Given the fact that a patient’s needs, issues, and healing journey for a facelift are entirely different from those of a woman undergoing another procedure, it is critical that a procedure-focused approach is taken when creating patient education. A generalized approach to this process where we lump all cosmetic procedures together and create one patient education manual is simply not possible for us. Because each procedure is a world of its own with numerous important topics that a patient should know about, we take a fully specialized and customized approach. Each procedure that we cover has its very own “World” (as we call it). Each World is tailored to the education needs of a female patient undergoing that particular procedure.

When we go about creating the patient education for a particular procedure, we form a team that is fully focused and absorbed in the research, analysis, and generation of as much information as possible for that particular procedure. All that this team does during this lengthy and intense process is live, sleep, eat, and breathe every aspect of the procedure. The offspring that is born of this intense focus is a Patient Education World that is fully customized to the procedure. Afterwards, this team does not rest, as it remains responsible for continuously updating this World and coming out with future versions that forever improve upon the original World that was created.

We offer Patient Education products in all the major surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures under the rainbow, including everything from a facelift, liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty to laser resurfacing, chemical peel, dermabrasion, and any other procedure for which a woman would conceivably need our help and services. As a result, if you need patient education for your facelift procedure you would choose the Facelift World, whereas if you need patient education for a breast augmentation procedure you would grab the Breast Augmentation World. And so on.

Round-The-Clock Research Focus

A key advantage of our patient education is that you are the beneficiary of a round-the-clock focus on gathering the most extensive research available. Given that much of the needed information does not exist in static information sources such as books and journals, we’ve gone straight to the source – real journeywomen themselves who have had these procedures. Who better than such women to inform us about the real women issues, needs, concerns, problems, and solutions that they’ve found to work for them. Over the past few years, we have had the benefit of gaining tons of insider wisdom and rich insights from analyzing the real-life experiences, testimonials, advice, and tips provided from thousands of actual journeywomen who have been through every kind of cosmetic procedure imaginable. We objectively use these invaluable primary sources and balance them with many other information sources, including the healing philosophies, opinions, and guidelines of many doctors and experts, books, journals, magazines, electronic/Internet sources, and any and all other existing information resources that we can get our hands on.

Objective & Balanced Information

Another benefit of using our Patient Education is that you will not only be relying on any one person, experience, opinion, guideline, or voice. Our patient education worlds are the result of an objective process that integrates the opinions, approaches, and recovery philosophies taken from numerous experts and doctors, and all other available information sources (books, journals, etc.). We further interject objectivity into our process by balancing our findings with the experiences, advice, and tips of real women who have had cosmetic procedures. The outcome is the most complete, objective, and accurate view of all the information a woman will need to proceed through the pre-procedure preparations and post-procedure recovery and healing as successfully as possible.

We’re Constantly Updating The Worlds

Once we complete a world, our work does not end there. We are constantly updating each patient education world to reflect any new information, breaking news, and anything else that we uncover from our many research resources. As a result, when you subscribe to any patient education world you have the benefit of receiving any and all updates associated with this world. This is all done with the purpose of continuously pushing the barriers of quality in patient education for women undergoing cosmetic procedures.

We Complement, Not Replace Your Doctor

We believe that following your doctor’s guidelines, combined with using a Patient Education World tailored to your specific procedure, is the most powerful way to prepare for your procedure, have the best healing journey, and ensure that you obtain the best cosmetic outcome from your procedure. As discussed earlier, many of the issues and needs of a female patient are non-medical and are not within the doctor’s domain of responsibility. Our purpose is to eliminate the “black holes” found in the many issues involving the pre and post-procedure phases of a journey of a female patient. However, our role is not to replace your doctor. Our explicit position (which is repeated everywhere throughout our patient education materials) that we convey to every woman is to respect and follow your doctor’s guidelines and instructions to the letter. We really love the wonderful doctors out there, and their experience in their areas of expertise are tremendous. In keeping with this doctor-friendly philosophy, whenever you purchase a subscription to any Patient Education World we automatically give your doctor a free courtesy subscription during your healing journey. This courtesy is given to enable your doctor to check on the accuracy of information and determine whether certain tips and recommendations you’re considering will or will not apply to you. This is all done for your added safety and convenience, and to ensure that your doctor’s role is never compromised in any way.




  • To heal to the best of your potential
  • To ensure that you obtain the best cosmetic outcome
  • To have the fastest, safest and most comfortable recovery
  • To be fully educated about all the possible issues, problems and risks that may arise before, during and
    after your procedure
  • To be empowered with the most effective, tried-and-tested solutions, tips and healing product recommendations
  • To feel prepared and in control, and to have peace of mind during the journey