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During our travels in the facelift world, we have come across some scar healing treatments and products that may lead to better healing of your scars, minimize their ultimate appearance, and reduce the discomfort of itching that can occur along the scars. A good number of journeywomen have used these scar healing solutions with success and some doctors have recommended them as well. Yet, we should note that the results that you may obtain are likely to vary from one person to another. As a result, the scar healing solutions that are discussed may or may not help your scar healing and diminish scar appearance. For this reason, these scar healing treatments and products should be treated as optional. But because of the fact that a good number of women claimed to have gotten good to excellent results, it is worthwhile considering adding these treatments and products to your post-op scar care. Further, it is important to note that these products and treatments should only come into play once your sutures and staples have been removed and your wounds have fully closed (which occurs sometime during days 7-14 post-op). If in doubt, you should ask your doctor about these scar healing solutions. Because every doctor has his/her own guidelines for healing, please be sure to consult with your doctor before you decide to use any product or follow a tip.

Before we begin we should note that the current discussion on scar healing solutions is best understood as a follow-up to Part 1 of our discussion, called Incision/Wound Care. If you haven’t yet learned about wound care, we recommend doing so first to maximize your understanding and best appreciate our discussion here on scar healing solutions. Once you have developed an understanding of the wound care issues, it is advised to return here for Part 2 of the discussion.

Finally, to learn about all the issues associated with incisions and scars, including where and how incisions are made, how they are closed, suture and staple removal, the progression of incisions/wounds into scars, what they feel and look like, physical and emotional issues that women experience, and other related issues, take a drive to the Incision, Suture/Staple, & Scar Issues discussion in the Healing Journey: Symptoms, Issues & Solutions room.



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