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Become enlightened with the deepest, clearest, most accurate and honest understanding of the symptoms, issues, problems, complications, risks, and everything else that may occur during your healing journey. Each symptom/issue is treated to a day-by-day analysis of how it evolves, how its look and feel change over time, whether the symptom/issue is noticeable to the eye, does it hurt, what facial areas may be affected, what the scientific causes of the symptom/issue may be, and how the symptom/issue may emotionally impact journeywomen who experience it. With this understanding in place, this room then offers you a wide array of tried-and-tested solutions, tips and guidelines for addressing and treating the symptom/issue at different timeframes in the journey. The discussion for each symptom/issue is divided into timeframes (i.e. day 0 post-op, day 1, days 2-3, days 4-7, days 8-14, etc.), so that you may easily find what the symptom/issue may be like at any given period in your journey and know what you can do to treat it at that point in time.

As road bumps may occur along the healing journey, this room will also make you aware of less than common but potential complications and risks that may happen during or after your surgery. Our comprehensive discussion on every complication/risk focuses on explaining what it is, why it may occur, why it may be dangerous or harmful, what are the chances of experiencing the complication/risk, when and where it is most likely to occur, what the warning signs may look and feel like, how the complication may evolve, and how it has affected fellow facelifters emotionally. Then the discussion goes on to explain what preventive steps can be taken to avoid or lessen one’s chances of having the complication, as well as the treatments (first-aid, non-surgical, and surgical) that may be undertaken to treat a complication in the event it occurs.


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