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Hot Therapy Neck & Shoulders Wrap (w/Ties)
MMH ID: 13126; Brand: Bruder; Model No: 34320

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Product Description & Benefits: This reusable Hot Therapy Neck & Shoulders Pack (w/Ties) may be used for hot therapy to help in relieving pain, soreness, tension, stress, and aches in the upper/lower neck and shoulder areas. This neck & shoulders pack is specially designed to comfortably drape around the neck and between the shoulders to reach the lower neck muscles. This hot pack can be especially useful for relieving discomfort and muscle tension that can build up with patients who need to rest for a continuous period of time in the same position (and often elevated in an angle) during their recovery. Further, this hot pack may be used for reducing post-operative bruising in the neck and shoulders region. Used by medical practitioners and professional physical therapists due to its efficacy, this pack may be used for cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures including, liposuction, face lift, neck lift, and for pain and tension that can occur due to prolonged rest that is needed for upper and lower body procedures. Beyond using the Hot Therapy Pack during recovery from a procedure, this product can be highly effective for daily use for the treatment of sprains, neck shoulder injuries, bruises, muscle spasms, insect bites, and simple head aches. This hot pack also gets the bed cozy and warm on winter nights.

Ready for use in just a minute with no need to add water, this reusable, microwave-activated hot pack is made of therapeutic beads that draw moisture from the air (by absorbing water molecules from the air) and release it as purified, clean, deeply penetrating moist heat. An important benefit of the pack is that it delivers moist heat, which is preferred over dry heat because of its ability to penetrate deeply and more quickly at lower temperatures than dry heat. The hot pack recharges quickly and can be used again and again as necessary for many years. This dust-free, odor-free, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly, convenient and safe hot pack continues to deliver therapeutic moist heat for up to 30 minutes, which is the treatment time recommended by most medical professionals within a three to four hour period. The hot pack can be washed without affecting product performance (see hot pack care instructions below) and can be applied directly on the skin or treatment area with no need for a special cover, cloth, towel, or messy sponge that are needed for standard hot pack products. A permanent natural anti-microbial agent in the pack prevents odors, mildew, dry rot, and bacteria buildup, resulting in clean, odorless moist heat.

The hot pack offers a unique design that conforms comfortably to the body shape while allowing full mobility and freedom of movement during treatment. This portability enhances range of motion exercises and permits therapy to continue while on the go. The hot pack provides time-released heat, preventing tissue damage if the pack remains in place past recommended time. An important benefit of the pack is that it is especially safe because when removed from the microwave, the temperature of the hot pack does not increase, preventing accidental burns that can occur with regular hot packs due to continued temperature increase. The pack is also safe because the microwave activation mechanism eliminates the need to use potentially dangerous boiling water, electricity, or ovens. The hot pack is also considered safer than a liquid gel pack because gel packs typically will continue to get hotter after removal from the microwave, resulting in potential serious burns. Additionally, a gel pack may explode or rupture if overheated. An additional benefit of this hot pack is that the beads do not absorb body oils, perspiration and other foreign substances, and will not dry out or disintegrate. This prevents potentially dangerous hot spots from forming in the hot pack. The hot pack provides an excellent value, as it is made of well-constructed materials that, with proper use, will provide many years of service. Because the hot pack is reusable, it offers a compelling economical advantage over disposable heat patches.

Heat therapy helps relieve pain, soreness, tension, stress, and aching muscles that can occur following surgery or as a result of normal daily activities, as well as reduce any discomfort that can happen due to long rest in bed in the same position during recovery. Hot therapy can also help increase comfort and relaxation for sore, achy skin and muscle tissues that have been operated on. This hot pack can provide relief from muscle tension and aches that can develop with patients who need to rest for a continuous period of time in the same position (and often elevated in an angle) during their recovery. Further, hot therapy is beneficial in reducing post-operative bruising by helping break down bruising discolorations (i.e. black, blue, purple, green, gray, yellow and other discolorations). Beyond using hot therapy following a procedure, heat therapy is also recommended for relief of pain associated with sprains, injuries, aching muscles, arthritis, joint pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, soreness, cramps, TMJ, sinus pressure, tension and stress.

Removable Covers: While a cover is not necessary for use with this Hot Pack, you can purchase a machine-washable Hot Therapy Neck & Shoulders Wrap Cover that is a convenient addition when several people are to be using the same pack.

Instructions for Use: For best results, it is recommended to buy 2 packs to be able to have a hot one ready at all times while the other is being used. You may place the hot pack in a clean microwave oven, folding the pack is necessary. Then, you may heat the pack for the recommended time, remove the pack from the microwave and apply on the desired area. No special covers or towels are necessary. The pack is designed to provide cold therapy for up to 30 minutes. Once applied, the pack will stay securely in place allowing normal activities to continue during the treatment. Always touch test the heat level before application. No special covers or towels are necessary for skin protection. When removed from the microwave, the temperature of the hot pack does not increase, preventing accidental burns that are caused by the continued temperature increase with standard hot packs. If the pack is used 3 or 4 times continuously, a decrease in moisture output may occur. In this case, simply allow the pack to recharge for 2 to 3 hours before reusing. When reheating a recently used pack, you should reduce the recommended heating time by half. If you fold a hot pack during heating, it is recommended that the fold be reversed and the pack rotated in the microwave after half the heating time has elapsed.

Hot Pack Care: You must wait for 2 hours after use to wash the pack. The hot pack may be washed, preferably hand-washed with a mild detergent. Air-drying is recommended for 24 hours. Do not machine wash. The pack material is specially chosen and well constructed. With proper care, the hot pack should remain in service for many years.

Healthy Tip: For best results, it is recommended to buy 2 packs to be able to have a hot one ready at all times while the other is being used. When treating larger of the body, it is also recommended to use 2 packs.

Relevant Procedures, Conditions & Recommendations: Liposuction (face, neck), Face Lift, Neck Lift, Upper & Lower Body Procedures (Pain and tension due to prolonged rest), General pain relief, Sprains, shoulder and neck injuries, Bruises, Head aches, Muscle spasms, Pain Relief associated with arthritis, joint pain, tendonitis, soreness, aching muscles, cramps, tension and stress.

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