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Delfin Spa Bio-Ceramic Anti Cellulite Capris
MMH ID: 144156; Brand: Delfin Spa; Model No: X0005046IN

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Price:  $49.99

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Product Description:

  • Delfin Spa Bio-Ceramic Anti Cellulite Capris use increased heat and molecular stimulation to enhance the effectiveness of exercise, increase blood flow, and accelerate metabolism to burn more calories.
  • Bio-Ceramic material in these capris both generates Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and reflects your body's own FAR infrared rays. The primary benefit of these rays is to help to break down cellulite cells, improve circulation and revitalize tissue.
  • Contain a comfortable elastic waistband, Ipod/phone pocket on one side and Delfin Spa logo on the other.
  • Bio-Ceramic shorts also improve the effectiveness of Delfin Spa Anti-Cellulite Cream by assisting its penetration deep into skin layers.
  • Capris are a great option to wear during aerobics, yoga or any other exercise activity.
  • Bio-Ceramic capris feature 1.5mm neoprene with soft nylon lining.
  • Leg openings with velcro closure for greater comfort/fit.  
  • The capris are contoured to fit snuggly and contain an anti-microbial additive to reduce bacteria build-up.  Hand washable. 

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How It Works:

The shorts, capris, and bands contain a slim layer of neoprene which helps retain body heat. However, the bio-ceramic material is key to reflecting body heat and allowing the shorts to use thin neoprene. One characteristic of bio-ceramics is they reflect thermal waves generated by the human body. These thermal waves are called Far-Infrared Rays.

  • “Far” refers to the length of the light wave and is longer than Near and Mid Infrared waves.
  • Infrared: light waves containing heat and not visible to the naked eye
  • The human body generates Far Infrared Rays through the natural process of metabolism.
  • Additionally, bio-ceramic material actually generates Far Infrared Rays itself.
  • This further increases the FIR (Far Infrared Rays) penetrating one’s body.

The value of bio-ceramic is it reflects the body’s own naturally generated Far Infrared Rays (in the form of body heat) to provide a thermal benefit. The picture to the left shows the thermal impact of wearing the shorts after just 15 minutes on a stationary bike. The increased body
heat under the shorts is significant and focused on traditional problem areas such as the legs, buttocks and tummy. When Delfin Spa shorts are worn in conjunction with Delfin Spa or another anti-cellulite cream, penetration of the cream into subcutaneous layers of the skin improves. Thorough cream penetration is necessary to break down cellulite layers and reduce the visible effect of cellulite on one’s skin. The thermal activity assists in reducing fluid (water) and toxin accumulation and helps micro-circulation to ‘flush’ these impurities.


“After wearing it about 6 times, I saw more of an improvement in my legs, butt, and stomach than when I was
working out without it. These shorts make me sweat alot more therefore at the end of my workout I feel more
accomplished”. Jayne Lowder 6/17/2009

“I have lost inches of my waist and my legs including my inner thighs (I hated my inner thighs they were so fat).
. . . My legs have not looked so lean and I must say beautiful in years. Wilma Garcia 6/9/2009

“I love the Delfin Spa short, they are great. Within the 3 or so weeks since I bought them, they have reshaped my
body and I lost inches, I had to buy a second pair a size smaller to continually lose more inches. Althea M. 4/29/2009

“When I pulled these out of the package I could immediately tell they were different. They had curves in the right
places and I slid them on easily. Also, the quality in these shorts is higher than the other two brands I originally
tried.” Jen 3/12/2009

“…they are AWESOME! The fit is true to size and extremely comfortable either alone or worn under a pair of pants.
I couldn't believe how fast they worked; whether wearing them around the house or during an exercise class I
sweated like crazy.” Tracee W. 6/6/2009

“I have only had these shorts for one month and what an amazing difference already! The harder you work out,
the more these shorts will work for you. Definitely a best buy.” Florence Nell 4/2/2009

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Very comfortable!
By IamPorcelainDoll, December 29, 2014

What are the benefits/plusses of this product? warmth and comfort

What are the disadvantages/minuses of this product? has thickness comparative to a wetsuit

Review: I have a pink pair of these (yes, the company sells colored versions now, too! - do an Amazon search for 'Delfin Spa'). They are so comfortable that I have been sleeping in them, which really helps with staying warm in ...(read more)

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