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Cool Shapes FreezeAwayFat Tummy & Thigh Trimming Shorts
MMH ID: 149800; Brand: Cool Shapes; Model No: Cool Shapes

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Product Description & Benefits:

  • Cool Shapes FreezeAwayFat Tummy & Thigh Trimming Shorts is the first product of its kind that embraces the science of cold therapy as a means to diminish localized fatty deposits on the body which can be resistant to diet and exercise.  
  • Includes: One (1) pair of Cool Shapes® Long-Line Compression Shorts (8 pockets), Four (4) Cool Shapes® removable/refreezeable/flexible 6" x 9" gel packs, One (1) Mesh Storage Case to allow gel packs to chill properly in the freezer, and One (1) Cool Shapes® System Travel Case
  • Cool Shapes is a natural, non-invasive, affordable way to slim down.
  • Equipped with gel inserts that, when frozen, enable you to apply sustained cool temperatures to those troublesome areas of your body in the comfort of your home.
  • With a commitment to wearing Cool Shapes® for just 30 minutes daily, these science-based, innovative garments can help you contour your body and lose stubborn fat.
  • Diminishes the appearance of white fat deposits.
  • Helps contour problem areas on thighs, hips, buttocks and tummy.

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How Cool Shapes Works:

According to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, cold temperatures rev up the body's "brown fat." Additional studies suggest that cold temperatures can cause white fat tissue to shrink, shrivel or in some cases may even take on the calorie burning characteristics of brown fat. Cool Shapes® are compression shorts equipped with gel inserts that, when frozen, enable you to apply sustained cool temperatures to those troublesome areas of your body in the comfort of your home under your regular clothes. With a commitment to wearing Cool Shapes® daily, these science-based, innovative garments can help you contour the appearance of your body so your favorite pants look and fit better!

Cool Shapes FreezeAwayFat Tummy & Thigh Trimming Shorts Before & After Pictures:


Cool Shapes Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will it take me to see changes?
Through our research we've seen changes in as little as 5 weeks when worn daily as instructed.

How often do I have to buy new gel packet inserts?
The gel packet inserts are durable and can last a long time with care. If the gel packets should become damaged or you wish to put a gel pack in all the pockets you can buy replacements here on our site.

Is this comfortable? Will the gel packets move out of place?
Cool Shapes® is a very comfortable compression garment made of 90% Polyester and 10% Lycra. The compression holds all the gel packets in place so no need to worry about anything slipping or sliding out.

Is there scientific research to prove this?
At FreezeAwayFat, we aren’t scientists, but we have reviewed research studies and so can you. The articles/links are located on our research page. Just go to the "How They Work" section and click on "The Science Behind FreezeAwayFat".

What should I look for to know if Cool Shapes® are working?
You should not only notice a sleeker silhouette, but a firmer and more toned appearance and feel. Individual results will vary but the research suggests that those areas receiving sustained treatment will demonstrate a positive response.

How do I care for my Cool Shapes®?
Cool Shapes® can be easily laundered using an automatic washing machine, as well as machine dried on low heat.

Cool Shapes Testimonials

From 24blogazine, an online magazine for young women, from two women who agreed to give the Cool Shapes® a try for five weeks:

Esther Medina, 50 years old – target area: stomach
"I decided to try the gel packs because I have stubborn belly fat that even eating less and exercise doesn’t help much. ... The gel packs really work .... and I recommend this product for those who are serious about losing stubborn fat wherever your target area is."

Jihan Mitchell, 27 years old – target area: stomach and thighs
"...this product is great. I noticed I lost some inches around my stomach and thigh area. Now that I can keep the cool shapes, I will try it more often (everyday for 30 min) ... We will see if I lose more than a few inches. My advice, go for it and try it everyday – persistence is key!"

Another happy Cool Shapes® customer -
As mentioned on MSN - Style Goes Strong, September, 2010 -
"Cool Shapes® isn't shapewear per se -- you don't wear them under clothes (although I have). The shorts have 6 pockets to hold gel ice packs that you keep in the freezer till you're ready to wear 'em. 1.They keep you cool, which is great for oh-so-many reasons. 2. You look all lumpy, so when you remove them you already feel thinner. 3.Most importantly, the cold packs trigger brown fat to burn more calories. I would swear after a week of wear, my jeans slid on easier. $99.95 for the combo set at FreezeAwayFat.com. And it's a lot cheaper than freezing fat this way. "

Washington, DC
"I started wearing the FAF Cool Shapes® less than a month ago. And even accounting for a 4 day trip over 4th of July which didn't allow me to wear them during that time, in not quite a month I've lost 1 inch in my thighs, 2 inches in the hips and 2 inches in the waist. Wow! Thank you for thinking of this fabulous idea."

N.R., 54 years, Teacher
Sea Girt, NJ
"No more wrapping a towel around my waist when I walk on the beach! Thank you!!!"

C.W., 25 years, Graduate Student
Charlottesville, VA
"I've used my Cool Shapes® shorts by FreezeAwayFat for a month and I already feel a difference in the way my pants fit."

B.C., 39 years, Homemaker
McLean, VA
"Cool Shapes® are easy to use. I slip them on in the morning, insert the gel packs and by time the I get the kid’s breakfast – I’m done!"

M.E., 47 years, Working Mom
Winnetka, IL
"For years I squeezed myself into compression garments and control top panty hose... I feel like COOL SHAPES® has set me free!"

L.T., 58 years
Owings, MD
"Using Cool Shapes® has helped me rid myself of stubborn, problem fatty areas that hours of exercise couldn't seem to budge." 


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Awesome Product!
By cwb2a@virginia.edu, May 5, 2016

What are the benefits/plusses of this product? weight loss

What are the disadvantages/minuses of this product? Its coooollllddd!

Review: Having been using these shorts for the last two months and have lost two inches in my hips and my tummy is noticing flatter!!!! YAAAAAAAHHHHHHH

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