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Silk'n Flash & Go Face and Body Permanent Hair Removal Device
MMH ID: 163901; Brand: Sillk'n; Model No: Silk'n Flash 'n Go

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Silk'n comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Silk’n Flash & Go comes with 2 Lamp Cartridges for a total of 2000 pulses, which is enough to treat the entire body over two times or perform numerous treatments on different areas of the face and body.  You can order additional cartridges from the drop down menu above.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee & Warranty: We're so confident that you’ll love this product that if you’re not satisfied with Silk’n Flash & Go within the first 60 days of purchase, you can return it for a full refund. Silk’n also comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Read Policy.

Product Description & Benefits:

Silk'n Flash & Go is a light-based device for permanent hair removal on the face and body. The new high tech design of the Flash & Go applicator allows individuals to properly target and zone into any area that requires treatment.

  • FDA-cleared and clinically proven to permanently remove hair in the face and body within 4-6 treatments, including the entire face from the cheekbones down to the chin, around the lips, cheeks, jaw area, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, bikini, back, buttocks.
  • Featuring a compact design that is perfect for use in your home or for travel, Flash n' Go has an ergonomic head that is ideal for the treatment of big and small areas, hard to reach or sensitive areas (bikini line), smaller zones (upper lip), or any area with curves that requires a more targeted approach.  
  • Comes with instructional DVD and two lamp cartridges for a total of 2000 pulses (free $80 value), which is enough to treat the entire body over two times or perform numerous treatments on different areas of the face and body.
  • Recommended by top dermatologists and plastics surgeons, the cordless Silk’n Flash & Go achieves professional results with an average 50% hair reduction following three months of bi-monthly treatment sessions as proven in clinical studies lasting over one year.
  • Features one of the largest treatment area on a cartridge (4 centimeters) compared to most home hair removal devices on the market (which have 1 centimeter treatment areas), which means you can cover more areas of your body faster.
  • Silk'n Flash & Go treatments are completely safe with minimal discomfort compared to waxing, shaving, or professional laser treatments. 
  • Silk'n Flash 'n Go plugs into the wall with an AC cord, ensuring continuous uninterrupted power without worrying that your battery will die before you finish your session.
  • Fast treatment times, with Full Body treated in 40 minutes, Under Arms in 4 minutes, Arms in 8 minutes, Bikini in 7 minutes, Legs in 22 minutes, Male Back in 14 minutes, and Male Chest in 14 minutes.  Just 360 pulses cover the lower and upper legs!
  • Used successfully by millions of women and men of all skin tones except dark skin tones and recently tanned skin.
  • To maximize safety, Silk'n has a built-in smart Skin Sensor that detects if your skin tone is in the allowable range and safe for treatment, so you don't have to worry. If the skin type is not appropriate, the device will not turn on.
  • Silk'n helps you avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn as it targets the hair follicle and disables its growth so you will not experience ingrown hairs.
  • Using Silk'n will save you money and time compared to professional spa-based laser treatments, waxing, or shaving.
  • Treatments work best on darker hair types, or hair that contains more melanin. Red, white, grey or blonde hairs also work but may require additional treatments for best results.
  • Silk’n Flash & Go is a portable, cordless and rechargeable device that is simple and quick to operate and which can be used anywhere, whenever you want, and in the complete privacy of your home.
  • Using its patented Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology, Silk’n emits a low-level of light energy enhanced with a unique acoustic effect that is absorbed in the hair follicles and disables hair growth while the surrounding tissue remains at normal temperature and permanent hair removal is achieved.
  • FDA-Cleared technology that is proven and successfully used in millions of treatments worldwide - USA, Europe, Asia, and more.
  • Recent upgrade of Silk'n has made it so you do not need to apply any pressure during treatment and a light pulse can only be emitted when the applicator is in contact with the skin.
  • Comes with 2 cartridges (1000 pulse each), an instructional DVD and guide.
  • 1 Year Warranty

HPL Technology

Light Based Hair Removal

The process of laser and light-based hair removal is well known and established. It has been proven in clinical use around the world for over 15 years as a safe and effective way to achieve permanent hair removal.

Light-based hair removalis based on the theory of selective photothermolysis in which optical energy is used to disable hair growth. In order to achieve such thermal effect, the hair shaft needs to selectively absorb light energy and transform it into heat. This selectivity is achieved when high optical energy that is delivered to the tissue is mostly absorbed by hair shaft pigment, while the epidermis and the surrounding tissue is actively cooled (by a cooling mechanism). Melanin is the pigment in the hair shaft that is responsible for the absorption of the light, which generates the heat that eventually disables hair growth. When hair growth is disabled, permanent hair removalis achieved.

Home Pulsed Light (HPL)

Silk'n Flash & Go is a personal combined-energy based device for long-term hair removal. The Silk'n Flash&Go is based on Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology which is a proprietary and patented technology of Home Skinovations Ltd. Epilation with Home Skinovations' proprietary HPL technology is enhanced by a unique acoustic effect that improves the normal process of photoepilation, enabling permanent epilation with low level of optical energy without the need to cool the skin.

Hair Growth Cycle

Every hair in our body goes through the three phases of the hair growth cycle:

Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. These phases have an important impact on how the process of light-based hair removal works. Anagen is the hair growth phase while Catagen and Telogen, are both resting phases.

The time it takes to complete a full hair growth cycle varies from person to person and the location of the hair on the body, and for some individuals it may take 18-24 months. At any given moment the majority of the hair follicles in any skin area are in the resting stages. These resting hairs cannot be effected by laser or light hair removal treatment. However hairs in the growing Anagen phase will respond. It is therefore important to understand that it may take a full hair growth cycle to achieve complete results when doing any energy based hair removal.

Most people start to see noticeable results after four treatments, and great results after six treatments. Maintenance treatment is common after eight treatments to treat stray hairs that may have been in Telogen or Catagen phase or to treat patches of hairs that were missed in initial treatment.

Silk'n Flash & Go vs Silk'n SensEpil

Differences between Flash & Go and SensEpil:

  • Flash & Go has an ergonomic head designed for the treatment of hard to reach and sensitive areas such as the bikini line, upper lip or any zone with curves that require a more targeted approach.
  • Flash & Go applicator spot size is 4 cm compared to the SensEpil spot size of 6 cm.  This is still a very large spot size compared to competitors who are only 1 cm.
  • Flash & Go cartridges hold 1000 flashes compared to the SensEpil which holds 750 flashes.  For small areas, this is enough for the complete treatment series, but if you are using Flash & Go on large areas, it is recommended that extra cartridges are purchased.

Similarities between Flash&Go and SensEpil:

  • HPL technology is used to permanently remove unwanted hair.
  • Skin color sensor scans the color of the skin prior to treatment and will only pulse on skin that is suitable for treatment.  It will not pulse on dark skin tones to add an additional level of safety.
  • Both do not require batteries.  This allows users to effectively treat all treatment areas without concerns that the battery life will drain during the middle of a treatment.
  • Dermatologist recommended.
  • Same great results!

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