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Vector Personal Electrolysis Hair Removal System
MMH ID: 26403; Brand: DS Laboratories; Model No: Vector

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Product Description and Benefits:
Why pay for painful and expensive hair-removing procedures in a doctor's office when you can get smooth skin in the comfort of your own home? The Vector Personal Electrolysis Hair Removal System is the only epilator on the consumer market that permanently removes unwanted hair. It is a professional electrolysis machine with foot switch operation that can be used at home or in the salon. It comes with a complete kit including electrode patches, high conductivity gel, precision galvanic tweezers, foot pedal, and the Vector epilator machine to begin immediate treatments.

Mode of Action
The Vector System works by causing a chemical reaction to occur inside the hair shaft that permanently destroys the hair follicle. Below the surface of the skin, hair is immersed in a watery environment with a high mineral content. When Vector's electrical current flows down the hair shaft, it causes a reaction between water and salt which form sodium hydroxide (NaOH), an extremely corrosive alkaline. The sodium hydroxide dissolves the hair follicle and the papilla causing a complete and permanent destruction of growth.

Unlike the method of electrolysis, that includes inserting a needle into the hair shaft and then passing the electrical current directly, the Vector System uses tweezers to grasp the hair and passes the current into the hair shaft with a highly conductive silver-chloride gel. Since hair itself is an insulator, the silver-chloride conductivity gel is necessary to allow hair to conduct the electrical current into the hair shaft.

Facts About Hair Removal
Have you tried using all kinds of different gadgets, razors, waxes, depilatories, and magic lotions and still have unwanted hair? The truth is, none of these methods work and will only leave you disappointed, as well as waste your time.

The only known method of permanent hair removal is electrolysis. But anyone who has undergone electrolysis treatments will tell you that it can be quite intimidating to have a needle inserted into each hair follicle over and over again. Perhaps most intimidating of all is the cost; electrolysis treatments are on average $60-$100/hour and require at least one session a week for a period of several months to over a year. An alternative is to undergo laser hair removal, it will take less time to treat large areas but it will cost more then electrolysis per session and the results are not even permanent. Periodical treatments are necessary to maintain favorable results. Rest assured that you will have real results and PERMANENT hair removal. The Vector is your professional electrolysis in a small box.

Kit Includes:
Vector Electrolysis machine, Vector foot pedal, 8 conductive patches, tweezer and patch cords, insulated galvanic tweezers, 60 G tube of conductive gel, power cord, instruction manual.

Pre-Treatment Optional
It is highly recommended that all hair should be removed from the area by tweezing or waxing before applying treatment. Hairs that grow back will have a much greater moisture and mineral content, highly increasing the effectiveness of the procedure. Allow 2-3 weeks for new growth to appear before continuing with the treatment.

The machine should be plugged into a 120 Volt AC outlet before continuing with the next steps.
1. Place the Unitab patch electrode anywhere on the body where it does not obstruct treatment areas. Attach the included alligator clip to the Unitab electrode and plug the other end into the color-coded input. This is the positive electrode and hair under the patch will not be affected by the treatment.
2. Plug the tweezers into the other color-coded input.
3. Coat the hair that is to be treated with the conductive gel all the way down to the skin using your fingers or a Q-tip.
4. Grasp the hair with the tweezers at the base. Gently pull the hair away from the skin until the tweezers are only touching the hair and not the skin. Since hair cannot conduct electricity, the gel is the medium through which electricity can reach the highly conductive environment inside the hair shaft, therefore make sure there is a visible layer of gel between the skin and the tweezers, otherwise treatment will be ineffective. For optimal results, grasp the hair as close as possible to the skin without actually touching the skin.
5. Once the tweezers are in the optimal position press the foot pedal to apply the current.
6. Turn the intensity selector clockwise to increase the current. Determine a power setting that is comfortable. If the power setting is too high the treatment may be painful and skin damage may occur. Try to choose a setting so that the needle on the meter is in the middle of the range. This setting is usually optimal for most individuals.
7. The treatment for each hair is based on the power setting.
Intensity Levels/Treatment Time: 1/35sec., 2/30sec., 3/25sec., 4/20sec., 5/15sec., 6/10sec., 7/6sec.

Tips On Using the Vector System

  • Using the vector require practice. At first it may seem somewhat daunting removing hair one at a time, but with time as you develop proficiency in the procedure you can actually remove hair fairly quickly over large areas.

  • The recommended treatment times are only approximate. Since every individual has different resistance to current some people will require slightly different treatment times. With practice you will be able to determine the optimal treatment time. For successful treatment you should feel a "stinging" sensation and actually feel the hair follicle burning inside the skin. This sensation should be tolerable; if it is unbearably painful then you are over treating and need to reduce the power setting. (Warning: Operating the Vector System on a setting that is too high may result in permanent skin damage. Always start out at the lower settings and gradually increase to determine the optimal setting for your body).

Additional Notes
-Permanent hair removal is a gradual process which takes 90 days or more for the complete destruction of the follicle tissues. Each hair must go through its entire growth cycle to be fully destroyed.

-Hair may begin to grown in an area that was completely cleared several months after treatment. Since human hair grows in cycles, these hairs were resting at the time of the original treatment. It normally takes 3 to 4 months for all the hairs to go through a complete growth cycle. Continue treating the area when enough hair is present. After each treatment you will notice a reduction in hair growth. This reduction is permanent and will compound until there is no hair growing from the skin.

-If the skin is scabbing excessively after treatment, then you are over treating. Reduce the power setting until you find a comfortable level. The treatment is most effective when you feel a stinging sensation, but the treatment can be very painful if the power is turned all the way up. This setting is normally for individuals who have a high resistance to current.

-The Unitab electrodes are reusable. After each use rinse the adhesive side with warm water, then place back on the plastic sheet for storage. If you don't do this right after removing the patch, it will dry out and may not be reused. The normal life expectancy of the patch is 10 uses.

-Always be sure to maintain an adequate gel level on the hair. If the gel dries then it will fail to conduct current. If you skin is very dry then you may need to put a dab of gel under the patch as well. If you are not feeling a slight stinging sensation, it is a sign that the gel may be dry.

-The Vector Electrolysis System will electrolyze and dissolve hair follicles, regardless of the type or color of the hair which is being treated.

- Even after you completely clear an area, you will see some re-growth. The new growth that you see is not the same hair that you treated originally but fresh anagen hairs, which were resting at the time of the original treatment. Human hair grows in cycles and therefore not all hair is growing at once. Depending on the individual and the rate of hair growth, it can take up to 6 months for all hairs to go through a complete growth cycle and all hairs from every cycle will need to be fully electrolyzed before they stop their growth cycles. After each treatment that is done correctly, you should notice about a 20% reduction in hair growth in the treatment area. This reduction is permanent and will increase until there is no more growth in the treated area.

For Professional Users
If you purchase the Vector System for use in your salon, spa, or medical office you have the option to perform treatment with the enclosed galvanic tweezers or with a traditional electrolysis needle (a license is require to operate the Vector System with an electrolysis needle). A standard electrolysis needle holder can be plugged into the Vector unit in place of the tweezers. It is recommended to do treatments with the galvanic tweezers - it results in greater comfort and safety for the patient.

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