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Biodermis/Epi-Derm 11"x15.75" Scar Reduction Standard Silicone Sheet (5-PACK)
MMH ID: 34456; Brand: Biodermis/Epi-Derm; Model No: EDGTNT-5116

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Price:  $599.95

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Get The Scar Sheet Washing Solution & Scar Sheet Tape Kit: Get this kit to ensure the best effectiveness and proper care of the scar sheet. Kit can be added by selecting it from the "Color" drop-down menu above.

Product Description & Benefits: Available in either 4.7"x5.7" or 11"x15.75" size, the Biodermis Scar Standard Silicone Sheet helps reduce the scar size, thickness, height, and color of all types of scars, including new and old scars, post-surgery scars, keloids, hypertrophic scars, and other scar types caused by injury, trauma, and burns. By flattening, softening, smoothing, and blending the scar with the surrounding healthy skin, these silicone sheets helps make the scar far less noticeable. Additionally, these silicone sheets may be used to help in the prevention of hypertrophic and keloid scarring when used on closed scars following surgery, trauma, or burns. This silicone sheet can be used for breast augmentation (through the inframammary fold, axilla/arm pit), liposuction (for larger incisional scars), arm procedures (brachioplasty, lift, reduction), thigh lift (thighplasty), body lift, buttock lift, neck lift and cosmetic procedures following gastric bypass or bariatric surgery. This silicone sheet and can be easily cut by the patient to fit any type, shape, or size of scar.

As the optimal period of use of silicone sheets for a scar reduction treatment is typically 8-12 weeks, it is recommended to purchase 2-4 sheets since each sheet typically will typically be used for a 1-2 week period.

The Biodermis silicone sheets have received U.S. FDA and European C.E. clearance and are made of a soft, breathable, non-invasive, permeable, TNT (tacky one side only), semi-occlusive material and are clinically proven to be both safe and effective as a method to reduce the appearance of scars.

Silicone sheets are an effective solution for both new and old scars. Clinical studies have shown that the newer the scar, the better the result. One such study found a success rate of up to 85% on scars under 1 year old, and the rate of about 65% for scars over 10 years old. The optimal period of use of silicone sheets is typically a minimum of 12 hours per day (and ideally 24 hours per day) for 8-12 weeks (see instructions below). Many patients report continued improvement to the scar beyond the 12-week period.

The main benefit of silicone sheeting compared to scar healing gels and ointments is that silicone sheets put direct pressure on the scar that is beneficial to minimizing scar appearance, whereas a scar ointment or gel does not put pressure on the scar. In contrast to scar gels, silicone sheets are easier and more convenient to apply and use day to day because they are not greasy, do not stain, and do not stick to clothes. It should be noted that some patients will actually use both silicone gels and silicone sheets on their scars, using the silicone gel during the day when treating scar areas that are exposed when they are out in public and then switching to the silicone sheet when they are in the privacy of their own home. This combination is an ideal way to maximize the effectiveness of silicone scar solutions without disrupting one's lifestyle. You can view a wide array of silicone gels and ointments in the Make Me Heal Store.

While the exact mechanism of action of silicone sheeting is not confirmed, various suggestions have been made, including increased pressure, hydration, oxygen tension, and the presence of silicone in the local environment due to the application of silicone sheets. Silicone sheets produce a static electric field (resulting from friction of the silicone material) that might have an effect on wound healing.

How Does The Silicone Gel Scar Sheet Work?

Scars need an ideal healing environment, which is achieved by having the appropriate balance of moisture and maximum exposure to oxygen. The Biodermis Scar Shet (called Epi-derm) is a fully-encapsulating sheet, which means that it completely covers the scar treatment site for uniform treatment of the entire site. Although the entire site is covered, Epi-derm™ is semi-permeable, allowing oxygen to enter while keeping excess moisture out — the ideal environment for healing scar tissue.

Get The Scar Sheet Washing Solution & Scar Sheet Tape Kit: Get this kit to ensure the best effectiveness and proper care of the scar sheet. This kit includes hypoallergenic tape that is used to hold and secure the scar sheet in place and ensure that it does not roll off under clothing or come off due to humidity. Additionally, this kit also includes a gentle, fragrance-free, low foaming cleanser that is used to wash the scar sheet and also to cleanse the the scar area that you are treating. To best treat the scar, it is important that the scar area and the sheet have no impurities in between them. This specialized washing solution ensures the best care for your scar by removing oils, irritating residues, and particulates that may be on the scar area and which may cause contact dermatitis.

Why Is This Silicone Sheet Better Than Over-The-Counter Products Found In Stores? Over-the-counter silicone sheets (i.e. Neosporin, etc.) that you find at regular stores are made for general consumer use and are not a medical, doctor-level product as this Biodermis silicone sheet. These over-the-counter silicone sheets are made with less silicone, are of lower quality and are not as durable as this doctor-level silicone sheet. Additionally, over-the-counter silicone sheet product do not have specific length, shape, or thickness options, as they typically come only in one size and are not specifically made for use on surgery scars that need to have a silicone sheet of a specific shape and size.

Instructions for Use: First wash your scars and hands. Open the non-sterile pouch containing the Biodermis silicone gel sheet. Remove both sides of the plastic film covering the gel sheet prior to use. The gel sheet may be cut into smaller pieces using scissors or a scalpel. Please wash your scissors or other cutting material prior to applying it on the sheet. Once you have determined the appropriate size of sheeting to use, apply the tacky side to the scar. The gel sheeting should fully cover the scar and extend ¼ inch all the way around the scar border. The exposed surface of the gel sheeting may be covered with surgical tape or bandage to help hold in place and to prevent sticking to other surfaces. Silicone gel sheeting is not intended for use on open wounds.  Follow this procedure each day, washing and re-applying the gel sheeting to the scar for 1 to 2 weeks.  At that time the piece of gel sheeting will begin to lose its adhesive quality and/or may become embedded with surface dirt.  When this occurs, discard the piece of gel sheeting and apply a new piece.

The optimal wearing time for Biodermis Silicone Gel Sheeting is 24 hours per day for a period of 8-12 weeks. Many patients report continued improvement to the scar beyond the 12-week period. If it is not possible to wear the gel sheet for the recommended 24 hour period, it is recommended to wear the sheet for a minimum of 12 hours per day. Follow this procedure each day, washing and re-applying the gel sheet (according to the silicone sheeting care instructions discussed here) to the scar for 2 to 4 weeks. At that time the piece of gel sheeting will begin to lose its adhesive quality and/or may become embedded with surface dirt. When this occurs, discard the piece of gel sheeting and apply a new piece. You may safely wear the products beyond the 12-week period as long as you follow the instructions. When the scar stops responding for a continued period of 7-10 days, you have probably reached the point of maximum results and should discontinue using the product.

Important Healthy Tip: As the optimal period of use of silicone sheets for scar reduction treatment is typically 8-12 weeks, it is recommended to purchase 2-4 sheets since each sheet typically will be used for a 1-2 week period. Having several sheets will enable you to enjoy the maximum benefits of scar sheets for the recommended treatment period.

Silicone Sheet Care: Remove the gel sheet every 12 hours to wash both the scar area and the gel sheet using a mild and preferably fragrance-free soap or specialized cleanser such as SilqueClenz in a basin of warm water and work up a small amount of lather with the soap. Gently wash the piece of gel sheeting in the soapy water, rinse, and then air dry. After washing, rinsing and drying the scar site, re-apply the piece of gel sheeting.

Relevant Procedures, Conditions & Recommendations: Breast Augmentation (through the inframammary fold, axilla/arm pit), Liposuction (for larger incisional scars), Arm lift (Brachioplasty), Arm Reduction, Thigh lift (Thighplasty), Body Lift, Buttock lift, Gastric bypass surgery, Bariatric surgery, Stomach stapling procedure, Neck Lift, New and old scars, Scars following surgery, injury, trauma, burns, Hypertrophic scars, Keloid scars.

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