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ActiPatch ActiHeadband W/2 Medium Rectangle Healing Patch - Reduces Swelling, Bruising, Pain & Scar
MMH ID: 34829; Brand: ; Model No: HEA0106

ActiPatch ActiHeadband W/2 Medium Rectangle Healing Patch - Reduces Swelling, Bruising, Pain & ScarMouse-over to zoom; click to expand

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ActiPatch is FDA approved for the treatment of swelling (edema) following blepharoplasty.

Product Description:

Recommended by numerous doctors, the FDA-Approved ActiPatch ActiHeadband Healing Patch is the most cutting-edge solution for reducing post-operative bruising, swelling, pain, and redness, and minimizing scar appearance. This drug-free, painless electromagnetic patch is a medical device that delivers a pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy in a small, patient applied patch, to accelerate healing of soft tissue injuries. The reduction of pain and swelling allows you to return to normal activities much sooner and facilitates your recovery. This convenient at-home 24 hour therapy is portable, lightweight, very easy to use and dramatically lowers the cost of therapy. Each ActiPatch delivers a minimum of 720 hours of effective therapy.

Beyond its anti-pain and swelling properties, the ActiPatch ActiHeadband Healing Patch helps to close wounds faster and clears off the discoloration and/or bruising most patients experience after surgery. This patch also prevents and reduces the appearance of scars by fighting the inflammatory response of your body – following a wound – that brings fluids to pull your cells apart. ActiPatch ActiHeadband Healing Patch fights this inflammatory process by sending an electromagnetic pulsed signal to the wounded area, pushing the fluids out and reducing granulation of the scar which leads to less noticeable scarring.

When soft tissue is damaged, the cells separate to prevent the transmission of infection. The cells leak fluid and cellular components break down while the cellular debris causes inflammation, swelling and pain. ActiPatch stabilizes the leaking cell membrane by recharging it. The pulsed energy delivered by ActiPatch drives of the edematous fluid along with by products of the damaged tissue thereby reducing swelling. The mechanisms provide an environment in which cell-cell communication is re-established in the area of the injured tissue. This provides a well demonstrated and significant overall improvement in the restorative and recovery process following surgery. As a result of the above changes, a decrease in the pain associated with soft tissue injury often occurs.

This patented technology is based on clinically proven, widely accepted PEMF or commonly called: pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy. The clinical effectiveness of the product has been well established with testings performed at the Bioelectromagnetics Research Laboratory at the State University of New York that have shown that the ActiPatch Therapy provides an adequate dosage of electromagnetic energy for the treatment of soft tissue, and that its power at the skin level is equivalent to that of traditional high-power devices. The power level is six to nine orders of magnitude higher than that which is required to show a biological effect. It also demonstrated that the cumulative effect of continuous delivery provides a greater therapeutic benefit than sporadic treatments.


Instructions for Use:

The ActiPatch Therapy is a compact, lightweight, portable, and battery operated pulsed electromagnetic therapy device. This device can be easily put on and removed for treatment or can be affixed to traditional bandages.

  • 1. To turn on ActiPatch, grasp the patch firmly as shown and pull out the white tab protruding from the patch. The red indicator light confirms that the device is operating properly. This device is designed to deliver 30 days of effective therapy. To avoid sleep disruption, the brightness of the red indicator light is minimized and is only visible in a dark location.
  • 2. Place ActiPatch directly over the injured tissue as instructed by your health care professional. Place the Actipatch so that the area for treatment is located below and inside of the antenna perimeter as shown by blue dots and raised area. The patch should be placed so that the flatter side is toward the skin.
  • 3. Using Medical Grade Tapes: Place ActiPatch directly over the injured tissue as instructed by your health care professional.
    Tape ActiPatch in place to hold in the proper position. You may use cloth, paper, transparent or wound closure tape as instructed by your physician or health care professional.
  • 4. Using Elastic Bandages or Cohesive Wraps: Place ActiPatch in exact location instructed by your health care professional.
    Wrap ActiPatch in place to hold in the proper position. You may use elastic bandage or cohesive wrap around that area, being careful not to over-tighten.

Important Information:


  • You can not stand or walk and put body weight on the ActiPatch device
  • The ActiPatch is latex free.
  • The ActiPatch is made from medical grade foam and can be wiped clean using an alcohol swab, however it can not be immersed in water and should be removed prior to bathing.
  • ONLY the large square and crescent shaped products have on/off keys. The Medium Rectangle has a pull tab activation and once it is activated, it can’t be turned off.
  • On all products the battery will last for about 720 hours (30 days) of total use. Battery life depends on individual usage of the product and conductivity of the skin.
  • ActiPatch can be used in conjunction with pain medications.
  • The patient will not feel ActiPatch working. There is no sensation of heat or cold and no tingling. A very dim light illuminates to indicate the product is on and working.


Do Not Over-Tighten the Elastic Bandage or Cohesive Wrap as this may cause poor circulation.


  • ActiPatch should not be used on patients implanted with a cardiac pacemaker; cardioverter defibrillator; neurostimulator; or any active medical or metallic implant that is within the area of application.
  • Remove the ActiPatch device prior to bathing.
  • Discontinue use if rash or skin irritation results and consult your doctor before using again.
  • ActiPatch is a single use device and contains no serviceable parts. • The device should not be opened at any time. Opening the device will void any implied warranty.
  • Do not stand, walk or put body weight on the electronic circuit of the device.
  • ActiPatch should not be used on pregnant or skeletally immature patients.


Pulse frequency 1000 Hz; Pulse duration 100 Ms; Power supply 3V DC internal.
ActiPatch is FDA cleared and indicated for the treatment of edema following blepharoplasty.

Applicable Procedures:

The ActiPatch ActiHeadband Healing Patch may be used for a wide range of cosmetic procedures, including: Face Lift, Post injury, Arthritis and Muscle Pain.

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