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Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins
MMH ID: 45180; Brand: DIY Skincare; Model No: 46S

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Product Description & Benefits:
Addition of Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins is effective in any anti-oxidant recipe and will provide some anti-inflammatory benefits. Derived from the seeds of both red and white grapes, grape (Vitis vinifera) seed extract , containing 95% proanthocyanidins, is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants and a major free radical scavenger. These flavonoids protect capillary walls and inhibit the enzymes that break down collagen (collagenase),

hyaluronic acid (hyaluronidase), and elastin (elastase). Proanthocyanidins help promote tissue elasticity, help heal injuries, reduce swelling and edema (anti-inflammatory), restore collagen, and improve peripheral circulation. Proanthocyanidins also prevent bruising, strengthen weak blood vessels, and reduce histamine production. In addition all the amazing skin effects of this active, it is effective in promoting hair growth. Grape Seed Anthocyanidins, also called Oligomeric Anthocyanidins and Proantocyanidins, are polyphenolic bioflavonoids. It has been found that these natural chemicals are responsible for the anti-oxidant activity of grape and the "French paradox" - why the French are healthier than many other countries. The anti-inflammatory activity of proanthocyanidins has been attributed to inhibition of lipoxygenase activity and interference with leukocyte migration. Proanthocyanidins are also found in other plant materials, like blackberry leaves and cat's claw. In the case of maritime pine bark, the extract has been named pycnogenol and made popular by marketing, but properties and benefits are very similar for all anthocyanidins.

This skin care active ingredient is made by a licensed, high-quality laboratory of skin care ingredients. Make Me Heal has partnered with leading laboratories and manufacturers of skin care ingredients to come up with the largest assortment of high-quality active ingredients that are effective for your skin. These ingredients are backed by scientific research and testing.

What's Do It Yourself (DIY) Skin Care?


DIY Skin Care is an emerging trend in the beauty world where consumers are taking control of their skin care regimen and are making their own home-based recipes of skincare products by combining scientifically proven active ingredients inside creams. DIY presents an opportunity to create affordable beauty products at your home and to try different ingredients to arrive at recipes that are the most optimal for your skin needs. You can use DIY to simply copy well-known, expensive creams and make your own cheaper home version, or to combine your favorite cream with an ingredient that you've found to be beneficial.

Directions For Use:
Each tube is enough for 16 fl oz of cream or lotion at approximately 1% concentration (5 g in 480 mL cream). Use in your favorite cream or add to our Canvas Base Cream or a Sea Kelp Bioferment base.

Garbacki, N.; Kinet, M.; Nusgens, B.; Desmecht, D.; Damas, J.(2005) Proanthocyanidins from Ribes nigrum leaves, reduce endothelial adhesion molecules ICAM-1 and VCAM-1. Journal of Inflammation (London, United Kingdom) 2:9

Blazsó, G. Gábor, M. ""Oedema-inhibiting effect of procyanidin."" Acta Physiologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus (1980). 56(2) pp. 235-240.

Bouhamidi R, Prevost V, Nouvelot A. (1988) High protection by grape seed proanthocyanidins (GSPC) of polyunsaturated fatty acids against UV-C induced peroxidation. C R Acad Sci III, 321(1):31-8.

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Packer L, Rimbach G, Virgili F. (1999) Antioxidant activity and biologic properties of a procyanidin-rich extract from pine (Pinus maritima) bark, pycnogenol. Free Radic Biol Med., 27(5-6):704-24.

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