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Sjal Cela Intuitif- 1oz
MMH ID: 46074; Brand: Sjal; Model No: 8-17754-00004-6

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Featured as one of Harpers and Queens' Best Beauty Products!

Product Description and Benefits: A light cellular renewal cream, the Sjal Cela Intuitif is the perfect moisturizer for oily or combination skin. The Sjal Cela Intuitif is made to fight the damaging effects of photo aging by increasing cellular renewal, evening skin tone, and reducing fine lines. Five natural exfoliating acids, vitamins, and peptides help increase cellular renewal throughout the day and its non-greasy formula ensures that skin never feels oily. The constant exfoliation prevents clogging of pores but is gentle enough to keep skin moisturized. The Sjal Cela Intuitif can be used by people with normal to dry skin who want to polish and brighten their skin without any sign of irritation or redness. Gucci Westman loves the Sjal Cela Intuitif for its "great texture and [because it] smells really clean."

The Benefits of Using the Sjal Cela Intuitif:

  • Diminishes appearance of wrinkles through echinacin, peptides, and sjal rejuva-complex TM.
  • Gently Exfoliates to improve skin clarity and reduce fine lines through fruit, lactic, and salicylic acids.
  • Moisturizes and evens pigmentation through algaes and pearl powder complex.
  • Smoother and renewed skin that is protected against further damage from free-radical scavangersthrough superoxide dismutase, green tea, grapeseed, and vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Improves and prolongs hydration through squalene, macadamia nut oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, lecithin, soybean, and beta glucan.
  • Soothes and de-sensitizes skin through licorice and bisabolol.
  • Made with minerals such as gold, silver, and sapphire essence for energistic and vibrational qualities.

Sjal, a true cosmeceutical skin care line, incorporates ancient eastern medicine with western bio-technology and nano minerals for bio-osmotic energy to create a luxurious, yet simple skincare regimen. Each essential product is made from over 45 hand selected, globally sourced, and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Infused with eastern precious minerals at optimal concentrations and nano-gold, platinum, silver, and gems stones for bio-osmotic energy, this eco-conscious skin care line meets the European standards for active levels, ingredient quality, and product efficacy. Its regimen eliminates the need for multiple products for a simple routine that works to repair and protect the skin from environmental damage, pollution, and aging. The Sjal skin care lines only uses the best ingredients and steers clear from petroleum jelly, mineral oil, silicone, alcohol, caffeine, temporary lifts, and fillers to allow your skin to breathe.

Winner of In Style Magazine's best beauty buys, Sjal Skin Care started as a well-kept celebrity secret brand that is now available to the sophisticated customer at Make Me Heal. Sjal is used regularly by Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman, Paris Hilton, Mandy Moore, Liv Tyler, Jessica Biel, Naomi Watts, Yasmin Le Bon, Helena Christensen, Natasha Richardson, Elle McPherson, Lindsay Lohan, Harvey Nichols, and celebrity make-up arists like Vincent Longo and Gucci Westman, Sjal skin care products is now exclusively available through Make Me Heal.

What People are Saying about Sjal:

  • "I haven't taken a vacation in years, but I swear by sjal skin care. It's the absolute best."-Sophie Dahl, actress
  • "I swear by Sjal-it is truly amazing for the face…move over Crème de La Mer…"-Frederique Van Der Wal, model
  • "I think it's one of the most comprehensive skincare lines out there, it's both hydrating and extremely refreshing…the creams [are]..attractive to both men and women!"-Gucci Westman, celebrity make-up artist
  • "Whether it comes down to a sixth sense, or solid science, these creams are extremely good."-Harper's and Queens, 100 best products
  • "It's really amazing and lasts ages, so it's well worth the money."-British Cosmopolitan
  • "This stellar product multi-tasks more than you do."- Gothan Magazine
  • "A mega-bucks moisturizer to rival Crème de la Mer."-Heat

Instructions For Use: Use in the morning and in the evening in the eye, face, and throat areas.

Active Ingredients: 5 natural acids, tetra-and penta-peptides, natural anti-inflammatory such as bisabol, licorice and macadamia nut oil, pearl powder extract and vitamin c for brightening, gold, copper, and silver for metabolism, energy, and anti-microbial, sapphire essence.

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